How to come up with a product idea for your craft business

How To Come Up With A Product Idea For Your Craft Business

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How to come up with a product idea for your craft business

If you want to start a handmade business, but you don’t know where to even begin with what products to sell, these tips for how to come up with a product idea for your craft business will help you get started on the right foot so you can build a successful business that will make money for you for years to come.

Here are a few questions to help you come up with a product idea for your craft business.

Be sure to grab your product planning workbook so you can write down your product brainstorming and ideas.

Is there a specific craft you love to do that would be fun for you to make your craft business around?

If there are any crafts you love to make as a hobby, write those down as ideas.  These don’t have to be specific items.  Your answers can be general things like crochet.  Starting with a craft you love to make will help you create a handmade business that you enjoy.

What crafting tools do you have that you could use for your craft business?

List out whatever crafting machines or tools you already have.  The idea is to get started with things you already have so you can avoid sinking a bunch of money into starting your craft business.  These could be anything you can use to make crafts.  Crochet needles, needles and thread, Cricut or Silhouette, heat press, and sewing machine are a few examples.

What crafting skills do you have that you could use in your craft business?

If you know how to sew, crochet, papercraft, etc., write those things down.  Take the time to really think of anything and everything you have the skills to make that would be valuable in starting a craft business.

Is there a certain material you want to work with to make crafts for your handmade shop?

If there are any specific types of craft mediums you like to work with, write them all down.  This could be a certain type of fabric, paints, mason jars, glitter, etc.  Write down any crafting materials you enjoy working with.

Who do you want your products to be for or who do you want to sell to in your craft business?

Is there a specific type of customer you would like to make handmade products for?  This could be someone similar to yourself or a a specific age range.  Think of who you would love to interact with on a day to day basis in your handmade business.  Who would be fun for you to communicate with and make products for?

What feeling do you want your crafts to give your customers?

If you’re making a craft that a person could give as a gift, maybe you want them to feel proud.  Or you might want to make a handmade product that helps them get relief from a problem.  Or maybe you want them to feel happy when they open the box with your handmade product in it.  Really take the time to think about this as it will determine what products you should make.

What crafts would feel fun for you to make?

Think about what crafts are super fun for you to make.  What would you make if you could make anything?  Write down as many crafts as you can think of that would bring you joy to spend your time making.  This doesn’t necessarily need to be something you already know how to make.  You can always learn.

Use Pinterest for inspiration for your craft business.

Now that you have your craft product ideas from above, take them over to Pinterest to get inspired.  Combine some of your ideas.  For instance, you can look on Pinterest for “Cricut cardstock projects” if you have a Cricut and love to make things with cardstock.  Write down any craft ideas you find that you would love to make or make a board on Pinterest and save your ideas.

You can also use Pinterest Trends to find ideas that are currently trending.

Use Etsy to see what products are selling well for other craft businesses.

Once you have some craft product ideas from Pinterest, take them over to Etsy and see what shows up in the top results.  Also, check to see if it says on the listing that other people have it in their carts.  This post explains this more in depth.

Use my blog posts for handmade product inspiration for your craft business.

I’ve written several blog posts with products you can make and sell.  Here are some that you might like:

Now you’re ready to start making the best products that you’ve decided on.

Don’t forget your Profitable Handmade Product Planner so you can keep track of your awesome ideas!


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