Popcorn box template to make DIY popcorn boxes for party favors

Free Printable Popcorn Box Template

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Popcorn box template to make DIY popcorn boxes for party favors

You can use this free printable popcorn box template to make your own mini popcorn boxes to use as party favors, goodie bags, or for movie night for the kids.

This DIY popcorn box template makes the perfect snack size small popcorn boxes for little ones or for goodie bags for party favors at baby showers, weddings, birthday parties and more.

This is a blank popcorn template so you can print it on any color or paper design that you want to match your party theme.

Or if you’re making them for your kids to use, you can print them out on white cardstock and let them design their own special popcorn box to use.  It makes a great craft to do with kids at home or in the classroom.

I made these particular ones in this tutorial as popcorn box Valentine party favors so you’ll see lots of hearts and Valentine colors in this tutorial.

This is a simple way to make an easy popcorn box using paper.  You’ll only need a few supplies that you probably already have.

The popcorn box template is an easy to use pdf outline of a popcorn box that you can print right onto your cardstock or make your own blank popcorn box template to trace onto other paper or materials.

Print it out on red and white stripe cardstock to make your own classic popcorn box or choose a special color or pattern to make popcorn holders that match your party or event colors.

Remember that you don’t only have to put popcorn in these popcorn boxes.  You can use them for candy, cookies, and other treats.

If you need a cute centerpiece idea for your party, this DIY candy bouquet looks beautiful as a table decoration.

Materials You Need To Make Easy DIY Popcorn Boxes

  • Popcorn Box Template
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Cardstock
  • Hot glue (Any glue will work.  I just like how fast hot glue dries.)
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • Thin Ribbon (optional)

How To Make Popcorn Boxes Using the Mini Popcorn Box Template

Print the popcorn box template onto your paper (cardstock is best).

If you’re using a printed paper, print onto the back side of the paper.

You can also print one copy of the popcorn box template and then trace it onto your paper.

If you can’t find a printed cardstock you like, you can use patterned paper and glue it onto white cardstock to make it studier.  That’s what I did with the one in the center of the main photo with the pink heart pattern.

Cut out the popcorn box template.

Only cut around the solid lines.  The dotted lines are for folding.

Fold along the dotted lines on the popcorn box template.

Fold inward so the dotted lines will be on the inside of the popcorn box and not showing on the outside.

how to fold a popcorn box


Glue the tabs to create the popcorn box shape.

Use hot glue to first glue the tab along the side and then the bottom of the popcorn box.

You can also use other craft glue.  I use hot glue because I like things to be dry immediately.

Press on the glue from the outside and inside of the popcorn box to make sure the tabs are touching the box and completely glued down.

glue the tabs to create the popcorn box

Decorate the popcorn box.

You can leave your popcorn boxes just as they are at this point or you can add some fun embellishments to make them even cuter.

Use ribbon, cardstock shapes, felt, craft foam, etc. to decorate your DIY popcorn box.

You’ll want a thinner ribbon for these since they’re small popcorn boxes.  A large bow will overtake the popcorn box.

I got my decorations for these at Dollar Tree.  The hearts are felt stickers and table scatter.

decorating popcorn box favors



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