DIY Valentine Candy Bouquet

How To Make A Beautiful DIY Candy Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

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diy candy bouquet Valentine gift idea

I’m always looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for my guy.  We don’t usually spend a lot of money for our Valentine gifts.  So I have to find cheap Valentine gift ideas that look expensive.

Once I figured out how to make a DIY candy bouquet, I knew this would be the perfect gift for so many people and different occasions.

It seemed like most of the sweet bouquets online all looked similar.  I wanted a candy bouquet that looked like candy flowers and looked professional.

I wanted to put together this step by step tutorial with full instructions so you can make your own candy bouquet for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

This is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for a man or woman.  Just adjust the colors of tissue paper you use to make your candy bouquet.

The sweet bouquet I’m going to show you here is mostly a chocolate bar bouquet, but you can use any candy you like to create yours.

You can also watch the full candy bouquet tutorial on my YouTube channel here.

These DIY Love Coupon Scratch Off Tickets make a great addition to this candy bouquet for your sweetie.

Materials To Make A DIY Candy Bouquet

You can find most or all of the materials you need to make a candy bouquet at Dollar Tree.

Be sure to get fun size candy for this candy bouquet.

  • Container to use for the base (bucket, box, mug, vase, etc.)
  • Styrofoam
  • Hot Glue
  • Paper Shred or Easter Grass
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Scotch Tape
  • Tissue Paper
  • Fun Size Candy Bars/ Chocolate Hearts/ Other Candy
  • Floral Picks (optional)
  • Fake Flowers (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors/Wire Cutters

How To Make A Candy Bouquet

Prepare Your Candy Bouquet Container

Fit your styrofoam to your container.  Try to get a tight fit if possible.

Hot glue the styrofoam into the container.

DIY Candy bouquet glue foam into container
Hot glue styrofoam into your container

Add paper shred or Easter grass on top of the styrofoam to hide it.

making a candy bouquet - cover styrofoam with paper shred or easter grass
Cover the styrofoam with paper shred or Easter grass

Cut Skewers For Candy Flowers

For this chocolate bar bouquet, you’ll need three sizes of skewers.

Leave 5 skewers full length.

Cut about an inch off of 8 skewers.

Cut about 2 inches off of 8 skewers.

cut skewers for your DIY candy bouquet
Cut skewers with scissors or wire cutters

Put Candy On Skewers

Hot glue your candy onto the skewers.  If you’re using chocolate bars or other chocolate candy, allow the hot glue to cool down for a couple of seconds before applying to the chocolate to prevent melting.

For candy bars, pull back the flap on the back and glue the skewer inside.  Then close the flap over the skewer to hide it.

hot glue candy to skewers for your sweet bouquet
Hot glue inside the flap of chocolate bars


fold the flap of the chocolate bar over the skewer
Fold the flap over the skewer

Attach Flowers and Picks To Skewers

If you’re adding floral picks or fake flowers to your candy bouquet, attach those to skewers to give them a little more length.

attach heart picks to skewers
Attach heart picks to skewers


attach fake flowers to skewers
Attach fake flowers to skewers

Make A Bow and Attach To Skewer

You can use any kind of bow you like for this DIY candy bouquet.  Curly ribbon bows look really cute as well as bows made from ribbon.

Once your bow is made, cut a skewer so that your bow can stick into the styrofoam at the front of your container in the position you want.

attach bow to skewer for the candy bouquet
Attach the bow to a skewer

Add Tissue Paper To Candy Skewers To Make Candy Flowers

Cut tissue paper into 6″x6″ squares.  They don’t have to be perfect.

cut tissue paper into 6 inch squares
Cut tissue paper into 6 inch squares

Now stick a skewer through the middle of a tissue paper square and push it up almost to the candy so it makes it look like a candy flower.

Add tissue paper to the candy skewers
Push a skewer through a tissue paper square

Pinch the bottom of the tissue paper and use Scotch tape to attach the pinched area to the skewer.

tape the tissue paper to the skewer
Scotch tape the tissue paper to the skewer

Add a second piece of tissue paper on the same skewer so that when pressed up the top of the tissue paper almost touches the tissue paper above it.  These are like leaves for your candy flowers.

add tissue paper to skewer
Top of 2nd piece of tissue paper should just touch the bottom of the 1st piece

The tissue paper is meant to hide the skewer and make it look like flowers.

Do this for all of the candy flowers as well as the floral picks.  The fake flowers don’t really need tissue paper because they will be mostly hidden.

Assemble The Candy Bouquet

Now that all of your candy flowers are made, it’s time to put the candy bouquet together.

Use one of your longest candy flower skewers and stick it in the center of the styrofoam.  This will be the highest point of your candy bouquet.

create the center point of the candy bouquet
Use a long candy skewer to create the center point

From this point, you’ll make a t shape.  Use the longest length candy skewers and place just a little below the center candy skewer.

assembling a candy bouquet
Add a long skewer to each side a little lower than the center point

Next, use the medium candy skewers and place them just a little below the ones above.

making a candy bouquet
Use medium skewers to make the next level on all 4 sides

Then add the smallest candy flower skewers just below those.

creating a diy candy bouquet
Use the shortest skewers to make the lower level of candy on all 4 sides

Now you should have a t shape of candy.

The next thing you need to do is fill in the four quadrants you’ve created within the t shape.

assembled candy bouquet
Fill in the 4 empty sections with medium and short candy skewers

Assemble these areas just as you did the t shape using the medium and short candy skewers.

Now you should have a nice full candy bouquet without any empty spaces.

Place in fake flowers and floral pics wherever you want them.  You may have to cut them down some to make them fit where you like.

adding floral elements to diy candy bouquet
Add floral picks and fake flowers as accent pieces

Attach the bow

Find the center on the front of your candy bouquet and stick the skewer you attached to your bow into the styrofoam.

attaching bow to diy candy bouquet
Attach the bow to the front of your candy bouquet

If you’d like to write a special message to attach to your candy bouquet, grab my cute free printable Valentine tags.


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