DIY Travel Fund Jar Vacation Savings

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Get your free printable labels and make your own DIY Travel Savings Jar! This is a fun and easy way to save money for vacation. Your travel savings jar will make it so simple to save for family vacations or romantic couples trips. Save your coins or dollars in these cute travel savings jars. 4 different vacation savings jar designs to choose from.DIY Travel Fund Jar

Since I wrote last week about how to save money for vacation by creating a travel fundOpens in a new tab., I thought I would show you how you can make your own DIY travel fund jar. I promise it will be really easy and inexpensive and will turn out super cute!

I created some free printable labels for you to use on your travel fund jar to make this whole process so much easier for you. Having this vacation fund jar around will make it easy to throw your extra change in when you empty your pockets or purse and you can also put together a vacation savings plan so you put a set amount of dollars in each weekOpens in a new tab. to reach your goal amount by the time your vacation comes around. I show you how you can save $1000 in 4 months here and give you some tips on how you can cut expenses to be able to make it happen.

Ok, let’s get started on your DIY Travel Fund Jar!

Here’s what you’re going to need for your travel fund bank:

Here’s how to make your DIY Travel Fund Jar:

  1. Remove the inner piece of the lid and replace with the coin slot.
  2. Cut your fabric or scrapbook paper to the size you like and that wraps around the jar.
  3. Attach the fabric or scrapbook paper to your jar with glue or tape.
  4. Print out the printable labels.
  5. Cut out the label you want to use.
  6. Place glue or tape around the edges of the label.
  7. Attach label to the fabric or scrapbook paper on your jar.
  8. Tie a bow around the neck of the jar or just glue a bow on the jar if you’d like to.
  9. Now start saving money in your travel fund jar! You’ll be vacationing in no time!

If you need a savings plan for your vacation that’s easy to follow, be sure to check out my Travel Savings Plan.Opens in a new tab.

Make your own DIY vacation fund jar with these free printable labels! 4 printable vacation fund jar labels to choose from. These are a fun way of saving for family vacations. Save your change or dollar bills in this cute travel savings jar.Make your own DIY Mickey Mouse Disney Vacation Fund Jar. Free printable labels to create your own money saving piggy bank from a mason jar. Show your kids how fun it can be to save up for your family vacation with this cute Dollars For Disney Vacation Savings Jar.Make your own DIY adventure fund jar for saving money for your next trip. Free printable labels to make creating your adventure fund jar easy. If you have wanderlust, you'll want to start saving money right away for your next trip. Make saving for travel easy when you have this jar handy to just throw your change or dollars in. Create your own simple DIY travel savings jar. Save up for your next trip with this cute vacation fund jar. Free printable label templates to create your own perfect idea for your vacation fund jar. Save for your next travel plans whether it's a family vacation or a couples getaway. This makes the perfect vacation savings piggy bank.

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