T Rex coloring pages

13 Awesome T Rex Coloring Pages

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I’m super excited to share these awesome T Rex coloring pages with you.

I remember when I saw the first Jurassic Park movie back in 1993.  (Oh man, that makes me feel old!)

The scariest dinosaur in that movie to me was the T Rex.

Now there’s Jurassic World, and I still think the scariest dinosaur is the T Rex.

Not all of these T Rex coloring sheets are scary though.  I’ve included some cute T Rex coloring pages as well as some simple and easy Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring pages for preschool and kindergarten kids.

All you have to do to print out one of the T Rex pictures to color is click the link and a printable pdf file will open.

I hope you enjoy them!


Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Page

This T Rex coloring page is fairly simple with not too much detail.  This one would be great to use as a T Rex template as well as a coloring sheet.

tyrannosaurus rex coloring page

Simple T Rex Coloring Sheet

This T Rex coloring page is super simple for little kids like preschoolers to color in.  There are no details.  Just a simple T Rex dinosaur shape to color in.

Simple t rex coloring sheet for preschool

T Rex Dinosaur Coloring Page

If you’re looking for a cute T Rex dinosaur coloring sheet this is the one for you.  It’s adorable and not scary at all.

t rex dinosaur coloring page

T Rex Picture To Color

This T Rex coloring page is another pretty simple one with little detail.  It could be used as a T Rex template also because of the basic shape.

t rex picture to color

Printable T Rex Coloring Page

This scary T Rex coloring page looks like something from Jurassic World with the scenery behind.  This is a very detailed T Rex coloring sheet for older kids or adults to enjoy coloring in.

free printable t rex coloring page

Jurassic World T Rex Coloring Page

This scary T Rex coloring page looks like a scene from Jurassic World.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex is showing its teeth.  There’s a lot of detail on this coloring sheet and is suited for older children and adults.

Jurassic World t rex coloring page

T Rex Head Coloring Page

This is one of the scariest T Rex coloring sheets in this post.  The T Rex head coloring page has big frightening teeth!

t rex head coloring page

Scary T Rex Coloring Page

This is another scary T Rex head coloring page, but this one has big claws ripping through something too.  There’s quite a bit of detail here for older kids and adults to color in.

scary t rex coloring page with head and claws

T Rex Colouring Page

This is a cute T Rex coloring page printable with quite a bit of detail.  It’s probably not best suited for preschool or younger kids, but for a little older children.

t rex colouring page

Easy T Rex Coloring Page For Preschool

This simple T Rex outline is perfect for little kids, like preschool and kindergarten age because there are really no details to color in.  This would also be great to use as a T Rex template to cut out your own dinosaur shape from another material.

Simple and easy t rex coloring page for preschool

Cute T Rex Coloring Page

This is another printable cute T Rex coloring sheet.  It has a little detail, but not enough to make it a difficult picture to color.

cute t rex coloring page

Baby T Rex Coloring Page

Awwww!  I love this baby T Rex coloring sheet.  It doesn’t have a lot of details.  So it will be an easy T Rex picture to color for little ones.

baby t rex coloring page

T Rex Template

This is a very basic T Rex template to cut out a simple T Rex shape for your arts and crafts projects.  It can also be colored in as a coloring page.

t rex template and coloring page

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