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15 Pretty Lips Templates

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I had so much fun making these pretty lips templates for you to use in your craft projects and decorating.  I hope you love them!

If you’re making Valentine’s Day crafts, be sure to check out my free printable heart templates too.

Blank Big Lips Template

This large black and white simple lips template is perfect to use as a lips stencil for craft projects for Valentine’s Day or to create your own cartoon characters.

full page black and white blank lips outline template

Medium Size Lip Stencil Printable

These medium size lip templates are great to print and cut out for coloring in, tracing or using as a decoration.

medium size lip stencil printable black and white outline prints 3 per page

Small Lips Outline Template

These small black and white lip outline templates are great to use as a stencil to make your own photo booth props.  They’re sort of realistic but with a little cartoon vibe.

small lips outline template black and white 10 per page

Black and White Cartoon Lips Template

This full page black and white cartoon lips pattern is a fun way to make a cute craft.  Use as a coloring page or stencil to create something fabulous.

black and white cartoon lips outline template full page free printable pdf

Black and White Lips Pattern

This blank black and white lips template can be used for pop art creations or cartoon face crafts.

Medium size black and white lips pattern for crafts 2 per page

Free Printable Valentine Lips Templates

These printable lips patterns are perfect for Valentine crafts or photo booth prop making.

small Outline of lips templates cartoon style

Big Lipstick Kiss Mark Template

This big red lipstick kiss mark will be a cute addition to any craft for Valentine’s Day.  Works great for bulletin boards and decorating anything that needs a big kiss mark.

Big lipstick kiss mark template red

Red Lipstick Kiss Mark Pattern

This red lipstick kiss mark template is pretty realistic looking.  You’ll get two kiss marks per page on this one.

Medium size red lipstick kiss mark pattern

Small Lipstick Kiss Mark Stencil

These small lipstick kiss mark templates to print out are an easy way to print and cut photo booth props or add a kiss mark to a letter or envelope.

small red lipstick kiss mark stencils

Large Lip Cut Out Template

A full page lips cut out template in dark pink to use as a big decoration for Valentine’s Day displays.

large cartoon lip cut out template pink

Color Lips Template

These cartoon dark pink color lips templates are fun for arts and crafts projects at school or at home.

Medium size color lips template 2 per page

Color Cartoon Lip Template

Print and cut these cute color cartoon lip templates to add to any craft project or photo booth props.

dark pink color cartoon lip template small free printable

Simple Pink Lips Template

These simple pink lips printables are a great way to add a smile to any craft project.

smiling simple pink lips template large

Smile Template With Teeth

If you want to add a big smile to something, this smile template with teeth showing is going to be perfect.

smile template with teeth color

Free Printable Mouth Template

These free printable mouth templates are great for photo booth props or adding a smile to your craft project faces.

free printable mouth template with pink lips smile with teeth


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