Cute Free Printable Bookmarks To Color For Kids (Summer Fun)

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free printable coloring bookmarks for kids summer craft


If you’re looking for fun summer activities to keep your kids busy, these free printable bookmarks to color are going to do the trick!

Sometimes it’s hard to find summer crafts that kids can do by themselves.  This is an easy craft for kids to make in the summer when they’re bored and need something to keep them entertained.

This color your own bookmark printable craft is easy to color for younger kids yet challenging enough for a little older children.

Be sure to check out my other printable bookmarks too.  I have Valentine bookmarks Opens in a new tab., St. Patrick’s Day bookmarks, and  printable bookmarks with reading sayings.Opens in a new tab.

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Ideas To Use These Cute Summer Printable Bookmarks To Color For Kids

These free printable coloring bookmarks for kids make it easy to keep your kids occupied during quiet time over the summer.

Once they’ve colored the bookmark coloring pages they can use them to mark the pages in their summer reading books.

These coloring bookmarks can be used as a summer camp activity for kids or an indoor summer activity at home if it’s rainy or too hot to play outside.

They’re also an awesome end of school year gift idea for students from teachers or for kids to give their classmates on the last day of school.

Put them in summer birthday party favor bags with a small set of crayons or colored pencils.

Pair these printable bookmarks to color with a good book as a kids birthday gift.  This is my favorite book from my childhoodOpens in a new tab..  It’s about magic and it’s the first of 14 books in the series.  That will keep your kids busy this summer! 😊



Instructions For Printing Your Free Printable Kids’ Coloring Bookmarks

Click here to download the printable coloring bookmark PDF.

Load some heavy cardstock into your printer. If you’re not laminating your coloring bookmarks after they’re colored, a heavier cardstock like this one is best.Opens in a new tab.

Open the file and click print.

In your printer menu that pops up, choose “Fit To Printable Area”.  This will make sure your bookmarks don’t get cut off on the edges by the margins.

Have your kids color the bookmark coloring sheet with crayons, markers, colored pencils, or they can even paint them.

Cut the bookmarks on the lines to create individual bookmarks.

How To Laminate Bookmarks Without A Laminator

If you want the bookmarks to last a long time, you’ll want to laminate them.

You don’t need a fancy laminating machine.  You can use these laminating pouches.Opens in a new tab.

All you do is slide the bookmark into the laminating pouch and press over the whole thing and especially around the outside of the edges to seal it.

Then cut around the edges.  It’s super simple!

You could also use the laminating pouchesOpens in a new tab. before the bookmarks are colored and let your kids color them with dry erase markers (I love these because they’re fine tip and have eraser caps).  Then they can wipe the marker off and color them again and again.

Download The Printable Bookmarks To Color For Kids Here.Opens in a new tab.

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Kids Coloring Bookmarks Free Prinable PDF Summer Activity



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