3 Fun Valentine’s Day Word Scrambles (With Answers)

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If you’re looking for a fun Valentine activity for your kids, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve made three different Valentine’s Day word scrambles from easy to difficult so you can find the right one for your little ones.

Sometimes I have a hard time unscrambling words so I’ve also included the Valentine’s Day word scramble answers so you don’t have to try to work out all the words for yourself.

The answers will be a separate PDF file link below the puzzle to avoid the problem of printing multiples of the answer key when printing the word scramble more than once.

This makes these Valentine word scrambles great for the classroom, homeschool, or for parties because you’ll be able to have the answers on hand to help your kids figure out the jumbled Valentine words.

To print a Valentine’s Day word jumble, click the link for the one you like and a PDF file will open.  Then you can use the icons in the top right corner to print or download the file to your device.

I hope your kids love doing these Valentine word unscramble games as a fun Valentine holiday activity.


Easy Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

This is the easiest of the Valentine word scramble games in this post.  The words are shorter to make them simpler for younger elementary kids like 1st or 2nd grade to unscramble.

Each word has only three or four letters and are common words associated with Valentine’s Day.

You can find the answer key link below the photo.

easy valentine's day word scramble for kids free printable

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble Answers (Puzzle 1)

These are the answers to the easy Valentine’s Day word scramble above.

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

This Valentine’s Day word scramble is one level more difficult than the one above.

It’s a bit more challenging and is appropriate for mid-elementary kids like 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade.

The words are four to seven letters long.

Free printable Valentine's Day word scramble


Valentines Word Scramble Answers (Puzzle 2)Opens in a new tab.

These are the answers for the Valentine word scramble above.

Valentine Word ScrambleOpens in a new tab.

This cute Valentine’s Day word scramble is more advanced for upper elementary kids like 5th and 6th grade.  Even high school or adults will enjoy unscrambling these Valentine words.

The words are longer and a bit more obscure than the obvious Valentine words in the above word jumbles.

free printable valentine word scramble

Valentine Word Scramble Answers (Puzzle 3)Opens in a new tab.

This link will open a PDF with the answers to the puzzle above.

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Valentine's Day word scrambles free printable pdf