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12 Cute Four Leaf Clover Printable Templates (FREE!)

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If you need some cute four leaf clover printable templates to use for St. Patrick’s Day decorations and crafts, you’ve come to the right place!

I think you’re going to love these four leaf clover printables that I made for you.

There are all different sizes…small, medium, and large.

Plus there are green four leaf clover printables, black and white outline four leaf clover templates, and green outline four leaf clover patterns.

I’ve included some unique four leaf clover images in different styles that you won’t find anywhere else.

I hope you find just the right four leaf clover to print out for your St. Patrick’s Day projects.

Add a St. Patrick’s Day craft to your lesson plans for the month of March and use these four leaf clover picture templates to make it simple and easy.

If you’re looking for shamrock (3 leaf clover) templates, I have a bunch of those over in this post.

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How To Print The Four Leaf Clover Free Templates

  • Click the link or image for the 4-leaf clover template you’d like to print.
  • A PDF file will open for immediate download.
  • Use the icons in the top right corner to print or download your four leaf clover patterns.
  • No email address is necessary to receive the free printable downloads in pdf format.
  • Please note that these free printables are for personal use or classroom use only.  The digital files are not for commercial use. They may not be copied, altered or shared to sell as your own.  If you want to share these free templates, please share this post.  Thanks so much!

‚ÄčIdeas To Use The Four Leaf Clover Templates

Cut out the templates and trace onto green paper for different paper crafts.

Use them to decorate greeting cards for St. Patrick’s Day.

Make St. Patrick’s Day banners for your St. Patty’s Day party.

Make St. Patrick’s Day decorations for your classroom bulletin board or door.

Make your own Happy St. Patrick’s Day tags for party favors or little gifts for students or coworkers.

Print out the four leaf clover outlines and have younger kids use dot markers to fill in the clover picture.

Use as a St. Patrick’s Day coloring page for young children.

Use as creative writing templates for March.


This printable coloring and activity book is a great way to keep kids busy and learning throughout the month of March. AND IT’S ONLY $1!

printable st. patrick's day coloring book

Large Green Four Leaf Clover Printable

This is a large full page green four leaf clover printable template.  

It’s a nice rich green that’s perfect for St. Patty’s Day decorations or any Irish decorating.

It’s a great size for St. Patrick’s Day bulletin boards or wall decorations.

If you’re looking for a large shamrock template, I have those as well.

large green four leaf clover printable

Medium Green Four Leaf Clover Template

These medium sized green four leaf clover templates print two per page.  

The simple shape is excellent for using as a four leaf clover to attach to arts and craft projects.

You don’t even need green construction paper for this one.  

Just print onto white paper or card stock.

medium size green four leaf clover template

Small Green 4 Leaf Clover Printable

These small green four leaf clover printables will print 6 per page and work perfectly for smaller projects.

Put kids’ fine motor skills to the test by having them cut around these different patterns to make simple crafts.

If you want small shamrocks, you can get those in this post.

Small green 4 leaf clover printable

Large 4 Leaf Clover Template

I love how this large four leaf clover template shows defined hearts as the clover leaves.

This is a simple outline that can be cut out by younger children like preschool and kindergarten.  

The lines are thicker which makes it easier for little kids to cut around.

You can also use these as coloring sheets for preschoolers or kindergarteners.

If you also want some large shamrock outlines, you can get those in my shamrock templates post.

black and white 4 leaf clover template full page

4 Leaf Shamrock Template Printable

This cute and unique 4 leaf clover template can be used just as it is or color it in and make your own design.

The pretty green outline will look great on a bulletin board or use it as a writing template for the classroom.

If you want 3 leaf shamrocks, I have those here.

4 leaf shamrock template printable large

Full Page Four Leaf Clover Template

Get creative with this large four leaf clover printable.  

Make your own design inside the already beautiful green outline.

Use it as St. Patrick’s Day decorations or for a drawing and writing template for younger kids.

full page four leaf clover template

Green Four Leaf Clover Printable

This green four-leaf clover printable is going to look so pretty as a decoration for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a large full page four leaf clover pattern that works awesome for a bulletin board or as an easy way for decorating your walls or door with a Happy St. Patrick’s Day theme..

green four leaf clover printable large

Four Leaf Clover Outline

This is a super simple four leaf clover outline with very thick lines to make it easy for preschool and kindergarten kids to cut out.  

There are very minimal details.

This can also be used as a coloring page for little kids.

If you want some fun St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages, be sure to check out my St. Patty’s Day coloring book.

Large four leaf clover outline

Large Four Leaf Clover Pattern

This is a simple large four leaf clover pattern that is perfect for tracing onto colored paper or other materials like fabric, craft foam, and felt.

It has some more difficult to cut areas.  I

f you need a four leaf clover template for little kids, the one above this would be better suited.

Make your own four leaf clover cut outs for St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

large four leaf clover pattern

Big 4 Leaf Clover Cut Out Template

This full page big four leaf clover cut out template is the perfect shape for all your crafting and decorating needs.

It’s pretty simple to cut out for kids and can be used as a four leaf clover coloring page or writing template.

Big 4 leaf clover cut out template

St. Patrick’s Day Four Leaf Clover Printable

These medium size four leaf clover printable templates are black and white outlines in a simple design making them super versatile for any project.

Using these St. Patrick’s Day images will make decorating with young kids a breeze.

You can even use these to decorate for a four leaf clover baby shower theme for good luck with the new baby.

St. Patrick's Day four leaf clover printable 2 per page

Small Four Leaf Clover Printable Templates

Use these little four-leaf clover templates for smaller projects or as a fun four leaf clover coloring page to draw your own designs.

This small template works great to make a St. Patrick’s Day banner for home or the classroom for your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Small four leaf clover printable templates

Free Printable Shamrock Templates

If you want some shamrock patterns to add to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you’re going to want to grab some of my free shamrock printables too.

I also have 12 different shamrock designs to choose from in various styles and sizes.

Some are shamrock outlines and some are green shamrock printables. 

free printable shamrock templates in small medium and large

Pot Of Gold Templates

Complete your St. Patrick’s Day decor with these free printable pot of gold templates.

There are 17 different styles and sizes so you can find just the right one for your decorations or crafts.

I’ve included empty pots of gold and printable coins so you can get as creative as you want.

17 free printable pot of gold templates


Rainbow Templates

Of course, you’ll need a rainbow leading to the pot of gold.

Grab my free printable rainbow templates for the ultimate St. Paddy’s decorations this year!

free printable rainbow templates

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