Ideas for wedding crafts to sell. How to make fun products for weddings and bridal showers that are simple craft projects to start a craft business selling handmade wedding items. Awesome wedding decorations, wedding and bridal shower favors and wedding gifts ideas.

Wedding Crafts To Sell For Extra Money

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Ideas for wedding crafts to sell. How to make fun products for weddings and bridal showers that are simple craft projects to start a craft business selling handmade wedding items. Awesome wedding decorations, wedding and bridal shower favors and wedding gifts ideas.

Weddings can be a huge money maker if you want to make wedding crafts to sell for extra money.  It’s unbelievable how much money couples spend to make their day extra special.  They look for custom and personalized items that their guests haven’t seen before.  Selling wedding crafts can be great for a craft business because weddings happen all year long although there is a bridal season during the spring and summer when it will be even busier.

There are so many variations on these wedding crafts to sell.  I suggest doing a little research on Pinterest of wedding themes for the items you want to make.  This will give you unique ideas you can use to customize these items by different themes.  Try looking at rustic, country, boho, outdoor, shabby chic, beach, garden, etc.  Making these items customized to a certain theme will make them much more appealing to buyers.  Also, be sure to research what you want to make to be sure it will be a good item for you to be able to sell and make money.

One important thing to remember about selling wedding items is that it will be seasonal.  During the spring and summer will be the busiest time for selling wedding crafts.  Other times of the year may be slower and you’ll want to sell some other items to keep your business busy all year long.  This is the way I keep my handmade shop making money throughout the whole year.

