Insanely Cute DIY Cake Stand

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How to make a diy cake stand from thrift store plates. Easy and simple diy cupcake stand idea to display a cake, cupcakes, or cake pops for a baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, or birthday party. Fun idea to upcycle thrift store plates and glasses or ceiling fan light covers.

Today I’ll show you how to make a super cute DIY cake stand from a thrift store plate and glass ceiling fan light covers.

I recently joined a group of other DIY bloggers for a monthly challenge.  Each month we choose a theme and each make something within that theme.

This month’s theme is a upcyling thrift store finds.

I love a good  upcycle project because it eliminates waste and it’s amazing how you can transform something that seemed to be trash.   So I’m super excited about this month’s challenge and the cake stand I made!

There’s something so gratifying about taking something that someone saw as trash and making it into an amazing piece.

As I wandered around the thrift store, my mind was going a hundred miles an hour.  So many creations to be made!  I finally settled on a glass plate and a glass ceiling fan light cover to make this cute DIY cake plate.

How to upcycle glassware with spray paint and make a gorgeous, inexpensive cake stand. Perfect for holidays, weddings, gifts or home decorating.

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What You’ll Need To Make A DIY Cake Stand

Glass Plate

Ceiling Fan Light Cover or Drinking Glass

Spray Paint (This is the one I usedOpens in a new tab.)

Acrylic SealerOpens in a new tab.

Gorilla GlueOpens in a new tab.

Vinyl and a CricutOpens in a new tab. (optional)

Chalk Paint and Paint Brush (optional)

How To Make A Cute DIY Cake Stand

I know we all have some old glassware that we don’t use and don’t know what to do with or you can pick it up at a thrift store for really cheap.

I chose to use a ceiling fan light cover as my base but you could use a wine glass or any other glass as the base for your diy cake stand.

Use Paint To Make Details Stand Out

The platter I chose has an etched flower.  I decided to use some white chalk paint to make it stand out. If there are any details on your plate, think about how you can use an accent paint color to make the details stand out.

After the chalk paint was dry, I used a nail file to file the paint off of the raised areas of the flower.  I wanted my main paint color to show through these areas and give a little dimension to the flower.How to upcycle glassware with spray paint and make a gorgeous, inexpensive cake stand. Perfect for holidays, weddings, gifts or home decorating.

Allow Detailing Paint To Dry

I allowed my chalk paint flower to dry overnight because it was rainy and humid.

Add A Decal

As I was about to spray paint my diy cake stand, I realized it seemed like it was missing something.  So I used my Cricut to cut out pink vinyl lettering for the platter.Opens in a new tab.

I cut it as a mirror image so I could put it on the back side of the platter to avoid food touching it.

I used the Lobster font from dafontOpens in a new tab..  This is my favorite site for free fonts.

You don’t have to use lettering or any design.  You could simply just paint your diy cake stand and leave it plain or get creative with some paint designs or even glue some flat back rhinestones and pearls.DIY cake stand using thrift store items


Spray Paint Your Cake Stand Pieces

I wanted something vibrant and fun.  So I chose turquoise spray paint for the main color.  I am in love with it!  It turned out the exact color I hoped for.

After the vinyl was applied,  I spray painted the back side of the platter (You don’t want the spray paint on the top of the plate touching your food.)  and the light fixture with my turquoise spray paint.

I allowed that to dry overnight as well because of the humidity.  All of this waiting for paint to dry and the suspense was killing me!  Patience is not a virtue!  LOL.  I saw a quote the other day that said “Patience is the art of hoping.”  Uh yeah.  I’m hoping this thing will hurry up and dry! 😜  Hopefully you’re making your cake stand on a sunny, warm day so you can just wait an hour in between coats.How to upcycle glassware with spray paint and make a gorgeous, inexpensive cake stand. Perfect for holidays, weddings, gifts or home decorating.

Seal The Spray Paint

Once the spray paint was finally dry, I sprayed acrylic sealerOpens in a new tab. over the spray paint to be sure it stays intact on the glass.

Guess what!  More drying!  I just gave this a few hours since the weather had improved and it wasn’t as humid.

I definitely recommend using the acrylic sealer to be sure the paint stays on your glass.  I’ve been using mine for a long time now and it looks as good as new…no chipping or rubbing off at all!

Glue The Plate To The Light Cover

At last I could attach the platter to the light fixture!  I used Gorilla GlueOpens in a new tab. for this part.

If you’ve never used Gorilla Glue, it’s amazing!  It will bond just about anything which is why I chose it for attaching these two glass items together.

Not many kinds of glue will bond glass together because the surface is so slick.

The only thing is that Gorilla Glue expands.  So you have to use a very small amount or you’ll end up with this foamy glue sticking out everywhere.

If you think you haven’t used enough, that’s the right amount!  Seriously, the tiniest bit.  On a good note, a bottle will last you forever!😀  I put a little on and rubbed it around with my finger to spread it into a really thin layer.

I decided to use my DIY cake stand as a fruit holder in my kitchen, but these are great if you want to make a cheap cake stand from thrift plates to use for a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, etc.

They are also make great cupcake stands.  If you want to get really fancy, you could make a tiered cupcake stand by using multiple thrift plates and glasses or fan covers.

Also, if you want your cake stand to be flatter on top, you can turn the plate upside down so the lip of the plate points downward instead of upward.

I seriously love how this thrift store upcycle turned out for the DIY Blog Challenge!  Isn’t that color so pretty?!How to upcycle glassware with spray paint and make a gorgeous, inexpensive cake stand. Perfect for holidays, weddings, gifts or home decorating.

If you want to know more about the Cricut and what kind of things you can make with it, check out this post where I give all the details about it.Opens in a new tab.  It’s my favorite craft tool and the best purchase I’ve made for my crafting!

It’s especially awesome if you want to make things to sell.

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A glass platter and ceiling fan light cover become a beautiful cake stand for a decorating thrift store finds blog challenge. Rustoleum spray paint on thrift store glass for a bright thrift store upcycle

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