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Adorable Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels (Free Printable)

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Oh my goodness!  I’m so so excited to share these super cute hot chocolate bomb labels with you today.

I was trying to find a fun gift idea for the holidays for my friends and family that would be affordable.

I decided to make my own hot cocoa bombs, but I wanted the packaging to be just as impressive as the hot chocolate bombs.

I made these adorable marshmallow shaped hot chocolate bomb labels that you can use for free too.

I used my marshmallow mugs that I have on my tiered tray as inspiration for this design.

I am just in love with my marshmallow mugs.  I have little hats to put on them for every season and holiday.

If you want to give hot chocolate balls as gifts, you definitely need these adorable marshmallow hot chocolate bomb labels to top off your packaging.

The great thing about this design is that you can use it for any holiday or occasion like Christmas hot cocoa bomb labels, Halloween hot cocoa bomb tags, or Valentine hot chocolate bomb labels.

Toward the end of the post you’ll also find some other options that are more personalized for holidays and some even have editable instructions and a space for a special message from you.

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Cocoa Bomb Instruction Tags

You have to remember when gifting hot cocoa bombs that not everyone knows how to use them.  You’ll need to give them directions for using their hot cocoa bomb.

By attaching one of these hot cocoa bomb instruction tags to your gift, you’ll save your friends and family from having to search online for what to do with it.

This instruction tag for cocoa bombs makes it easy for them to use your gift.

hot chocolate bomb instruction tags

Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels

If you want to print these hot chocolate bomb printables as labels, you can print them on sticker paper and then cut them out.

This will allow you to stick your hot cocoa ball labels right onto your bag, box or other packaging.

For this reason, I didn’t add a circle to cut out like a tag would have.

If you’re printing these on sticker paper and using them as hot cocoa bomb labels, I would recommend sticking them to the bag before you put the hot chocolate bomb inside.  This allows the sticker to lay flat.

If you try to add the label after the hot cocoa bomb is already inside, it will be difficult to get it on there without wrinkling.

free printable marshmallow shaped Hot cocoa bomb label

Hot Cocoa Bomb Tags

If you would like to print these hot cocoa bomb instructions as tags, you can print them onto heavy cardstock.

You can cut them on the outside of the black line to have an outline on your hot cocoa bomb tag or cut inside the black line to have no outline and just the white marshmallow shape.

Use a hole punch or large needle to make a hole in the hot cocoa bomb tag for your ribbon or string to go through.

You can write a little note on the back of the hot cocoa bomb tag to make your gift extra special and personalized.

free printable hot chocolate bomb tag

How To Print The Hot Cocoa Bomb Labels or Tags

Choose cardstock or sticker paper to print your hot cocoa bomb tags or labels.

Click the link below to open the hot cocoa bomb labels pdf.

Once the pdf file opens, use the icons in the top right corner to download or print the hot chocolate bomb labels or tags.

Download The Free Printable Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels And Tags

These two designs with the chocolate drizzle and festive Christmas sprinkles are available in my shop.

Christmas Hot Cocoa Bomb Tag with Chocolate Drizzle

This cute little hot chocolate bomb tag is perfect for gift giving during the holiday season.

Christmas hot chocolate bomb label with instructions

Eyelashes Hot Cocoa Bomb Tag Or Label

This cute faced marshmallow with pretty eyelashes is so adorable for packaging your hot chocolate bombs for Christmas, especially for girls or women.

Christmas hot cocoa bomb tag with instructions

You’re The Bomb Valentine Hot Cocoa Bomb Tags

These adorable hot chocolate bomb tags have editable instructions and you can also add a special message to the bottom.

editable Valentine's Day hot cocoa bomb tags printable

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