cute free bunny feet printables

Cute Easter Bunny Feet Printable Template (FREE!)

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These free printable bunny feet printable templates are a fun way to surprise kids on Easter morning with magical footprints left by the Easter Bunny.

You can also use the printable bunny footprints for Easter crafts and activities in the classroom or at home.

Make cute Easter Bunny footprints from the door to the kids’ Easter baskets or all around the yard where the Easter eggs are hidden.

cute free bunny feet printables

How To Print The Easter Bunny Footprint Template

  • Click the link for the Easter Bunny paw print templates you want to download or print.
  • A digital download PDF file will open.
  • Use the icons in the top right corner to print or download the free printable template.
  • You can print on regular printer paper or card stock depending on what you’re using it for.  For an Easter Bunny footprint stencil, I would recommend cardstock to make it sturdier and easier to use.
  • These free printables are for personal use or classroom use.  They may not be sold or altered for selling.  If you would like to share the free template with a friend, please share this post.  Thank you!

Different Ways To Use The Easter Bunny Feet Template

You can use these printable Easter Bunny footprints in so many ways.

Printed Bunny Tracks

Simply print out the free bunny footprint template and cut around the edge.

Place the rabbit footprint image around the house and outside to show the Easter Bunny was there.

You can also make them part of the Easter egg hunt by placing them on a path from egg to egg.

This will make it so much fun for the little ones who have a more difficult time finding the eggs.

DIY Bunny Prints

Use the instant download bunny paw prints as a stencil to make your own DIY Easter Bunny tracks trail.

After printing the Easter template, cut out the openings.

Use white powder like baby powder, flour, or cornstarch and sprinkle flour (or whatever powder you’re using) inside the openings of the stencil to create white bunny tracks.

You can make them go from the front door all around your house to surprise your kids on Easter morning.

I have another post where I show you exactly how to do this.

Easter Bulletin Boards

These printable bunny paw prints are a fun way to make a bunny trail of footprints on your classroom bulletin board or door.

It’s the perfect way to decorate easily for spring or Easter.

Easter Crafts

I made these bunny feet in different sizes so you can use them for any fun ideas you have for Easter decorations and Easter activities for the Easter season.

Use them as an Easter Bunny craft template for kids to make a DIY keepsake gift as an easy craft at school.

Little Bunny Feet To Print

If you need some small bunny feet printables for your Easter craft or decorations, these are the perfect ones for you.

These will be more of a realistic size for a real bunny.


little bunny feet printable free Easter Bunny footprints to print

Medium Bunny Feet Printable

These medium-sized bunny feet templates will be great to use as Easter Bunny feet if you don’t want such large ones.

They’re also great for any Easter ideas you have for decorations and crafts.


bunny feet printable free Easter bunny footprint template

Large Bunny Feet Printable

These large bunny feet templates are exactly what you’ll need if you want to start the fun tradition of making DIY Easter Bunny tracks.

You can even laminate them to use next year so they stay nice in storage.

I also have another set of large Easter Bunny footprint stencils here if you’d like a different option and instructions how to make flour bunny footprints.


large bunny feet printable pdf Easter bunny footprint stencil

Free printable bunny feet for Easter

Bunny Templates

My free printable bunny templates are also fantastic for Easter crafts.

There’s even another bunny feet template included here too!

free printable bunny templates

Egg Templates

Kids will love coloring in these free printable egg templates.

They’re fun to use for Easter crafts or as coloring pages.

free printable egg templates

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