Free printable leprechaun footprints

6 Fun Leprechaun Footprints Printables (FREE!)

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These free leprechaun footprint printables are a fun way to make St. Patrick’s Day special and exciting for your kids.

Each one is a digital download for some easy St. Patrick’s Day fun.

Use these in your lesson plans for fun ideas to surprise your class with for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

You can cut out any of the printable leprechaun feet and use them just as they are or use them as a stencil.

To use them as a leprechaun footprint stencil, you can use green or gold glitter or washable paint to make the footprints.

This will make them look more realistic for older kids who may have a hard time believing.

Free printable leprechaun footprints

Great Ideas For Using The Leprechaun Footprint Free Printables

When I was a preschool teacher, the day before St. Patrick’s Day I would help the kids make a diy leprechaun trap out of green paper so we could try to catch the tricky leprechaun.

This was a fun St Patrick’s Day crafts activity that the kids really enjoyed.

On St. Patrick’s Day morning, the kids would rush in to see if the leprechaun had visited to find the little leprechaun footprints all around the trap and classroom.

I was always looking for printable activities for small children and I know you probably are too.

So I thought I would share my leprechaun feet free printable templates so you can make St. Patrick’s Day magical for your class or your kids at home.

Pot Of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Get some plastic treat pots from Dollar Tree or any party store for a pot of gold and fill it with chocolate coins and leave them as a treat for your kids from the leprechaun.

Cut out the leprechaun footprints and put them leading to the pot of gold for some St. Patrick’s Day fun that your kids will love.

Leprechaun Trap Ideas

You can easily make a DIY leprechaun trap with my free printable leprechaun trap signs and printable leprechaun trap kit.

You can also make your own signs if you want to get creative.

Make leprechaun trap signs that say things like “Free gold coins”, “Free gold this way”, and “This is not a trick” with arrows pointing toward your leprechaun trap.

Leave the printable leprechaun footprints around the trap so they know the sneaky leprechaun was there and escaped the trap.

leprechaun trap free printables, leprechaun trap signs

Create A St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt For Your Kids

Make treasure hunts around the house with little hidden gifts from the leprechaun with the green leprechaun footprints leading to each item.

You can hide things like chocolate gold coins, St. Patrick’s Day pencils, green candies, pots of gold, St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages, and crayons or paint sets.

Leave Out Some Leprechaun Bait

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making a leprechaun trap, you can make some leprechaun bait using Lucky charms cereal, chocolate gold coins, or green candy and leave it out for the leprechaun.

I have free printable leprechaun bait bag toppers and tags that you can download for free.

You can put the leprechaun footprints around where the empty bag is to show that the pesky leprechaun was there and ate the leprechaun bait but left the empty bag.

free printable leprechaun bait bag topper with bag of Skittles

Leprechaun Tracks To A Leprechaun Letter

Use the printable leprechaun foot prints to lead to a letter from the leprechaun your kids tried to trap.

I have some free printable leprechaun letters here or an editable leprechaun letter in my shop.

editable leprechaun letter printable

Leprechaun Toilet Prank

Put the little leprechaun feet on the toilet seat and dye the toilet water green with food coloring as a great way to make your kids laugh.

You can also use markers to make a rainbow skid mark on a piece of toilet paper or the toilet paper roll to look like the leprechaun used the toilet paper and left a rainbow behind.

Kids really get a kick out of this little trick.

free printable leprechaun footprints on toilet

Green Milk Prank

You can also add some green food coloring to the milk in your refrigerator.

Place the leprechaun footprints leading from the front door to the refrigerator.

Put the footprints inside the refrigerator and even on the milk jug to show that the leprechaun turned your milk green.

Leave a chocolate gold coin here and there to make it a lucky day for your kids.

Playroom Leprechaun Happy St. Patrick’s Day

This one is an easy way to have some St. Patrick’s Day fun that you don’t have to do any extra work or have any extra supplies for.

Have the leprechaun footprints going into your kids’ playroom going from toy to toy.

Write Happy St. Patrick’s Day on whatever they have to write on like a chalkboard, drawing pad or just a piece of paper laying around.

If you want to be extra, draw a simple rainbow too!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

You can use these cute little leprechaun footprints to decorate for your class St. Patrick’s Day party or a St. Paddy’s party at home.

Use my leprechaun bait printables to make party favors.

It would be a fun touch to have the leprechaun footprints all across the table where the leprechaun bait favors are.

You can also use them for leprechaun hunts at your party as a good thing for kids to do as a fun activity.

How To Download The St Patrick’s Day Printable Leprechaun Footprints

These little leprechaun feet are so easy to download and print.

All you have to do is click the link or image for the little green footprints or rainbow footprints that you like and a PDF file will open.

Once the PDF is open, use the icons in the top right corner to download or print your leprechaun feet onto sticker paper or regular printer paper.

For best results, use sticker paper.  It will make it easier to place the little footprints and get them to stay where you want them.

If you use regular paper or cardstock, use tape to help them in place.

No email opt-in is necessary to get these printable St Patricks Day footprints.

Leprechaun Footprints Free Printables

There are six different leprechaun feet to choose from.

You’ll find leprechaun bootprints as well as bare feet.

They’re in different shades of green and one is a set of rainbow leprechaun footprints.

All of them have a shamrock on them as well.

Free Printable Leprechaun Feet

These leprechaun footprints turn out so cute!

I think they have a unique look to them and the bright green really stands out.


Free printable green leprechaun feet with shamrocks

Leprechaun Footprint Stickers

I love how realistic these leprechaun feet look.

They have all the lines as if it’s a real footprint.

And of course I couldn’t leave off the shamrock.

Print them on sticker paper to make the leprechaun footprints into stickers.


Leprechaun footprint stickers free printable

Leprechaun Footprint Coloring Page

This one can be used as a stencil or coloring page since it is a leprechaun footprint outline.

Kids will love to color in leprechaun feet.

Or use this one to put paint or glitter on the surface where you want your leprechaun footprints.


free printable leprechaun footprint coloring page leprechaun feet stencil

Green Leprechaun Footprints Party Decorations

These leprechaun bootprints are perfect for placing all around the classroom or party room for your St. Patrick’s Day party.

There are three little shamrocks on each boot to make these leprechaun footprints extra special.


Green leprechaun footprints party decorations leprechaun bootprints with shamrocks

Leprechaun Hunt Bootprints Free Printable Template

These leprechaun footprints look as if the leprechaun had boots on with little shamrocks on the bottom.

These are very simple to cut out for lots of St. Patty’s fun!


leprechaun hunt bootprints free printable template

Printable Leprechaun Tracks

I think these are really special if you want something out of the ordinary.

Of course, a leprechaun would leave rainbow footprints, right?!


free printable leprechaun tracks rainbow leprechaun footprints

How To Use The Leprechaun Footprints Free Printables

Cut around the edge of each footprint leaving a little white edge around them and leave them around the house.

The best way to surprise kids is to leave little green footprints in every room to make it really exciting for kids.

Some ideas are the kitchen, laundry room, living room, bedrooms, bathroom, and play room.

If you’re using them in your classroom, put the leprechaun feet running across the desks and chairs, up the closet door and in the closet, across the classroom door, chalkboard and bulletin board.

Next year you can use a different set for a different leprechaun visit.

Terms Of Use For The Free Printable Leprechaun Feet

You may use these free printable leprechaun feet for St. Patrick’s Day fun at home or in the classroom.

They are for personal use or class use only and may not be sold in full or in part.

You may not make modifications to the printables in order to sell them.

All printables are property of Cassie Smallwood.


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