large colorful rainbow and cloud template

18 Cute Rainbow Templates (Free Printable)

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When I was a kid I would ride my bike and try to find the end of the rainbow when I saw one.

Rainbows are so magical and beautiful.  So I wanted to make some cute rainbow templates that you can use as stencils, craft templates, coloring pages and decorations.

Some of these are black and white rainbow templates and some are color rainbow printables.

I made these rainbow patterns in all different sizes so you can find the right one for your project.

In this post you’ll find simple rainbow templates, half rainbow templates, and rainbow and cloud templates.

Be sure to also check out my rainbow coloring pages.

These also pair perfectly with my pot of gold templates and shamrock templates for St. Patrick’s Day.

To print out one of the rainbow stencils below, just click the link of the one you want and a PDF file will open.  Use the icons in the top right corner to download and print your rainbow pattern.

Pastel Rainbow Templates Printable

These are pastel colored rainbow templates in different sizes.

Large Pastel Wide Rainbow Template

This full page pastel rainbow template stretches the entire width of a sheet of paper.

The wide rainbow stripes make it especially striking.

This is a cute design to go with unicorns.

large pastel rainbow template

Medium Simple Pastel Rainbow Templates

These simple rainbow templates are pretty pastel colors for those projects that need more subtle color.

These are medium size and print 3 per sheet of paper.

medium pastel rainbow templates

Free Printable Small Pastel Rainbow Templates

These small rainbow templates in cute pastel colors are great for little craft projects.

They print 12 per page and are easy to cut out.

small pastel rainbow templates

Printable Blank Rainbow Templates

Blank rainbow templates with no stripes so you can make your own rainbow design.

Large Blank Rainbow Template

This full page blank rainbow template allows you to make your own stripes or design.

This rainbow stencil will give you the basic shape of the rainbow and allows you to create your own beautiful masterpiece.

This rainbow template also makes a great coloring page or printable Fruit Loop rainbow template.

free printable large blank rainbow template

Medium Blank Rainbow Craft Templates

These medium size blank rainbow craft templates are a great when you just need to trace a basic rainbow shape onto a project like a small sign.

medium size blank rainbow templates

Small Blank Rainbow Stencils

These blank small rainbow stencils print 6 per page and are super helpful to get a perfect rainbow shape for your arts and crafts.

You can also color them and cut them out.

small blank rainbow templates

Black and White Rainbow Outline Printable Templates

Outline rainbow templates for coloring in.

Simple Extra Large Rainbow Template

This simple extra large rainbow template prints diagonally to allow for a larger size.

The stripes are well defined and easy to color in or paint for preschool or kindergarten kids.

Extra large black and white rainbow template

Medium Simple Rainbow Outline Printable

These black and white outline rainbow templates are great for coloring in or using as a stencil.

2 rainbows print per page.

medium rainbow outline printable

Small Rainbow Outline Printable Template

Use these small rainbow outline templates for your smaller craft projects at home, work, or school.

small rainbow outline printable template black and white

Rainbow Color Templates

Free Small Color Rainbow Templates

These cute small rainbow color templates are easy to print out and cut out.

They are super bright and colorful to make a beautiful craft.

free small color rainbow templates

Large Color Rainbow Cut Out Template

This large color rainbow template is perfect to use as a decoration when you need a colorful pop for your project.

large rainbow color cut out template

Half Rainbow Templates

Half rainbow stencils and printables to use in crafting and decorating.

Large Half Rainbow Template

This is a big full page simple half rainbow outline in black and white that can be colored in or painted.

black and white large half rainbow template

Small Half Rainbow Templates

Cute little half rainbow templates that are great for small craft projects or as a coloring page.

Small half rainbow templates black and white

Large Color Half Rainbow Pattern

A super bright and colorful full page half rainbow that you can add a big cloud or pot of gold to.

large color half rainbow pattern

Rainbow and Cloud Templates

Large Rainbow and Cloud Template

This is a simple large rainbow and cloud template that is perfect for younger kids like preschool and kindergarten.

It’s easy to color in and cut out.

Large Rainbow Cloud template

Medium Rainbow and Cloud Templates

The same simple rainbow and cloud template from above in a little smaller size.

These print 2 per page.

medium black and white rainbow and cloud templates

Small Rainbow and Cloud Templates

Little rainbow and cloud templates that are excellent for coloring in and using on a craft or decoration.

black and white small rainbow and cloud templates

Large Color Rainbow and Cloud Template

A fun colorful full page rainbow and cloud template that will look amazing on your project.

large colorful rainbow and cloud template


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