Tooth Fairy letter first tooth note from Tooth Fairy message

Cute Tooth Fairy Letter For First Tooth

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Tooth Fairy letter first tooth note from Tooth Fairy message

Losing a first tooth is exciting and looking forward to the first visit from the Tooth Fairy is even more exciting.

This cute Tooth Fairy letter for first tooth is a fun way to celebrate your child losing a baby tooth for the first time and getting one of their adult teeth coming in.

This is a simple message from the Tooth Fairy that can be used for a boy or girl.

Using this Tooth Fairy letter template takes the stress off of you trying to find the right words to write a note from the Tooth Fairy to your child or spending all night looking for Tooth Fairy letter ideas.

All you have to do is print out the free Tooth Fairy letter and cut it around the edge to leave a cute Tooth Fairy note for your child.

Your child will be even more excited if the Tooth Fairy leaves them a personalized Tooth Fairy with their name and a special message just for them.  I made an editable tiny tooth shaped first Tooth Fairy letter to really bring the magic to your child’s day.

editable first tooth letter from tooth fairy

If you want to leave a Tooth Fairy receipt for your child’s first tooth lost, grab this free printable one that I made.  It goes perfectly with this Tooth Fairy letter.

This free printable Tooth Fairy coloring page makes a great little gift from the Tooth Fairy too.

You can also make your little one a tiny magical Tooth Fairy wand using my editable star shaped Tooth Fairy letter template and a toothpick.

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How To Print and Use The Free Printable 1st Tooth Fairy Letter

  1. Click the link or image below to open the free 1st tooth thank you note.
  2. You can print this on regular printer paper or cardstock.  I recommend cardstock to make it a little more special if you  have some on hand.
  3. Once the Tooth Fairy letter PDF has opened, just click the print icon in the top right corner.
  4. After printing the free Tooth Fairy letter, cut around the edge of the tooth shape.
  5. Have the Tooth Fairy leave the special note for your child to find in the morning.

How To Get The Tooth From Under Your Child’s Pillow

If this is your first child and their first tooth then this is probably the first time you’ve ever had to get your child’s tooth from under their pillow without waking them up.

Kids are usually excited about the Tooth Fairy coming and can’t get to sleep.  They also want to see the Tooth Fairy so they try to stay awake.

So how are you supposed to get their tooth from under the pillow and slip a surprise under there without waking them up?

I would recommend getting a Tooth Fairy doll or pillow and starting a tradition of leaving this out for the Tooth Fairy from the beginning.  You can set the tradition to make it easy on yourself from this first tooth and avoid the struggle of trying to find a tiny tooth under their pillow every time they lose a tooth.

I love this cute Tooth Fairy doll for girls.

This Tooth Fairy pillow is great for boys or girls.  The best part is that it hangs so you can have your child hang it on a bed post or door handle to make it super easy to get their tooth and leave a surprise without waking them.  It has a pocket on top to leave the tooth in.  And you can slip the Tooth Fairy letter inside the pocket.

If you have to get the tooth from under their pillow, be sure to take your shoes off and avoid creaky spots on the floor.  When you show your child where to leave the tooth, make sure it’s near the edge of the pillow.  Check in a few times to see if they’re sleeping before you make your move.

What to do with the teeth that the Tooth Fairy takes

Now that you’ve got the tooth your child left for the Tooth Fairy, you need to do something with it.

If you’re sentimental, you could get a baby tooth keepsake box like this one to keep your child’s teeth that they’ve lost.  Be sure to hide it somewhere they won’t ever find it.

If it creeps you out to keep their teeth, then you could just throw it away.  Just make sure it’s not visible to your child in the trash.

You can get my complete list of cute Tooth Fairy letter printables here.


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Cute Tooth Fairy letter first tooth free printable tooth shaped tooth fairy note

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