Ideas and tutorials for how to make simple no sew crafts to sell. Fun products you can use to make money on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or at craft fairs. These awesome no sew projects you can make and sell will earn you the extra money you've been wanting as you DIY your way to a new business!
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No Sew Projects To Make and Sell

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Ideas and tutorials for how to make simple no sew crafts to sell. Fun products you can use to make money on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or at craft fairs. These awesome no sew projects you can make and sell will earn you the extra money you've been wanting as you DIY your way to a new business!

When I decided to try selling my handmade items I didn’t even have a sewing machine so I needed to find some projects I could make without having to sew.  The good news is that you don’t even need to know how to sew to sell on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or your own website.  There are lots of no sew projects to make and sell that will still look professional and sell like crazy! Each idea below has a simple tutorial linked for how to make the no sew project idea so you can start making money right away.

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No Sew Projects To Make and Sell

If you feel like you don’t know what to sell in your handmade shop or you already have a shop but you aren’t getting consistent sales and have huge fluctuations in your sales throughout the year, The Profitable Handmade Product Planner is an awesome way to brainstorm and organize ideas to get those sales rolling in and keep them coming for every season.  I used this planner to take my shop from a couple hundred dollars a month to $10,000 a month.

Find the best crafts to make and sell on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, at craft fairs. Plan your handmade products to sell for an entire year and never run out of ideas. When you've finished with this workbook for handmade sellers, you'll have over 500 product ideas brainstormed.

No Sew Plastic Bag Dispenser— We all have that cabinet or drawer full of plastic grocery bags.  This plastic bag dispenser is the perfect way to organize them and free up cabinet space.  This would be a great no sew project to make and sell.  Here is a fantastic tutorial for how to make one.

No Sew Pillows–The possibilities are endless with this no so project idea.  Use different fabrics to make them appropriate for anyone.  I’m obsessed with this bandana heart no sew pillow!

No Sew Blankets–Everyone loves to cozy up with a soft blanket in the cooler months.  These can be thrown over the back of the sofa to keep handy for those cold days.  This is an easy tutorial to make a no sew fleece blanket.

No Sew Floor Pillows–I love this idea because they can be marketed in so many ways.  They could be used as dog beds, for babies or kids to lay on for watching tv, for sleepovers, etc.  Use your imagination!  This is a great tutorial for making them.

No Sew Phone Charging Pouch–I’m constantly knocking my phone off of the table because the charger cord is strung across.  This pouch keeps your phone right by the outlet and safe from getting broken.  Here’s how you can make them.

No Sew BookmarksThis tutorial is for bookmarks for kids, but you could make other designs for adults.

No Sew Party Favor Pouches–These could be used for any occasion like weddings, kids parties, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.  Use this tutorial as a guide to create your own designs for different occasions.  These are awesome no sew projects to make and sell because all parties need favors.

No Sew Luggage Tags–We all want an easy way to identify our luggage as is goes around on the carousel.  Choose some fun designs that will stand out in the sea of luggage and use this step-by-step to create your own fun no sew luggage tags.

No Sew Fleece Scarf–This no sew braided fleece scarf is so cute!  This no sew project would sell great in the colder months and can be marketed to parents or as gift ideas.

No Sew Flower PensThese would be so cute to make a girl’s or woman’s desk look more feminine.  They would be great to market and sell as stocking stuffers, Easter basket stuffers or party favors.

No Sew Coffee Sleeves–I would use this no sew tutorial as a jumping off point and create some adult designs to make and sell for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.  If you have a Cricut, you could use iron-on vinyl to personalize them.

No Sew Felt Flowers–These could be sold as individual flowers or make bouquets to sell for weddings, baby showers and other parties.  Here’s a simple tutorial.

No Sew Dog Toys–My dogs love this type of toy that they can put in their mouth and shake their head flipping it around really hard.  See how you can make them here.

No Sew Mermaid Tail BlanketThis is such a cute idea!  Mermaids have been popular for a long time and I think that trend is here to stay for a while.  These would be a great no sew project to make and sell for kids and adults.

No Sew Decorative Towels–These could be made and sold for all of the holidays.  Use this tutorial to get started and use your imagination to create designs for other holidays.

No Sew Hair BowsThese are adorable!  Make them and sell to parents for their kids and especially kids that are in dance.

No Sew Fleece HatsThis tutorial makes it easy to create your own fun no-sew hat to sell in the winter months.

No Sew Headbands–I love this easy step-by-step to make these.  These can be made to sell to parents or you could make them in adult sizes too.

No Sew Party Banner–Party decorations are really great for selling online.  The shipping costs are minimal because they are light. This no sew felt banner tutorial is so simple and adorable!  Use different colors and patterns of felt to make this no sew project for all different holidays and occasions.  I think this is one of the greatest no sew projects to make and sell!  It’s easy and super cute!

No Sew Tooth Fairy Pouch–It’s always a challenge to find that tooth under your child’s pillow.  This little no sew Tooth Fairy pouch makes it easier to find plus it’s just too cute!

Tooth template for DIY tooth fairy pillow

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to get started with some no sew projects to make and sell.  You can start with one product and add other complementary products as you go.  My biggest piece of advice is don’t overwhelm yourself trying to figure everything out before you start.  Just start with something and the other pieces will fall into place as you go.  If you want to start an Etsy shop, you can get 40 free listings by using my link.



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