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20 Cute Bunny Templates

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During the spring and around Easter I always find myself needing bunny templates for my crafts.

Instead of scouring the internet for the right template, I decided to put together a resource here so you can find the cute bunny templates you need for your projects.

You can come back to this post year after year to print out your favorite bunny patterns.

If you want another fun idea for Easter, I made these letters from the Easter Bunny that your kids will love to find in their Easter basket.


How To Print Out The Bunny Templates

  • These printable bunny patterns are shared here through Google Drive.
  • Once you click the link for the bunny template you want to print out or download, a PDF file will open.
  • If you’re using a network at a school or business, they sometimes block file sharing so you may need to try from a different network.
  • After the PDF file opens, use the icons in the top right corner to print or download the file.



Simple Bunny Outline

Get the simple bunny outline here.

This is a large side view of a bunny with very few details.

It’s perfect to print and cut out for a craft template when you need a bunny silhouette.

This bunny template is mostly blank with only one small defining mark for the ears.

Simple bunny outline in black and white to print out

Small Cute Bunny Templates

Get the small bunny templates.

This one is a smaller version of the bunny silhouette template above for your smaller bunny crafts.

small cute bunny template black and white 6 per page

Easy Bunny Outline Printable

Grab the easy bunny outline.

This simple bunny outline is perfect for young kids to cut out or use as a coloring page.

It has a nice thick line which makes it easy to cut around or color in.

This bunny template would be great as a preschool coloring page or kindergarten bunny stencil.

easy bunny outline silhouette black and white to print out

Bunny Silhouette Stencil

Download the bunny silhouette stencil.

This is a large blank bunny silhouette template that works great as a pattern for papercrafting or decorating.

full page bunny silhouette stencil

Rabbit Template

Print the rabbit template.

This is another super simple bunny template that is great for preschool or kindergarten due to the thick line which makes it easy to use as a coloring page or stencil for small kids.

large rabbit template side view black and white

Chocolate Easter Bunny Template

Download the chocolate Easter Bunny template.

I love this one because it looks like a chocolate Easter bunny.

This is a large chocolate bunny that you can use as a stencil or a cute coloring page.

It would look great on an Easter basket bulletin board display.

full page chocolate Easter bunny template black and white

Free Bunny Pattern Template

Print out the free bunny pattern template.

This one is a smaller version of the chocolate bunny template for small craft projects.

free chocolate bunny silhouette pattern template black and white outline

Large Easter Bunny Outline

Download the Easter Bunny outline.

This large Easter bunny head makes a simple and cute coloring page as well as an easy to cut out bunny template.

large Easter bunny head outline free printable

Small Bunny Face Templates Printable

Get the small bunny face templates.

Cute little bunny face stencils to make smaller arts and crafts projects.

Use the outline to make a template to trace or use it for coloring in.

printable small bunny face templates black and white

Full Page Bunny Head Template

Print out the large bunny head template.

This full page bunny head template is another one that is really great for younger kids like preschool because of the thick lines and its simple design.

large bunny head template black and white outline

Easter Bunny Template

Print out the Easter Bunny template.

This adorable Easter Bunny template makes a cute stencil to print and cut out or a really fun coloring page for kids.

Black and white Easter bunny template

Bunny Butt Template

Get the bunny butt template here.

This is a full page bunny butt to print and cut out.

It’s blank so you can create your own cute bunny craft.

You might also enjoy making these bunny butt pancakes for Easter breakfast.

Free printable full page bunny butt template

Bunny Back Templates

Download the bunny back templates.

A smaller version of the bunny butt templates above to use for coloring or as a bunny back stencil to make your own project.

small bunny back templates black and white outlines

Large Bunny Ears Template

Use these big printable bunny ears to make a headband or mask or add bunny ears to just about anything.

Print the large bunny ears template.

large bunny ears template black and white outline

Small Rabbit Ears Template

Print out the small rabbit ears template.

These cute little rabbit ears are perfect for making a tiny easter basket out of paper and adding bunny ears to it for a fun touch.

small rabbit ears template

Large Bunny Feet Template

Get the large bunny feet template.

Make your own bunny trail with these big bunny feet.

If you want to make Easter Bunny footprints, I have an Easter Bunny footprint stencil that has even larger bunny feet than this one so you can make Easter Bunny tracks around the house to surprise your kids.

large bunny feet template 2 feet per page

Small Bunny Feet Templates

Print out the small bunny feet templates.

These printable bunny feet are great for making tiny bunny tracks.

They’re easy to print and cut out to use as a bunny feet stencil.

printable small bunny feet templates

Large Peep Bunny Template

Download the Peep bunny template.

This large Peep bunny template is a simple bunny shape that you can use to create your own adorable bunny crafts.

If you’d like a smaller version of the Peep bunny template in black and white, I have one here.

large peep bunny template free printable

Peeps Bunny Templates

These Peeps Bunny templates are sized to be more realistic.

The smallest one is the size of a real Peeps bunny and the largest one is the size of the giant Peeps bunnies that are sold in stores.

I made an in between size as well.

If you want a fun craft to make with these templates, check out my video where I made fake Peeps bunnies to display for Easter.

Download the Peeps bunny templates.

Peeps bunny templates in 3 sizes

Bunny Face Template

Print out the bunny face template.

Use this cute bunny face template to make a fun mask for Easter.

You can pair it with the bunny ears above to make it extra fun.

bunny face template for mask


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