Printable Magic reindeer food tags with poem
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DIY Magic Reindeer Food Recipe + Printable

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Your little ones will love to sprinkle this magic reindeer food outside to guide the way for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Not only will you find the magic reindeer food recipe in this post, but I’ll also give you a packaging idea to make these a really cute gift.  Plus, toward the end of the post you’ll see my magic reindeer food printables with my own original poem that will be the perfect way to top off your magic reindeer food favors.


What is Magic Reindeer Food?

Magic reindeer food is a mixture of edible ingredients that kids can sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve to help Santa’s reindeer find their way to your house.

It’s a fun Christmas activity that kids can do and give them as gifts to their friends so they can guide Santa’s reindeer to their house on Christmas Eve too.

This DIY magic reindeer food makes a great party favor for a classroom holiday party.

Also, your elf can leave this magic reindeer food as one of his or her activities.

The first time I ever made magic reindeer food it was for my little nieces.  I made up little bags for them.  They were so excited to sprinkle it outside!

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How To Make Magic Reindeer Food

Making this magic reindeer food is really easy.  You just combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up.

Then just place the reindeer food into sandwich bags, snack bags, treat bags, or these plastic test tubes are a really cute way to gift this reindeer food.  The ones I used are 50mL.

The test tubes make it really easy for kids to pour out the reindeer food and the display looks adorable and special.  Plus, you can save them and use them year after year for your reindeer food.

Magic reindeer food in a test tube with printable tag with poem

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

Magic Reindeer Food Ingredients:

There aren’t really set amounts for any of the ingredients in the magic reindeer food recipe.  This is a recipe you and your kids can have fun with.  Add as much sprinkles and edible glitter as you want!

The reason I’ve chosen edible glitter and candy sprinkles is because they won’t harm the wildlife or the environment.  Some recipes may include regular glitter which is harmful to the environment.  I wanted this to be as green as possible.

Magic reindeer food recipe ingredients in a bowl

Magical reindeer food recipe ingredients in a bowl

Reindeer Food Poem Printables

I’ve made a few different printables to make your magic reindeer food super cute.

I wrote my own original poem for these reindeer food printables so you’ll see that it’s quite different from the same old regurgitated one that’s all over the internet.

Reindeer Food Tags

These reindeer food tags are great for just about any size bag or container.  They’re the perfect size for tying around a 5 inch treat bag.

You can get these magic reindeer food tags here.

Printable Magic reindeer food tags with poem

Magic Reindeer Food Stickers or Tags

These printable reindeer food tags don’t have a hole so you can use them as a tag and punch your own hole or print them onto a full page sticker sheet to make your own reindeer food stickers to put on the front of a bag or container.

You can get the magic reindeer food stickers/tags here.

Magic reindeer food sticker or tag printable

Magic Reindeer Food Bag Toppers

This one is a bag topper for your reindeer food that comes in two sizes.  One size fits zipper sandwich or snack bags.  The other size fits standard size treat bags that you can get at the party stores or Dollar Tree.

Get the magical reindeer food bag toppers here.

Magic reindeer food bag toppers printable pdf


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