Free printable duck duck Jeep tags in three different designs

FREE Printable Duck Duck Jeep Tags For Rubber Ducks

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If you’re a Jeep owner like me, you probably feel like a lucky duck when someone thinks your Jeep is cool enough to leave you a small rubber duck when you’re parked somewhere.

I love spreading the joy of this duck duck Jeep trend so I wanted to share my free printable jeep duck tags selection with you.

These are all completely free tags that you can attach to little rubber ducks so you can participate in Jeep ducking.

I made three different versions of the duck duck Jeep printable tags in colorful designs so you can find the set of duck tags that’s just right.

Or print all of them so you have a printable selection of Jeep ducking tags to add variety.

Free printable duck duck Jeep tags in three different designs

How To Print The Cute Jeep Duck Tag Printables

Click the link or picture of the Jeep duck duck tags that you want to print or download.

A PDF file will open.

Use the icons in the top right corner to print or download.

I recommend printing onto card stock if you can so that the tags will be sturdy.

Please note that this digital product is for personal use and may not be sold or altered in any way.

Red Jeep Wrangler

How To Use The Duck Duck Jeep Tags

Get some small rubber ducks from Amazon.

Print out your Jeep duck tags.

Punch a hole in the tag with a hole punch and use string or rubber bands to attach the tags to the necks of the rubber ducks.

Keep them in your Jeep with you so you can duck fellow Jeepers when you’re out and about.

When you see a cool Jeep, you can put a duck on their Jeep.

I recommend putting the Jeep duck on the windshield or tying it to their door handle.

Please don’t ever try to open anyone’s vehicle to put a duck inside.

If you want, you can write a special message on the back of the tag.

My First Time Ducking A Jeep

Once I had made up these printable duck duck Jeep tags, I had to get out there and leave a fun surprise for other Jeep owners.

When I was at the grocery store, I saw this super cool Jeep Wrangler that had big tires and a lift kit.

I knew I had to duck this Jeep!

I felt kind of nervous walking up and putting something on someone’s vehicle so I tried to move fast.

I put the duck with the cute Jeep ducking tag on the windshield and hurried into the store.

After shopping, I came out and was lucky enough to see the Jeep owner finding my duck that I left for her.

When I saw the smile that little rubber duck brought her, I knew this was going to be a fun thing to spread joy that I was going to love doing.

Wheel Duck Duck Jeep Tags

I love giving these wheel-shaped Jeep ducking tags to Jeeps that have big chunky wheels.

I made them in different colors so you can choose one to match their Jeep.


colorful wheel shaped duck duck Jeep tags free printable pdf

Sunset Jeep Ducking Tags

These duck duck Jeep tags are great for girls or guys with the sunset image and Jeep.


sunset Jeep ducking tags free printable pdf

You’ve Been Ducked Tags

I wanted these Jeep ducking tags to look like a license plate.

These are super cute and colorful to brighten a Jeep owner’s day.


License plate You've been ducked tags free printable pdf with colorful bubble letters

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