free printable Valentine cupcake wrappers

Free Printable Valentine Heart Cupcake Wrappers

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Cupcakes make a great gift for your Valentine.  Use these free printable heart cupcake wrappers to make your Valentine cupcakes extra special.

A decorated cupcake is always cute, but adding a special Valentine cupcake wrap takes them to the next level.

I’ve been on a faux food decorating kick lately and I feel like Valentine’s day is all about the sweet treats.  So what better holiday to decorate with some fun fake sweets.

I created these for a fake Valentine cupcake that I made for my YouTube channel, but these are also perfectly sized for standard size real cupcakes.

These cute little heart cupcake liners make the perfect Valentine cupcake decoration idea for Valentine’s Day parties at school, work, with family or as a fun gift for coworkers, friends and (most importantly) your Valentine.


How To Print The Valentine Cupcake Wrappers

To print the free Valentine cupcake wrappers, click the link below (near the end of the post).  A PDF file will open.  From there you can use the icons in the top right corner to print or download the heart cupcake wraps to your device.

These print 2 Valentine cupcake wrappers per page.

How To Assemble The Heart Cupcake Wrappers

Once you have the amount of cupcake wrappers you want printed, cut around the edge.  Try to cut inside the black line so it doesn’t show on your wrappers.

You can use scissors to snip the slot on the cupcake wraps, but I recommend using a knife like an Exacto knife to make it a lot easier.

To assemble the Valentine’s Day cupcake wrappers, wrap them in a circular shape and insert the tab into the slot.

These are not meant to go in the oven.  Once your cupcakes are baked, drop them into the assembled cupcake wrappers.  Then decorate your Valentine cupcakes.

Download The Valentine Heart Cupcake Wrappers Here

free printable Valentine cupcake wrappers

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