personalized editable Santa naughty list warning certificate

4 Cute Naughty List Letters From Santa

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Using a naughty list letter from Santa is a great way to get your kids to be on their best behavior at Christmas.

I made these cute Santa naughty list warnings in different styles and sizes to hopefully fit any need you have for changing the attitude of your little ones during the holiday season.

Two of the naughty list letters are mini sized so your Elf On The Shelf can deliver them.

There is one Santa naughty list warning letter that is full sized that is completely ready to print out and deliver to your child.

The other three naughty list warnings are fillable PDFs that can be edited with your child’s name, your elf’s name, the date, or your own special message from Santa Claus.

If your child makes it to The Nice List, I have some NICE LIST PRINTABLE CERTIFICATES HERE.

I hope you love these festive colorful naughty list letter designs I made for you!


I also have these lump of coal tags with a cute poem about being naughty.

Printable lump of coal tags with poem

Free Santa Naughty List Warning Letter

This is a free printable naughty list letter from Santa.

It has a message that can be used for any child (boy or girl) that is acting up at Christmastime.

All you have to do is click the link and print it out.

This one is a full US letter size page.

You could wrap this naughty list letter up in a box with fake lumps of coal (paint some rocks black) to make it even more effective. 


Santa naughty list warning letter

Naughty List Letter From Santa

This naughty list letter comes in the form of a certificate, but this isn’t the kind of certificate your kids want to receive from Santa Claus.

It’s a fillable PDF naughty list warning certificate from Santa and the North Pole Elf Surveillance Department.

You don’t need any complicated software to edit this.  Just download it to your computer and fill in the boxes right on the PDF to personalize this for your child.

You can fill in your child’s name, the date, and Santa’s signature (use whatever name you call him… Santa Claus, Father Christmas, St. Nick, etc.).

This editable naughty list warning is a US letter size full page.


personalized editable Santa naughty list warning certificate

Tiny Elf Naughty List Printable Certificate

This naughty list warning certificate is a mini size so that your Elf On The Shelf can deliver it.

It’s a fillable PDF template so you can personalize it by filling in your child’s name and your elf’s signature.

This is a fun idea for your Elf On The Shelf one night (because we all know it can be a real pain coming up with ideas for that darn elf every night).  Plus it will get your kids to be on their best behavior.

This editable elf naughty list printable certificate is approximately 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall.


Elf On The Shelf holding mini naughty list warning certificate

Tiny Santa naughty list warning certificate editable pdf

Mini Naughty Letter From Santa

This one is a tiny naughty letter from Santa for your Elf On The Shelf to deliver.  It is approximately 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

It’s a simple design with candy cane stripes that will work for boys or girls.

This is a blank naughty list letter so you can type in your own details about your child’s bad behavior and being naughty.  The example text comes with it, but you can remove it all in one click and type in anything you want.

It’s super easy to use.  All you need to do is download the PDF and you’ll see light blue boxes where you can type a greeting, your letter message, a sign off, and Santa’s signature.  Then print it, cut it out and have your elf deliver it.

Once your little one cleans up their behavior, be sure to have Santa send them a Nice List Certificate to reward them.


elf on the shelf holding naughty list letter from Santa

Tiny editable naughty list letter from Santa

Once your kids clean up their behavior, you can surprise them with a special delivery from Santa or your elf.  I made 3 different North Pole shipping labels that you can edit with a mailing address, a return address, and a special message.

These are also great if Santa can’t deliver something on time, he can send it after Christmas using these cute North Pole shipping labels.

Editable North Pole shipping labels, Santa Mail label, Reindeer Mail stickers, Elf Mail labels



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