Free printable heart templates in all different sizes, shapes and colors

25 FREE Printable Heart Templates (Small To Large Sizes)

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I’m so happy to share these free printable heart templates that I created.

I love all things heart shaped and I love making crafts with hearts so I wanted to make a bunch of free heart templates that could be used for different craft projects and decorating ideas for all things love-inspired like Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, anniversaries, and weddings.

As you get closer to the end of the post you’ll see printable colored hearts in pink, red and rainbow.

For the blank heart templates, you can use them as a heart coloring page and make your own colored hearts or print them on white or colored cardstock to make your own unique heart cutouts.

I tried to cover all the various sizes of heart templates so there’s a variety of hearts for everything you need one for.

There are enough hearts here to satisfy any need. I hope you love all the different shapes.  

I wanted a lot of different ones because we all have different preferences and I want you to have the perfect heart template for your project.

free printable heart templates in different sizes and colors

If you’re looking for other printables for Valentine’s Day, be sure to check these out.

How To Print The Free Printable Hearts Templates

  1. To print out your heart templates, just click the link or image of the heart template you want to print.
  2. Once the PDF file opens, click the print icon in the top right corner.
  3. If for some reason you need even smaller hearts, you can make a mini heart template by choosing a smaller paper size in the printer settings and then choosing “Fit To Printable Area”.
  4. I recommend printing on white paper or card stock for the best results.
  5. Please note that these digital files are for personal use or classroom use (non-commercial use) only.  If you would like to share the templates, please share this post.


Small Heart Templates

Different heart templates in small sizes for smaller projects.

2 Inch Small Hearts Templates With Rounded Bottom

You can use these small heart templates for so many crafts.  

They’re great for weddings and Valentine’s Day projects.  

I like how these small simple heart outlines have a rounded bottom and are bit more wide.

These are 2 inch printable hearts for Valentine’s Day or any day.

small printable hearts outline to cut out

Pointy 2 Inch Heart Shape Template

This small heart template page has hearts that are little skinnier and very pointy bottoms.  These heart stencils are great if you like a more traditional looking heart shape.

The printable hearts look as if they’ve been drawn in pencil and are 2 inches.
Small heart shape outline template 2 inch heart stencil

Medium Heart Templates

These simple heart templates are perfect if you need larger hearts, but not a full page heart template.

Use them to make a homemade gift or classroom Valentine’s Day craft.

Wide 3 Inch Heart Printable Template

These medium hearts are 3 inches wide with a very pointy bottom.

The lines on these printable Valentine hearts are thin so it may be better for older kids and more challenging to cut out for younger kids.

​This heart size is great for a banner for your Valentine’s Day party.

3 inch heart templates outline

Slim 3 Inch Heart Template

This 3 inch heart template prints 6 per page with plenty of room for cutting around the thick heart outlines which makes it easy for kids to cut out these heart stencils.

These make the perfect printable hearts for Valentine craft projects or art class.

This medium heart template is perfect for school projects.

Medium heart template 3 inch for crafts heart stencils

4 Inch Heart Shape Templates

These printable hearts are bubbly looking with a full heart shape. 

This larger heart template has 3 hearts that are 4 inches wide each with thinner lines that are great for adults but may be more challenging for children to cut out.

​It’s perfect for making a heart garland out of construction paper or fabric or to write a sweet note to your honey or your kids in their lunchbox.

4 inch heart template free printable pdf heart outline stencils

4 Inch Printable Hearts Stencil

These printable hearts are 4 inches wide for a printable heart template page with 3 hearts.  

I like how these heart stencils look like they’re hand drawn.

These are cute to use if you need a skinny Valentine heart template for your valentine’s day crafts and art projects.

This one may be challenging to cut out for younger children.

4 inch heart template free printable

Large Heart Templates

These large heart templates are great for making heart-shaped cards or to use as a writing template for kids.

Use the largest free template to make Valentine’s Day cards for your sweetie.

Rounded Bottom 5-inch Heart Template

These large printable hearts have thick lines for kids to cut out easily and the bottoms are rounded for a unique look.

Use them as a heart stencil for craft projects or to print out and color in as a heart coloring page.

There are two 5 inch hearts on each page with plenty of room to get the scissors around in between the printable hearts.

Print these on a piece of paper and use them as love notes for your kids or spouse.

Rounded bottom 5 inch heart template free printable

Wide And Pointy 5 Inch Heart Template To Print

If your Valentine DIY projects require wide large hearts, these 5 inch heart templates are perfect.

The lines are thinner to save on ink.

These printable hearts can be used in a variety of ways including on bulletin boards, to decorate a bedroom door and for Valentine craft projects.

Wide and pointy free printable 5 inch heart template

6 Inch Large Heart Template

I used this 6 inch big heart template as a stencil to cut out hearts from red and pink cardstock and hung them from the ceiling on a string to surprise my guy for Valentine’s Day.  

They turned out so cute!

This would also make a fun heart coloring page, heart art project or Valentine’s Day writing activity sheet for kids.

large 6 inch heart template free printable outline for stencil or pattern

7 Inch Full Page Heart Template

This extra large heart template is 7 inches and has a very thick line.

