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19 Egg Templates (Free Printable)

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These free printable egg templates are not only perfect for Easter egg crafts, but for many other bird crafts or dinosaur craft projects.

You’ll find blank egg outline templates in small, medium and large sizes.

There are also designed Easter egg templates in different sizes as well as a cracked egg you can use for crafts and a dinosaur egg.

These printable egg templates are great to cut out and use as a stencil or to use for coloring in or design your own Easter egg crafts.

All of the egg shape templates are black and white so you can use them in any way you want.

You might also like my bunny templates to go with these egg templates.

**Please note that I share these files from Google Drive.  Some schools and businesses block file sharing from outside sources.  You may need to try from a different device or network if you’re having trouble opening the file.




Easter Egg Template Printable

This Easter egg template is a full page egg with spots and dots.

It can be used as a stencil to cut out your own Easter eggs or as an Easter egg coloring page.

The lines on this egg template are thick which makes it perfect for preschool or kindergarten.

Easter Egg Template Printable

Easter egg template printable with dots and spots

Easter Egg Stencil

This cute Easter egg template is striped with a pretty bow.

Use the basic shape to make a perfect egg cutout or use it as an Easter egg picture to color in.

Easter Egg Stencil

Easter egg stencil with lines and a bow

Easter Egg Shape Template

This whimsical Easter egg template has the perfect egg shape and a fun design to color if you want to use it as a coloring page.

Easter Egg Shape Template

Easter egg shape template with stripes and squiggly lines

Easter Egg Pattern Printable

The pattern on this Easter egg template are more intricate to color in but the lines are thick making it a bit easier for younger kids.

This is a large full page Easter egg template that works great for decorating large spaces like walls, doors, and bulletin boards.

Easter Egg Pattern Printable

Easter egg pattern printable black and white design

Easter Egg Print Outs

This large Easter egg template looks like a classic Easter egg design.

It has a simple pattern for coloring if you choose to use it as a coloring page and a nice egg shape if you want to use it as an Easter egg stencil.

Easter Egg Print Outs

Easter egg print out with stripes and wavy lines

Full Page Easter Egg Template

This one is perfect for your larger projects that require a big Easter egg template.

The diagonal stripes are a fun design to use as an Easter egg coloring page to decorate around the house or classroom.

Full Page Easter Egg Template

full page Easter egg template with stripes

Patterned Egg Template

I just love the shape of this egg and the patterned design of the Easter egg.

This is a simple one that preschool kids can color in because of the thick lines.

Patterned Egg Template

patterned egg template with wavy lines

Easter Egg Cutouts

Cute black and white designed Easter eggs that make a great Easter egg coloring page for kids

These are great to print and cut out to use in crafts for Easter.

I love the design with the bow on it!

They are medium size Easter egg templates for those projects that are a little smaller.

Easter Egg Cutouts

Black and white designed Easter egg cut outs

Chick In Egg Template

This adorable chick in egg pattern is a great way to celebrate spring and Easter.

This template is a large full page that can be colored in or use to make your own chick and egg pieces from colored paper, fabric, craft foam or any material you want to use.

Get the Chick In Egg Template here.

large chick in egg template

Small Hatching Chick In Egg Template Printable

This is a small version of the hatching chick template to use for smaller craft projects.

Get the Small Chick In Egg Template here.

small chick in egg template free printable

Cracked Egg Shape Template

This cracked egg template is perfect for tracing and cutting out various materials for your craft projects.

It’s a large full page cracked egg stencil for big projects.

Get the Cracked Egg Shape Template here.

large cracked egg template

Small Cracked Egg Template

These small cracked egg templates can be used for spring chick crafts or for dinosaur crafts.

Grab the Small Cracked Egg Template here.

small cracked egg template

Mini Egg Templates

You can use these mini egg templates to make your own Easter basket full of pretty eggs.

There are 16 mini eggs on each page for you to use as a stencil or design your own Easter eggs.

Get the Mini Egg Templates here.

mini egg templates free printable

Big Egg Template

This is a large full page blank egg outline to use as a stencil to cut your own materials for crafts or to design your own Easter egg.

You can get the big egg template here.

blank big egg template black and white

Egg Outline Printable

These are medium size blank egg templates for crafting and coloring.

You can get the Egg Outline Printable here.

medium size egg outline printable

Blank Easter Egg Template

This blank egg template is more pointy shaped and has a thicker outline.

It’s a big full page egg template to use for large projects.

Blank Easter Egg Template

full page blank Easter egg template

Medium Egg Templates

These medium size egg outlines have a pointy shape on top and are great for smaller projects.

Medium Egg Templates

medium egg templates blank

Small Easter Egg Template

You get 9 eggs per page of these small egg outlines.

These are great if you want to make a bunch of your own designs on smaller eggs.

Small Easter Egg Template

small Easter egg template blank

Dinosaur Egg Template

This speckled dinosaur egg template is great to use for dinosaur themed craft projects for Jurassic World lovers.

It’s a full page large dinosaur egg stencil or coloring page.

Get the Dinosaur Egg Template here.

I also have some T Rex coloring pages you might enjoy.

dinosaur egg template black and white

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