DIY Easter Peeps Decoration + Free Printable Peeps Template

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Use the free printable Peeps template to create your own Peeps crafts and decorations or use my tutorial to make an easy no-sew Peeps banner for your party or home Easter decorations.

We’re getting ready for Easter around here!  Spring has sprung for sure.  I figured I’d better get some Easter decorations up before it passes me by.

Today’s project is a Peeps decoration banner that I bought the supplies for last year around Easter and then never got around to making.  That seems to happen a lot since I have crafting A.D.D. 😜

Below you’ll find the full tutorial to make this no sew peeps banner for Easter decorating as well as a Peeps template you can use for this project and other Easter crafts.

Those little Peeps bunnies are so cute!  So I figured why not make a cute, colorful bunny banner for our fireplace.

I don’t like to sew so I improvised with hot glue!

This super easy Peeps craft tutorial is going to make decorating for Easter simple.  You can use the free printable Peeps template to create your own Peeps crafts and decorations or make the banner in this tutorial.

This banner makes the perfect Peeps party decoration or fireplace decoration for Easter.




This no-sew Peeps bunny banner tutorial comes with a free printable pattern that you can use for your own Peeps crafts and decorations. This is the perfect Peeps party decoration for Easter with an easy to follow tutorial that anyone can do.Click for the easiest tutorial to make a Peeps Easter banner decoration or use the free printable pattern to make your own Peeps crafts and decorations.


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DIY Peeps Decoration Supplies List

Peeps Decoration Tutorial

Start out by printing the free Peeps pattern templateOpens in a new tab..

I printed mine on cardstock so it was a little easier to trace around.Free printable Peeps template and tutorial for making your own Peeps crafts and party decorations for Easter.

Fold your piece of felt in half and trace 2 Peeps bunnies on each one using the Peeps template.

When you cut it out you will cut through 2 layers at once and have a front and back for your bunny.

Follow this easy Peeps craft tutorial to make your own Peeps bunny banner or use the free printable pattern to create your own Easter Peeps craft ideas.
All of my Peeps bunnies after they got their faces painted.  The back side is stacked underneath.

After you have all of your Peeps bunnies cut out, use something round to make the eyes and nose.

I used the end of a paint brush.  You could also use the round tip of a bobby pin, a pencil eraser or a dotting tool.

It’s best to unstack the layers when painting the faces on so that your paint doesn’t bleed through to your second layer.

Hot glue around the edge of your felt Peeps.

Once your paint has dried, separate your two layers of felt and hot glue just around the edge of the inside of the bottom layer leaving a small (1 inch) opening at the bottom for the stuffing.  Then place the layer with the face on top and press around the edges.

These stuffed Peeps bunnies make the perfect party decorations for Easter! Follow the easy, no-sew tutorial to make your own banner or print the free template and create your own Peeps crafts.
Glued around the edges with a small opening for stuffing.

Stuff the Peeps bunnies.

Take a small amount of Poly-fil and stuff it inside the opening.  Then hot glue the opening and press the edges together.  The stuffing makes them look a bit more like the real marshmallow Peeps Bunnies 😊.


This easy DIY tutorial will show you how to make a no-sew Peeps bunny Easter banner decoration or you can use the printable pattern to create your own party decoration ideas this Easter.
Put a little stuffing inside.

Measure your length of ribbon for your Peeps banner.

Next measure out your ribbon to the length you need for your space with a little extra to allow it to swag a little.

Lay the ribbon out on your work surface and space your bunnies how you like them.  You can always measure it out so they’re all equally spaced, but I just eyeballed it because I have no interest in doing math when I’m crafting 😂.

Hot glue the very tips of the Peeps bunny ears to the ribbon.This quick and easy no-sew Peeps decoration is going to be one of your favorite crafts this Easter! It is so simple to make and comes with a free printable template and tutorial. Make the banner or use the free printable pattern to create your own Easter craft ideas.

Now hang that cute little Peeps decoration so everyone can admire it!  It makes Easter decorating so easy.  If you use the free printable Peeps template to make your own Peeps crafts or decorations, I would love to hear how it went and what you made! Tag me on Instagram @hunnyboocreations

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DIY Peeps decorations Easter bunny banner


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