free printable leprechaun letters

4 Funny Free Printable Leprechaun Letters And Notes

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What do you do if you set a leprechaun trap, but don’t catch a leprechaun?

You get a leprechaun letter instead of a leprechaun of course!

These free printable leprechaun notes will have your kids smiling from ear to ear instead of feeling disappointed that they didn’t catch a leprechaun.

Making a leprechaun trap is a fun activity for kids of all ages as part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

But those little leprechauns can be sneaky and find their way out which can make a fun St. Patrick’s Day turn into a not-so-happy St. Patrick’s Day.

When I was a preschool teacher, I would leave one of these cute letters to surprise the kids.

Instead of being disappointed that they didn’t catch a leprechaun, they would be excited that the leprechaun left them a note.

free printable leprechaun letters

Fun Ideas For Using The Leprechaun Letter Free Printables

Leprechaun Trap Letter

Have your kids set their leprechaun trap before going to bed.

If you’ve never made your own leprechaun trap, check out my free printable leprechaun trap kit and free printable leprechaun trap signs.

Making a leprechaun trap is the perfect way to refine fine motor skills with activities like cutting, coloring, and gluing.

Your kids will also have fun thinking of leprechaun trap ideas of their own if you want to encourage creativity.

They can use pipe cleaners and green construction paper to create the best way to trap a leprechaun.

After the kids are fast asleep, trip the trap as if the leprechaun was there and place a printable leprechaun escape letter inside where the leprechaun would have been stuck.

This is a fun way to surprise kids.

When they see that the trap was tripped they’ll think they caught a leprechaun.

Adding a few chocolate gold coins or their own pot of gold is a great way to make it so much fun for kids.

How special they’ll feel that the leprechaun left them a special letter and treat!

free printable leprechaun letter for kids

Leprechaun Bait Letter

If you don’t want to go through making a leprechaun trap, you can put out some leprechaun bait.

I have leprechaun bait printable bag toppers and tags that are a free digital download.

free leprechaun bait printables

The bait can be anything from pots of gold made from dollar store favor pots to a bag of Lucky Charms.

Leave the empty bag for the kids to find along with the free leprechaun trap letter from one of those sneaky leprechauns.

You can also use my leprechaun footprint printables to make leprechaun feet leading from the door to the leprechaun bait.

free printable letter from leprechaun for kids

Leprechaun Scavenger Hunts

Make a scavenger hunt for your kids and hide little treats and surprises around the house or classroom for them to find.

One of the special hidden treasures can be one of these printable leprechaun notes.

You can put my printable leprechaun feet around for some extra fun.

You can hide St. Patrick’s Day candy, pencils, crayons, rainbow coloring pages, and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for them too.

Free printable mini leprechaun letter for St. Patrick's Day

How To Print The Leprechaun Letters

I’ve put all the free printable leprechaun letters on one page for you.

These are small leprechaun notes because leprechauns are small 🙂

Click on the link toward the bottom of the post and a pdf file will open.

Once the PDF has opened, use the icons in the top right corner to print or download your leprechaun letters.

For best results, print on regular printer paper or white cardstock if you want to make it into a printable card.

Free printable leprechaun letter to kids

What’s Included In The Leprechaun Letters St Patrick’s Day Printables

You get four mini leprechaun letters in one digital file.

These are a simple way to shift your child’s St. Patrick’s Day mood from sad to happy and excited.

You can use the leprechaun letters to practice letter recognition and reading skills.

I also have an editable leprechaun letter template in my shop if you’d like to personalize the message from your leprechaun.

editable leprechaun letter printable

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Letter To Child

Kids will adore this colorful letter from the lucky leprechaun.

leprechaun letter free printable pdf

Luck Of The Irish Leprechaun Note Printable

This lucky leprechaun used the luck of the Irish to escape the leprechaun trap.

free printable leprechaun letter for kids

Single Child Free Printable Leprechaun Trap Letter

This leprechaun letter is perfect if you just have one child.

free printable letter from leprechaun

Letter From Leprechaun To Class Or Siblings

This leprechaun escape letter works great if you have more than one child or a class of children.

free printable leprechaun note for kids

Terms of Use For The Printable Leprechaun Letters

These are original letters and poems written by Cassie Smallwood.

They are for personal use and classroom use only.

These leprechaun notes may not be altered and used to sell or for any other use other than personal and class use for teachers without permission from Cassie Smallwood.


Free printable mini leprechaun letters and notes

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