Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil

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free printable Easter Bunny footprint stencil

If you want to make Easter more magical, this Easter Bunny footprint stencil is a great way to surprise your kids on Easter morning with proof that the Easter Bunny really visited.

I made this Easter Bunny footprint template large because I want it to be realistic.  If your kids have seen the Easter Bunny at the mall they’re going to be expecting large bunny tracks.

If the question arises about how the Easter Bunny gets in your house, you can also make a magic key for the Easter Bunny to use.  Creating these cute traditions for your kids is a great way to make Easter more fun and magical at home.

Another fun way to surprise your kids is with these cute letters from the Easter Bunny.Opens in a new tab.

If you want to make a special breakfast for Easter morning, these Easter Bunny pancakes are so fun and easy.Opens in a new tab.

I hope your family loves this Easter Bunny footprint template and you can use it for years to come to make Easter morning special for your kids.

This template is for making bunny footprints on the floor using cornstarch, powdered sugar, flour, etc. If you’re looking for a bunny foot template that has an outline of the whole foot to cut out, I also have other bunny templates you can print outOpens in a new tab. here which includes a bunny feet template.

And these egg templates are perfect for Easter crafts.Opens in a new tab.

Want to keep your kids busy for quiet time?  Check out my Easter I SpyOpens in a new tab. Easter Coloring PagesOpens in a new tab. and Easter Word SearchOpens in a new tab. printables.

This You’ve Been Egged printable is a fun way to give an Easter gift to a friend or neighbor.

If you’d like to see all of my Easter free printables in one place, you can go to this post.



How To Print And Use The Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil

  • When you click the link for the Easter Bunny footprint template a PDF file will open.
  • Use the icons in the top right corner to download to your device or print.
  • I recommend printing on cardstock to make it easier to get a nice crisp Easter Bunny footprint.
  • Cut around the pink areas and remove those.
  • The sheet of paper with the pink areas removed is now your Easter Bunny footprint stencil.

How To Make Fake Easter Bunny Footprints

Materials You’ll Need To Make Easter Bunny Footprints:

  • Flour, cornstarch, powdered sugar or baby powder
  • Free printable Easter Bunny footprint stencil
  • Glitter (optional)

How To Use The Easter Bunny Footprint Template To Make A Bunny Trail

  1. Place the Easter Bunny paw print stencil on the floor or wherever you want to make bunny tracks.  Be sure to make it like a hopping pattern.  I’ve made the stencil so you can make one set of bunny prints at a time.
  2. Sprinkle flour, cornstarch, powdered sugar or baby powder over the stencil.  If you have a sifter for the flour, powdered sugar or cornstarch, that works better than just sprinkling.  If you’re using baby powder, sprinkle right out of the container.
  3. Sprinkle glitter on top.  If you mix the glitter in with the flour, powdered sugar, cornstarch or baby powder it really mutes the glittery effect.  Sprinkling it on top makes it more obvious and sparkly.
  4. Carefully pick up the Easter Bunny footprint stencil and move it to the spot where you want your next set of rabbit footprints and repeat.

Some Ideas For Where To Put Easter Bunny Footprints

  • Make a bunny trail from the door to the Easter baskets
  • Put Easter Bunny tracks from the door to the carrots that you’ve left out
  • Make Easter Bunny paw prints from the window to the Easter baskets
  • Place Easter Bunny footprints all around where Easter eggs are hidden (this would be fun for younger kids to help them find the eggs for the Easter egg hunt)
  • Make Easter Bunny feet from the doggy door to the carrots you’ve left out
  • Make an Easter Bunny trail on the sidewalk outside.

Making an Easter Bunny trail is a way to make Easter more fun and magical for your kids and surprise them on Easter morning.  They’ll surely be excited to find that the Easter Bunny has actually visited and left his footprints behind.

Try making this quick and easy Easter dessert to share with your family.Opens in a new tab.  It’s adorable and SO EASY to make.

And these cute Easter gift tagsOpens in a new tab. are perfect to attach to an Easter basket or gift.


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