These heart outline templates would be great to use for young children like preschoolers who are trying to learn to use scissors.

Grab this full size printable file and create some cute heart crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Full Page 7 Inch heart template

Printable Valentine Hearts

Small Double Heart Template

These small double heart stencils will print 6 per page and are perfect for smaller projects, Valentine crafts and decorating.

Valentine small double hearts templates

Medium Double Heart Pattern

You’ll get 2 per page of these medium double heart templates.

These printable double hearts would make a fun coloring page for kids.

It’s also a great idea to use each heart as a stencil and have kids put them together like puzzle pieces.

These double heart printables have thick lines to make them easy to cut out or color in.

Medium size double hearts template free printable

Large Double Heart Stencil

A full page double heart template for large craft projects or decorating for Valentine’s Day or anytime.

This large double heart stencil is great for decorating walls, doors, or bulletin boards.

Valentines large double heart template free printable

Printable Colored Hearts

Here you’ll find red printable hearts, pink printable hearts, and even rainbow heart templates.

Printable Red Hearts

​Red hearts to print in small, medium and large sizes.

Printable Small Red Heart Template

These printable little red hearts are 2 inches wide and perfect to print and cut out for crafts and decorating.

Free printable 2 inch red hearts template

Medium Printable Red Hearts

You’ll get 3 medium sized red heart printables per page.  Each heart measures 4 inches wide.

These are a great way to decorate for Valentine’s Day by simply cutting out the printable hearts and taping them on walls and doors or hanging them from the ceiling.

This printable heart size is perfect for creating a Valentine’s Day banner.

Medium sized red hearts free printable 5 inch hearts template

Large Red Heart Printable

One big full page red heart template that measures 7 inches wide.

These printable red hearts are perfect to hang as Valentine’s Day decorations at home, the office, or the classroom.

This is my absolute largest template that takes up the whole width of the page.

7 inch red heart free printable full page red heart

Pink Heart Templates

These are my best pink different sizes of hearts for you to print out.

Small Printable Pink Hearts

These cute little printable pink mini hearts are 2 inches wide and print 12 hearts per page.

This is my favorite heart shape.  

I like the bubbly pointy look that these pink heart printables have.

Free printable 2 inch pink hearts

Medium Pink Hearts Printable

These pink hearts printable templates are 4 inches wide and print 3 hearts per page.

These would make the perfect size Valentine ornaments for a Valentine’s Day tree.

Free printable 4 inch pink hearts 3 per page

Large Printable Pink Heart Template

Use this big printable pink heart for crafts and decorations.  

It’s a 7 inch heart template that prints one per full page.

This large printable pink heart is perfect to pair with the large red printable heart above and create some fun Valentine’s Day decorations with your craft supplies.

Big full page printable pink heart template

Rainbow Heart Templates

These colorful rainbow hearts come in a variety of sizes and are a fun way to brighten someone’s day.

Printable Small Rainbow Hearts

These adorable little printable rainbow hearts will add a colorful pop to crafts and decorations.  Each heart is 2 inches wide and print 12 per page.

These rainbow hearts are great to use for pride month activities.

Small 2 inch rainbow hearts printable

Free Printable Medium Rainbow Hearts Pattern

These fun free printable rainbow hearts are 5 inches wide and print 2 per page.

Use these rainbow heart printables to decorate for Valentine’s Day, spring and summer, or pride month.

5 inch medium free printable rainbow hearts template

Large Printable Rainbow Heart Template

This big printable rainbow heart is 7 inches wide and prints on a full page.

This large rainbow heart template is great for decorating walls or a bulletin board.

Large rainbow heart free printable

Love Heart Templates

These love heart templates can be printed on white or colored paper or card stock to create your own unique color of love heart decorations.  You can also use them as a coloring page and color them in with your choice of color.

Small Love Heart Templates

These small love hearts are approximately 2 inches wide each and print 15 per page.

These printable love hearts small templates would be cute to use as Valentine bingo markers.

Small love heart templates to print out

Medium Love Heart Templates

These love hearts to print out are approximately 4 inches wide with a pretty script font for the word “Love”.

These printable hearts are great for Valentine craft projects and decorating.

4 inch love heart templates

Large Love Heart Templates

This printable large love heart is 7 inches wide and works great for so many projects. 

You can also use it as a love heart coloring page for kids during the month of February or any time of year.

large love heart printable template free​​

Free Printable Heart Coloring Pages

You won’t want to miss my heart coloring sheets.

These are great to use as a Valentine’s Day activity sheet or print them all and make a Valentine’s Day coloring book for your kids.

They’re perfect to go along with the heart templates in this post.

free printable heart coloring pages for kids Valentine coloring pages

Free Printable Valentine Color By Numbers

Kids will love coloring in these cute Valentine color by numbers as a fun Valentine’s Day activity at school or at home.

Print all 21 and make your own Valentine color by number book.

21 Valentine color by numbers free printables

Free Printable Star Template

My free printable star templates will help you make the perfect star shapes for your craft projects.

There’s a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you can find the perfect template for what you’re making.

free printable star templates



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