7 Insanely Cute Printable Happy Valentine’s Day Tags

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Something about Valentine’s Day always feels so fun to me.  Even when I didn’t have a Valentine, I always loved giving my friends cute little gifts to make them feel special.

I made these cute printable Happy Valentine’s Day tags so you can spread the love through fun little gifts this Valentine’s Day.

In the beginning of the post you’ll find a bunch of free printable Valentine tags that can be used for anyone.

As you get closer to the end of the post, you’ll see editable Valentine’s Day gift tags that you can add your own message or “To” and “From”.

There’s even a Valentine hot cocoa bomb tag with editable instructions.

I hope you find a Valentines Day tag that you think is adorable and perfect for your gifts!

If you want to add something fun to your Valentine gift, I have a bunch of free printable Valentine bookmarksOpens in a new tab. that I think you’ll love.  They make great little gifts.

These Valentine word searchesOpens in a new tab. and Valentine’s Day word scrambles make a fun holiday activity for kids.

These pun Valentine cardsOpens in a new tab. are cute for school Valentine exchanges.

If you’re having a Valentine’s Day party, these free printable Valentine bannersOpens in a new tab. and heart cupcake wrappersOpens in a new tab. are a must!

Free Printable Happy Valentines Day Tags

In this section, there are cute free printable Valentine gift tags to print and cut out.

These are great for the classroom for teachers to give students, for kids to give fun gifts to each other, or for your friends and coworkers’ Valentine gifts.

Just click the link of the one you want to print and you’ll be taken to the PDF file in Google Drive.

Free Printable Valentine TagsOpens in a new tab.

These free printable red heart Happy Valentine’s Day tags will be perfect for anyone from young to old.

They have a pretty script font and are very festive with the red and white Valentine design.

They print 12 Valentines Day tags per page.

Red heart valentine tags with Happy Valentine's Day in white

Valentine Gift Tags PrintableOpens in a new tab.

This printable Happy Valentine’s Day tag design will be loved by kids and adults alike.

It’s a bit whimsical with a big heart surrounded by tons of little hearts in pink and red.

These Valentine tags print 12 per page.

Happy Valentine's Day gift tag with hearts

Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Tags Printable

These printable conversation heart Valentine tags are a fun way to give a little personalized message to your friends, family, and coworkers.

They’re made to look like the traditional Valentine candy hearts that we all know and love (well maybe not so much on the taste, but they are cute. LOL)

I think you’ll be able to find a fun Valentine message for everyone on your list with these tags.

One of these tags would be super cute attached to this DIY Candy Bouquet!Opens in a new tab.

conversation heart valentine tags printable

Free Printable Gnome Valentine TagsOpens in a new tab.

Of course I had to include a gnome Happy Valentine’s Day tag.

The cute little gnome is wearing a heart hat, holding a heart balloon, and surrounded by hearts with a heart font as well.

These cute Valentine gift tags couldn’t be any more festive.

They print 9 Valentine tags per page.

Free printable gnome Happy Valentine's Day tags

Editable Valentine Tags

Here you’ll find editable Valentine’s Day tags that I made.

I’ve shown example text on each tag so you can see how they will look with your own special message on them.

Just click the link or the photo to go to the Valentine tags of your choice.

Printable Valentine Hot Chocolate Bomb TagsOpens in a new tab.

Hot cocoa bombs make a great Valentine gift idea that’s inexpensive and fun.

I made these Valentine hot chocolate bomb tags so you can not only add your own message at the bottom, but you can also edit the existing instructions if your hot cocoa bombs have directions that vary from the usual ones.

These Valentine tags feature a fun hot cocoa mug filled with heart shaped marshmallows with a fun heart font and plenty of hearts for a festive Valentine’s Day gift.

editable Valentine's Day hot cocoa bomb tags printable

Sweet Valentine Treat Bag TagsOpens in a new tab.

These cute Valentine treat bag tags are my favorite.

I love how fun they are with all of the Valentine sweets and hearts.

Use the bottom two lines to add your own special message.

Editable printable Valentine treat bag tags for sweets

DIY Valentine Tag TemplateOpens in a new tab.

These editable Valentine tags will be cute for school or for family and coworkers.

Let them know how much you appreciate them with the cute message on these Happy Valentine’s Day tags plus add your own little note at the bottom of the template.

Each tag can be customized and personalized with a different message before printing.

editable printable Happy Valentine's Day tags

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