Valentine mini Starbucks cups craft

DIY Mini Valentine Fake Coffee With Printable Starbucks Logo

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Mini Starbucks cup fake coffee Valentine craft

These DIY mini Valentine fake coffee cups are so adorable to put on your tiered tray or to attach to a Valentine’s gift for a friend.

I also made a fun printable Starbucks logo to go on these adorable little faux coffee cups.  The tiny Starbucks logo is personalized to say “VALENTINE COFFEE” around the circle in pink and white because I wanted to make this different from the original Starbucks logo for Valentine’s Day.

These mini fake Starbucks coffee cups are such a cute Valentine’s gift for coffee lovers, but even people who don’t drink coffee will enjoy them.  They can be decorated without using the Starbucks logo and just look like a cute drink like a milkshake.

The best thing about this Valentine craft project is that each little fake coffee cup only costs about 50 cents to make!

You could make a ton of these on a budget to give away as gifts.  This is also a fantastic Valentine’s Day craft to make and sell.

If you wanted to sell them, the profit margins would be great since the cost to make them is so little.  They’re also very lightweight so the shipping cost would be low.

For this Valentine craft project you’ll learn how to make fake whipped cream that you can not only use on this craft, but also on other fake bakes and mug toppers for your tiered tray.

If you’re giving this cute little fake coffee as a gift, be sure to get my printable Valentine tags to make your package extra special.

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Here’s what you need to make these mini Valentine fake coffee cups:

How To Make Mini Valentine Fake Coffee With Starbucks Logo

Print out the tiny Starbucks logo and hearts and apply them to the cup.

Print on sticker paper or shipping labels if possible.  This will allow you to just peel and stick the Starbucks logo right onto the cup.

If you’re using paper, you’ll need to glue the Starbucks logo onto the red cup.

If you have a Cricut, you can cut small hearts with it to avoid having to cut the printable hearts by hand.

I forgot to do this before adding the whipped cream in the photo, but it’s definitely easier to do it in the beginning.

You can get the free printable Starbucks logo and hearts here.

When you click the link, a Starbucks logo sheet PDF will open.  From there you can use the icons in the top right corner to download to your device or print.

apply printable Starbucks logo to the mini Starbucks cup
Print, cut and apply the Starbucks logo and hearts

Trace the top of the mini red cup onto your poster board or cereal box.

Trace the mini Starbucks cup onto poster board
Trace the top of the cup onto poster board

Cut around the inner edge of the circle you’ve drawn.

Test the circle on top of the red cup and make sure it doesn’t hang over the edge.  If it does, trim it a little more.

Cutting out the poster board circle for Valentine mini Starbucks cup craft
Cut out the poster board circle

Stuff your tissue or packing paper into the red cup until it reaches the top.

Cut off any excess that won’t fit.  You want this paper to fully fill the cup and come all the way to the top of the cup.

stuff the mini Starbucks cup with tissue paper
Stuff the cup with tissue paper

Remove the paper from the cup and squeeze some hot glue into the bottom of the cup.

Add the tissue back in so it sticks to the glue.

Go around the rim of the cup with hot glue and squeeze a good amount into the center of the tissue paper and place the poster board circle on top.

Press down to make sure the glue sticks and peel off any excess glue that comes out the edge.

Press the circle onto the mini Starbucks cup
Glue the circle onto the cup

If you want to add a string for hanging, cut a piece of string or ribbon about 6 inches in length or whatever length you like.

Make a loop out of the string and hot glue it to the center of the poster board circle.

Set that aside to dry.

make a loop to hang your mini Starbucks cup ornament
Make a loop out of ribbon or twine

Mix some lightweight spackle and a little bit of paint in your choice of color in your empty container.

Be sure to mix thoroughly to avoid streaky spots.  If you want to leave your faux whipped cream white, I recommend adding a little white paint because some brands of spackle dry a little gray looking.

mix lightweight spackling and paint to make fake whipped cream
Fake whipped cream

Snip off the end of your piping bag and insert the piping tip.

Place the spackle mixture into your piping bag.

It’s easiest to do this by placing the piping bag into a glass or cup and folding the excess piping bag over the rim of the cup.  This will hold open the piping bag so you can add the spackle.

Squeeze the faux whipped cream from the top of the bag to push it toward the piping tip.

Place fake whipped cream into piping bag
Place fake whipped cream into piping bag

Pipe the spackle onto the cup.

Begin to apply the fake whipped cream from the edge making a circle around the entire edge of the cup and then work your way toward the center in a circular motion.

Hold up the loop in the center if using one.

Fill in any gaps or areas that need more fullness.

piping faux whipped cream onto the mini Starbucks cup
Pipe the whipped cream onto the cup

Add the faux drizzle.

Use the 3D paint and create a pattern across the top of your faux whipped cream that looks like drizzle.

apply fake strawberry drizzle to mini Starbucks cup
Add drizzle to the whipped cream

Add glitter and embellishments.

Sprinkle on any glitter or confetti you want to add to you fake coffee drink.

I used light pink glitter on one of mine with some tiny confetti I used for nails.

On the second one I used polymer clay hearts like these.

Add glitter and embellishments to the fake whipped cream
Add embellishments

Cut a small piece of straw about 2 inches long.

Place the straw into the whipped cream on your fake Starbucks cup.

Add a paper straw to the fake whipped cream
Add a small piece of paper straw

Let dry.

Depending on the weather and temperature this can take from several hours to a few days to dry completely.  A small fan blowing on them helps to dry them faster.

If you’re gifting these, please allow enough time for them to fully dry before attaching them to a gift.

I hope you enjoy these cute mini Valentine fake coffee cups.

Valentine mini Starbucks cups craft

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