cute sun coloring pages

17 Cute Sun Coloring Pages

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I’ve had so much fun making these cute sun coloring pages for you.  I hope you find the perfect sun coloring picture for your project or coloring activity.

All of the sun coloring pages below are free printables that I made.  You won’t be directed to any other websites.

There are some very simple sun coloring sheets as well as some more detailed ones.  Some of the sun coloring images are realistic and others are smiley face suns.

A few are full page blank sun pictures to color which makes them easy to use for many different crafts and activities.


How To Print The Cute Sun Coloring Pages

  1. To print the cute sun coloring pages, just click the link or image of the coloring sheet you want to print out.
  2. Once the PDF has opened, click the print icon in the top right corner.
  3. If you have any problems with images getting cut off around the edge, you can change your print settings when the print menu pops up.  Go to “More Settings” and choose “Fit To Printable Area”.  This will make the image slightly smaller to fit the margins set for your paper.


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Sun and Moon Coloring Page

This sun and moon coloring page also has some small stars around the image.  The sun and moon coloring image both have smiley faces and eyelashes.

cute sun and moon coloring page

Rainbow and Sun Coloring Page

This cute rainbow and sun coloring sheet has a bit more detail and would be suited to a little older children.

Rainbow and sun coloring page free printable pdf

Sun and Earth Solar System Coloring Page

This sun and Earth picture to color is great if kids are learning about the solar system or how the sun works.

Sun and Earth solar system coloring page

Summer Sun Coloring Sheet

This is a simple summer sun coloring picture with a happy face.
Smiling Summer sun coloring sheet free printable

Sunshine Coloring Page

This sunshine coloring sheet has a cool sun with sunglasses and a hat plus Earth and hearts.  There’s quite a bit of detail on this sun picture to color for kids that are more advanced at coloring.

Sunshine coloring page with Earth and hearts

Cool Sun Coloring Picture

This full page cool sun coloring page is a fun way to start summer or spring.

Cool sun with sunglasses coloring picture

Easy Sun Coloring Page

This easy sun coloring picture is great for preschool or kindergarten because there aren’t many details.  The sun has cute heart eyes and a smiley face.

easy sun coloring page free printable emoji sun

Detailed Sun Coloring Page Printable

This blank sun coloring sheet has a detailed edge.Detailed Sun Coloring page free printable large sun coloring sheet

Happy Sun Coloring Page

A happy sun coloring picture with Earth, a heart and clouds with smiley faces.

Happy sun coloring page with clouds, Earth and a heart

Tangled Sun Coloring Page

This blank tangled sun coloring picture can be used for many different crafts and printable tangled sun coloring page

Smiley Sun Coloring Page

This adorable smiley sun coloring page drawing has very little detail making it great for toddlers or younger school age kids.

smiley sun coloring page with eyelashes

Simple Sun Coloring Page

This super simple sun picture to color has only basic shapes with a blank center to draw or color inside.full page simple sun coloring page for preschool or kindergarten

Cute Cloud and Sun Coloring Page

An adorable sun and cloud coloring picture with very little detail making it suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

Cute cloud and sun coloring page

Sun Moon and Stars Coloring Page

A fun sun, moon and stars coloring image that’s a little different from the typical.

Sun moon and stars coloring page free printable

Pretty Sun Coloring Page

This blank pretty sun coloring page has beautiful sun rays that are fun to color in.pretty sun coloring page free printable

Sun For Coloring

This cute sun coloring picture has a smiley face and a little detail around the edges.Free printable sun for coloring with smiley face

Sun Coloring Picture

A simple sun coloring picture with a blank center.simple sun coloring picture to print out free

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