12 Mother’s Day Crafts For A Daughter To Give Her Mom

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You don't want to miss this ideas for 12 diy Mother's Day craft gifts! These are great gift ideas for a simple last minute Mother's Day gift for mom. I'll show you how to make each one step by step. There's something for every mom. From beautiful wood signs to free printables, you're sure to find something your mom will love. These craft gifts are great for gifts to mom from a daughter or get together for Mother's Day and make one together!

Finding the perfect gift for your mom for Mother’s Day can be difficult to say the least!  I know my mom has everything she needs and if she needs something she buys it way before any holidays roll around.  It’s especially hard to find Mother’s Day crafts for a daughter to give her mom as a heartfelt handmade gift.

I always enjoy receiving handmade gifts.  There’s something about getting a gift that someone took the time to make themselves that makes it extra special.  Plus being a crafter myself, I know just how long some projects can take or that you think you can save money by making something yourself and end up spending even more than if you had bought it!

I wanted to put a list together of some of my DIY projects that are inexpensive to make and are awesome crafts for a daughter to give her mom for Mother’s Day.  Most of them don’t take long to make and shouldn’t cost you more than $10.

12 Mother’s Day Crafts For A Daughter To Give Her Mom

  1. Wood SignOpens in a new tab.–Wood signs are really popular now and make great gifts for any occasion.  For Mother’s Day you can make a wood sign that has a saying for moms or add some photos to make it really special.
  2. Money BankOpens in a new tab.–Make your mom an Adventure Fund Jar so she can save for vacation.
  3. Pom Pom Flower BouquetOpens in a new tab.–Your mom will love this cute furry pom pom bouquet in a mason jar.  You can tie a cute bow around it and a gift tag for a simple but gorgeous gift idea.
  4. Photo Wood SliceOpens in a new tab.–Easily transfer your favorite family photo to a wood slice for the perfect gift.  You can make this into an ornament or use a larger wood slice to sit on a shelf or hang on the wall.
  5. Flip Flop Door WreathOpens in a new tab.–This wreath is great for summer decorating.  It’s cute and colorful!  You could also add a photo of your family or kids to the center to make it more personalized and meaningful.
  6. Burlap SignOpens in a new tab.–Did you know you can print with your inkjet printer on burlap?  It’s really easy and turns out great!  I’ll show you how here and you can get my free printable wall art to make a really beautiful gift for your mom.
  7. Golf Candy or Money JarOpens in a new tab.–If your mom loves to golf, this is a really cute gift you can make for about $7.  You can personalize the saying too.
  8. Sign From An Old Cabinet DoorOpens in a new tab.–This is one of my favorite ways to make a wall sign!  You can find some really unique old cabinet doors at a thrift store or Habitat Restore.  The thing I really love about making signs out of cabinet doors is that they look like they have a frame around them without you having to make a frame.
  9. Cute Curtain Tie BacksOpens in a new tab.–These are great for decorating and giving your curtains a little something extra.  Make them in neutral colors for a softer look or a bright color to add a pop of color to the room.  They’re no sew making them a project that anyone can do easily and they look super adorable!
  10. Custom Light Switch CoversOpens in a new tab.–I show you how to use different materials to create custom light switch covers to match a room.  You could also do this with photos for a more sentimental gift.
  11. Personalized Cake PlateOpens in a new tab.–A couple of thrift store items become a beautiful cake plate/fruit stand for the kitchen.  Make it to match your mom’s kitchen or dining room.
  12. Free Printable Best Mom or Grandma CertificateOpens in a new tab.–Just print out the template and fill in the names and date.  Finish it off with a frame for a beautiful gift.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of making something yourself, these burlap placemats make a great gift for Mother’s Day!  They are farmhouse style and come in several different designs.  They make a beautiful table setting if your mom loves to entertain family and friends.

Another buyable gift idea is to buy cupcakes (or make them) and put them in these adorable cupcake wrappers for a truly special gift for your mom.Opens in a new tab.  They make a beautiful presentation as a gift or for a dessert table display.

Just remember that no matter what you give you mom, she’s going to love it because it’s coming from you.  So don’t stress.  Make it unique and heartfelt and she’ll love it!

I hope you’ve found these Mother’s Day crafts for a daughter to give her mom helpful and you found something you want to make for your mom!  You could could also do any of these as a craft project together on Mother’s Day if your mom enjoys crafting.

For some fun activity ideas for Mother’s Day and some more gift giving ideas, don’t miss this post!

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