Simple Etsy Shop Setup Toolkit

Want to start an Etsy shop but don’t know how to get started so you’ll make money?

This simple to follow video lesson and templates will show you exactly how to set up your Etsy shop with every detailed filled in to optimize the professional look of your business.

Simple Etsy Shop Setup Toolkit what's included

Here’s what you get in the Simple Etsy Shop Setup Toolkit:

  • A one hour video walking you through how to set up every section of your Etsy shop to show customers and Etsy that you’re a serious seller.  (Etsy won’t send you traffic if you have an incomplete shop.)
  • Banner templates that you can use to make your Etsy shop banner and receipt banner for customers.  Edit them in Canva with the simple tutorial that’s included.
  • Shop icon templates that are editable in Canva so you can have a cohesive brand.
  • Copy and paste scripts to fill in the sections of your shop like the “About” section so you won’t have to try to figure out what to say.  Just add your own details to the done-for-you text and have a fabulous shop that encourages customers to buy from you.

I’ve been selling on Etsy for 5 years.  With two shops, I know how important it is to give customers confidence in buying from you. 

In 2020, with many people out of work, they turned to platforms like Etsy to sell, but they weren’t all serious and didn’t deliver the products they had promised.  Unfortunately, this resulted in customers being more cautious who they buy from.  That’s why having your shop set up beautifully is crucial now.

If you truly want to make money on Etsy as a full time income or a side hustle, you have to let customers know that it’s safe to buy from you.  Having a professional looking shop is the first step in doing that.