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Printable Coffin Template And DIY Foam Board Halloween Craft

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Easy Dollar Tree Halloween Coffin Craft

I can’t wait to share this printable coffin template and DIY foam board Halloween craft with you!

The printable coffin template can be printed on paper to make a coffin stencil for other craft projects or for the Halloween coffin craft that I’m sharing in this post.

This little DIY Halloween coffin project turned out so cute but creepy and it was really simple to make with Dollar Tree items.

I know Dollar Tree items can be hit and miss so I’ll leave links where you can buy the same or similar items on Amazon as well just in case you can’t find these at your Dollar Tree.

I recommend this Halloween foam board coffin craft for adults only because hot glue is used to attach all the parts.

I put this creepy foam board coffin next to my fireplace but you could put it anywhere in your house.

The Halloween coffin creaft is small enough and light enough to hang on a wall or door, sit on a shelf, or next to your door.

I would recommend using this foam board coffin indoors because the foam board will not hold up to outdoor weather unless you seal it with some sort of waterproof sealer.

You could also use regular poster board too if your dollar store doesn’t have foam board, but it will be more flimsy.  The paint sticks will give it some stability but it may not stand on its own.


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How To Use The Free Coffin Template

This coffin template was created just for the craft project I’m sharing here, but you can use it for many other crafts and props.  It is a large coffin template that uses three sheets of paper.

  1. Click the link below to download the coffin template.
  2. When the coffin pdf opens there will be multiple pages that are each marked with how to arrange them to create a coffin shape.
  3. Once you’ve printed and cut out the coffin stencil pages, lay them all out on a table in order.  Place a piece of tape to connect each one to the next.  You can cut off the blank margin areas around the edge of each page to make it easier to line up the lines of the coffin template.
  4. Then cut around the edge to make your coffin template for your craft project.

Download The Printable Coffin Template Here

Here’s what you’ll need to make this foam board Halloween coffin craft:

How To Make This Easy DIY Foam Board Halloween Coffin Craft

Cut out the shape of a coffin on your foam board using the printable coffin template to trace the design onto your foam board.trace the printable coffin template onto foam board and cut out the coffin shape

If your foam board coffin is white, paint it with black paint.Coffin shape traced onto foam board with coffin template and painted black

Cut the paint stirring sticks into pieces that are a little smaller than the width of your coffin. 

If you don’t have a saw, you can break the sticks into pieces and make sure to cover the jagged edges with the creepy cloth and moss in the steps below.  I cut some of my sticks on an angle because I thought I would arrange them differently along the edge.  You don’t need to do this.  Straight cuts are better.

Arrange the paint sticks to give the coffin a realistic look.  Leave some space in between near the top to add the eyes.Cut paint sticks and arrange on the coffin cut out

Hot glue the paint sticks in place once you have them arranged the way you like.

Paint the sticks gray and then brush some gray paint lightly over the black foam board allowing some of the black to still peek through.

Lightly brush some tan paint in spots across the whole coffin to give it a creepy old look.Foam board coffin craft painted with gray and tan

Allow your paint to dry.  If you’re impatient like me, you can use a hair dryer to speed it up.

Cut small sections off of the creepy cloth and begin to glue them on. 

I glued mine along the edge of some of the paint sticks.

Glue some Spanish moss along the edges of the creepy cloth until you like how it looks.Halloween coffin craft with black creepy cloth and Spanish moss

Take a small piece of the fake spider web and stretch it out as much as you can until it looks realistic. 

Then stretch it across your coffin project until you like the look.  I didn’t have to glue this.  It stuck right to the Spanish moss without any help.

Glue on the fake eyes, plastic skeleton hands, and plastic spiders (mine were rings so I cut off the ring part) where you want them.DIY Halloween coffin craft with scary eyes and creepy hands

If you have any spaces that need more filling, keep adding creepy cloth, moss and spider web until you like it.

(Optional) Make your foam board coffin extra scary by adding some lights to it.  You can string them along the front or poke holes in the foam board, use tape to secure the lights to the back of the coffin and put a light through each hole.DIY coffin Halloween craft

Put your cute foam board coffin craft anywhere you want a creepy Halloween decoration around your house or classroom.  This would even be a great decoration to put up at a trunk or treat since it’s light weight and easy to transport.

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