Free printable Santa nice list certificate

3 Adorably Cute Santa Nice List Certificates

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Have your kids been extra good this year?

They just might deserve a nice list certificate from Santa Claus.

These Santa nice list certificates are great to use in 2021 and all the years in the future.

There are mini personalized good list certificates from Santa that you can have your Elf On The Shelf deliver to surprise your kids.

There’s also a full page US letter sized free nice list certificate that Santa can send in the mail or leave in your child’s stocking on Christmas morning.

Nice kids also get extra special deliveries from the North Pole.  These editable North Pole shipping labels are a fun way to surprise kids with a package in the mail from Santa, the reindeer, or your elf.

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Free Printable Nice List Certificate

This free printable Santa nice list certificate is a full 8.5 inch by 11 inch page.

Use this Santa’s good list certificate as a fun way to reward your child for their good behavior.

I recommend using this free printable nice list certificate if your kids are young enough to not recognize your handwriting or you have someone else that can write the name and date in for you.

You can take a cute photo of your kids holding their official nice list certificate for a lasting memory or to remind them next year to be good so they can get another special nice list certificate from Santa.

Use this certificate year after year because you can write in the date.  It’s a perfect Santa nice list certificate for 2021 and beyond.

Free printable Santa nice list certificate


Mini Personalized Santa Nice List Certificate

If you want to have your Elf On The Shelf deliver your child’s nice list certificate, this mini editable good list certificate template will be perfect!

You can add your child’s name and your elf’s signature by typing right into the PDF that you’ll download.  This eliminates the possibility that your kids might recognize your handwriting.  They’re super smart and observant when it comes to things like that.

This tiny personalized nice list certificate from Santa is approximately 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall which makes it the perfect size for your elf to bring as a special delivery from the North Pole.

Let me tell you, your kids are going to be so surprised when they see this cute little certificate that officially recognizes that they’ve been good all year.

mini personalized nice list certificate from Santaelf on the shelf holding mini Santa nice list certificate

Tiny Nice List Certificate Template

This is another tiny editable nice list certificate template that your Elf On The Shelf can deliver.

I’m sure if you’re like most parents, you’re probably always trying to find unique Elf On The Shelf ideas that will surprise your kids.  What better than a personalized good list certificate from Santa for them to wake up to?!

I made this Christmas nice list certificate a little different from the usual certificate style because I wanted it to be special.  It’s made on Santa’s actual list with Santa holding it!  I think your kids are going to love it.

This one is approximately 3 inches by 3 inches.

This mini Santa’s nice list certificate is super simple to edit.

All you have to do is download the PDF and you’ll see light blue boxes where you can add your child’s name and the date.  Type right into the boxes, print and cut around the edge.  Then it’s ready to be delivered by your elf.

Use this nice list certificate for 2021 and all the years to come since you can type in whatever date you want.

Tiny Nice list certificate template printableElf on the shelf holding cute tiny nice list certificate


If you love giving your little ones extra special surprises, be sure to grab one of my cute Tooth Fairy letters to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit magical.

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