Free printable spider templates

15 Free Printable Spider Templates

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We’re getting ready for Halloween!  These free printable spider templates will help you get your Halloween decorating done with just the perfect spiders.

I’ve included scary spider stencils and cute spider templates.  Some can be colored in and some are black full color spider images.

These spiders to print and cut out are made to be a full page.

If you’d like to print a smaller version of the spider stencil, choose “More Settings” when your print menu pops up and then choose the paper size you want your image to be.  Check the box that says “Fit To Printable Area”.

I hope you find just the right spider template for your craft project or decorating.

If you’re having a Halloween party or giving out non-candy trick or treat gifts, these Halloween coloring bookmarks are a cute party favor or trick or treat gift for kids.


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Spider Craft Template

This spider craft stencil has lots of eyes and a crazy cartoon face.  It’s a simple spider outline that’s easy to cut out.

Spider craft template to cut out with lots of eyes

Spider Cut Out Template

This scary black spider stencil has long skinny legs that are creepy.  Great for your spooky spider decorations!

Black spider template to cut out

Spider Stencil Printable

Use this free printable blank spider template to color in and cut out for craft projects, bulletin boards or a coloring activity.

free printable spider stencil creepy spider for coloring in

Halloween Spider Template

If you need a Halloween spider with a witch hat, this cartoon spider outline will be just perfect.  It can be colored in and cut out to use in Halloween craft projects and activities.

Cute Halloween spider template to color in and cut out

Easy Spider Template For Preschool

Preschoolers need an easy template to color and cut out and this cute cartoon spider stencil is just that.  A very simple spider outline for coloring in and cutting out.

Easy spider template for preschool blank cartoon spider with big eyes

Cute Hanging Spider Template

This is another very simple spider stencil that can be used for younger kids.  The cute hanging spider has a fun cartoon face so it’s not scary or spooky.  This cute spider would be great for a Little Miss Muffet theme.

Cute hanging spider template black

Cute Animated Cartoon Spider Template

This cute cartoon black spider stencil is simple and fairly easy to cut out.  The legs are a bit skinny and may be too challenging for very little kids though.  Print out this cute spider and use for an Itsy Bitsy Spider theme.

Animated cartoon spider template to cut out

Spooky Spider Stencil

If you’re looking for a scary black spider template, this one will do the trick.  It’s creepy!

spooky black spider stencil free printable pdf

Simple Blank Basic Spider Template

This basic spider outline is great to use as a spider coloring page or stencil for craft projects.

Blank Basic Spider Template to Color in and cut out

Red Back Spider Template

This scary red back spider stencil definitely has the creepy factor!

Red back spider template to cut out free printable

Black Widow Template

Here’s a spider you never want to run into!  This black widow stencil works great for arts and crafts projects for Halloween or any time of year.

Full page black widow template to cut out

Hanging Black Spider Stencil

Use this scary hanging black spider template to make a spooky scene.

Spooky Hanging Black Spider Template To Cut Out

Large Realistic Scary Spider Template

This is the most realistic scary spider template in my post.  The shading and jointed legs gives it the creepy feeling of a real spider.

Large scary black spider template realistic

Coloring Spider Outline

This blank spider template is great for coloring and and cutting out.

Coloring spider outline large full page

Creepy Tarantula Template

The details on this tarantula stencil make it extra scary.  It can be colored in and cut out or used to outline on colored paper.

scary tarantula template to color and cut out

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