Free printable Santa Footprint stencil

Cute Free Printable Santa Footprint Stencil

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Free printable Santa footprints stencil right and left foot with SC and a Christmas tree on the boot printIf you’ve ever wondered how to make snowy magical Santa footprints on the floor to surprise your kids on Christmas morning, you’re going to love this easy to use Santa footprint stencil that I created for you!

I’ve created a right and left Santa foot template so you can make your fake Santa footprints look like the real thing.

To make it easier you can print out multiples of the Santa footprint stencil so you can lay out the entire path to make sure it looks good before creating your Santa tracks.

If your house doesn’t have a chimney, this Santa’s magic key tag with a poem can be attached to any key to leave for Santa to get in.  Kids always worry about these types of things.  This will put their mind at ease.  You can then make your Santa footprints from the front door to the Christmas tree!

printable Santa's magic key tag with poem

If you want to really surprise your kids this Christmas, leave them a special certificate from Santa on Christmas morning to let them know they’re on the nice list.  I made some really cute ones for you!

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What Can I Use For Santa Footprints?

To make Santa footprints you need a Santa Claus footprint stencil and a powdery white substance.  You can use flour, baby powder, powdered sugar, baking soda or cornstarch to make Santa’s footprints.

If you want to create even more magical Santa shoe prints, you can add a little glitter.

I’ve included a free printable Santa footprint stencil in this post, but if the thought of cutting out all the little details makes you cringe, you can buy an already made Santa footprint template.

This is my favorite one because it has snowflakes that you can put along the path too.  The footprint design is also really cute.

And this one has Santa footprints, elf footprints, and reindeer footprints so you can make the experience really magical for your kids.

I know not everyone is going to love the idea of sprinkling white powder all over their floor.  If this is you, these Santa and elf footprint floor clings might be a better option.

How To Make Santa Footprints

How To Make Santa’s Footprints On Carpet, Hardwood Or Tile

Creating DIY Santa tracks on carpet, hardwood, tiles or really any floor to make it look like Santa came is pretty simple.  Just place the Santa footprint stencils on the floor a stride apart so it looks like Santa was actually walking.

Then sprinkle your flour, baby powder, powdered sugar, baking soda or cornstarch over the stencil.  If you have a flour sifter, that’s the best way to get an even coat that isn’t too thick.

If you’re using baby powder for your Santa footprints, the shaker top works perfectly to get just the right amount.

If you have carpet, I would recommend using baking soda because it will leave less residue and it actually is used as a deodorizer for carpet before vacuuming.

Want to leave another fun surprise for your kids on Christmas morning?  They’ll be shocked to find that Santa has lost his button while he was at your house!

If you want to give your kids an extra special surprise from the North Pole, these North Pole shipping labels will make them smile.  They are editable so you can add your own personalized addresses and a special message.

Editable North Pole shipping labels, Santa Mail label, Reindeer Mail stickers, Elf Mail labels

How Do You Clean Santa Footprints?

To clean fake Santa footprints off of any flooring, a vacuum is the easiest way to get it all without smearing it around on your floor.

If you have hard floors and don’t own a vacuum like me, sweeping with a broom is the next best option.  Depending on your flooring, you may have to really sweep hard to make sure to get the white powder out of all of the cracks and crevices.

On hard floors, once you’ve got the powder vacuumed or swept, go over it with a mop to remove any additional dust remaining.

If you use glitter in your Santa footprint mixture, you will have glitter hanging around on your floor for quite some time.  So take that into consideration when deciding whether or not to use glitter.

How To Print And Cut Out The Santa Footprint Stencil

  • Click here to get my free printable Santa footprint stencil.
  • Once the downloadable PDF opens, click the print icon in the top right corner.
  • Print onto heavy cardstock for the best results.
  • Cut along the lines to create the Santa boot print stencil.  Scissors are easiest for the larger parts, but you may find an Exacto knife works best for the smaller more intricate areas.
  • Once you have the Santa footprint template all cut out, use your own walking stride to measure the distance between footprints for a realistic look.
  • Then sprinkle on your white powdery substance of choice and carefully lift the Santa footprint stencil off.

Get The Free Printable Santa Footprint Template Here

Be sure to check out my other Christmas printables to make your holiday season magical!


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