55 Wedding Crafts To Sell For Extra Money

  1. Banners–There are quite a lot of banners you could make for a wedding to sell.  Some ideas are photo booth banners, welcome banners, bride and groom banners for the sweetheart table, dessert table banners, and card table banners.  You can make these out of paper or fabric.
  2. Photo Booth Backdrops–Beautiful and personalized backdrops for the photo booth are great wedding crafts to sell for extra money.  Make these out of fabric and add gorgeous decorations to make them really special.
  3. Photo Booth Props–You can make these as a physical product that you send or a printable version that they can print and cut out on their own.  If you have a Cricut or Silhouette, these are super simple to make on there.  Add your own special decorations to them to make them unique.
  4. Cake Stands and Cupcake Stands–Just about every wedding has a cake or cupcakes and they need to sit on something.  These can be made out of many different materials like wood, glass, or ceramic.
  5. Favors–You can make actual wedding favors or just the boxes or bags.  There are so many things you can make as wedding favors.  Seed packets, candles, playing cards, soap, bottle openers, wine stoppers, sunglasses, the list could go on and on.  If you don’t want to make the actual favors, you could make boxes or bags for favors out of cardstock or buy bags in bulk and add personalization to them.
  6. Guest Books–Guest books are a great bridal craft to make and sell.  You can make these for the wedding and shower with custom details and personalization to make them truly special.
  7. Bridal Party Gifts–Make personalized gifts for bridesmaids,  groomsmen, maid of honor, matron of honor, best man, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, father of the bride, father of the groom, flower girl, and ring bearer.  There are many ideas of what you can make and sell for this category.  Wine glasses, tote bags, jewelry, bottle openers, beer mugs, water bottles, coffee mugs, flasks, shirts, robes, makeup bags, shot glasses, slippers, etc.
  8. Welcome Signs–These can be made out of paper, clear acrylic, wood, or fabric.  You can also make a printable version so they can print it themselves or have it printed at a print shop.
  9. Card Boxes–Card boxes are great wedding craft to sell for extra money.  You can buy some type of box and embellish it to make it fit a certain theme and add personalization or make your own boxes from wood or other materials.
  10. Guest Book Alternatives–Many people are using something other than a guest book, something that they can put on display in their home.  Wood signs, wooden puzzles, jars, shadow boxes, wooden trays for coffee table, and drop boxes are a few ideas.
  11. Invitations–If you’re a paper crafter or good with graphic design, wedding invitations are great wedding craft you could sell.
  12. Thank You Cards–Same as above.  Great for paper crafters or anyone good with graphic design.
  13. Ring Bearer Pillows Or Boxes–If you good at sewing, ring bearer pillows would be the perfect bridal craft to make and sell for extra money.  If you’re a woodworker, you can make ring boxes as an alternative to the pillows.
  14. Flower Girl Baskets–Make your own baskets or buckets or buy them in bulk and decorate and personalize them.
  15. Shoe Decals–Make custom decals for the bride’s shoes if you have a Cricut or Silhouette.
  16. Stickers–Make stickers for favors and invitation envelopes.  You can make these a printable or physical product.
  17. Save The Dates–These can be paper or magnets or use your imagination and create your own unique trend.
  18. Honeymoon Fund Jar–This could be a jar, shadow box, box, etc.  Customize it with the happy couple’s name and wedding date and some pretty decorations.
  19. Hair Accessories–The bride, bridesmaids, flower girl and mother of the bride and groom all need hair accessories.  Make some beautiful, jaw-dropping designs that they have to have.
  20. Bride and Groom Send Off Items–Personalized confetti, sparklers, bubbles, confetti poppers, paper airplanes, wands, dried flower confetti, sprinkles, etc.  You can also make the containers to display these on the table at the wedding.
  21. Cake Server Sets–Custom cake knives for the wedding cake.  These can be personalized with vinyl, engraved, wood burned, etc.
  22. Proposal Ideas–You can make different things like signs, boxes, banners, or wine labels for the groom to propose to the bride or for the bride and groom to propose to their bridal party.  Proposal ideas are fun wedding crafts you can make and sell for extra money.
  23. Wine Bottle Labels–These could be for wine bottles on the tables or as wedding favors.  They could also be a physical or printable product.
  24. Table Numbers–These can be made out of wood, acrylic, jars, wood slices, etc.  Use vinyl or hand paint the numbers on.
  25. Place Cards–This is a great wedding craft to sell if you’re a paper crafter.
  26. Reserved Signs–Make these for the chairs for the family and also for tables that are reserved for family.
  27. Centerpieces–There are so many things you can do with this.  Make flowers from paper or fabric.  Use wood, jars, glass containers, etc. to create really special personalized centerpieces.  Go for the popular wedding colors of the year.
  28. Timeline Sign–Wood, acrylic, paper or printable signs displaying the wedding timeline so guests know what to expect.
  29. Drink Menus–Many weddings now have signature drinks.  Make signs or printable signs to allow guests to see what the signature drinks are.
  30. Yard Games–During the spring and summer lots of couples opt for outdoor weddings.  Yard games have become quite popular for wedding receptions with this trend.  Cornhole, ring toss, and giant versions of classic games are great for this.
  31. Garters–If you enjoy sewing, custom garters are a fun craft project you can make and sell for extra money.
  32. Sand Ceremony Containers–Personalize glass containers or a shadow box for a sand ceremony.
  33. Cake Toppers–Make a custom cake topper out of any craft medium that you love, paper, wood, acrylic, glass, clay, etc.
  34. Flower Pom Poms–Make flowers out of paper or fabric and create pom poms to hang from the ceiling.
  35. Personalized Fans–With the summer and spring outdoor weddings, fans are always popular.  They can be accordion style or paddle style.
  36. Programs–If you’re a paper crafter or graphic designer, create beautiful unique programs.
  37. Bouquets–Many couples are choosing alternatives to real flowers.  Create beautiful flower bouquets with fabric, paper, or ribbon flowers.
  38. Shoe Clips–Beautiful shoe clips for the bride and bridesmaids to make their shoes unique are a great idea for a wedding craft you can sell for extra money.
  39. Wine or Champagne Glasses–These are great as wedding favors, personalized for the bridal party, or for the bride and groom.  They can be engraved, sublimated, vinyl and decorated with lots of different embellishments like beads, stones, and ribbon.
  40. Jewelry–Brides love to have their bridesmaids wear matching jewelry.  Use the current wedding colors and themes to create personalized wedding jewelry for the bridal party or cuff links for the groomsmen.
  41. Corsages and Boutonnieres–Use fabric or ribbon to make beautiful unique flowers for the bridal party and mothers and fathers.
  42. Hashtag Signs–Make these with paper, wood, acrylic, etc. so the bride and groom can display their wedding hashtag for social media.
  43. Destination Wedding Welcome Bags–Create a welcome bag for the guests of a destination wedding.  You can make just the bag or put lots of fun goodies inside for a ready made gift that the bride and groom don’t have to do anything to.
  44. Chair and Pew Decorations–These could be bows, flowers, macrame, a sash, cover, sign or banner.
  45. Barefoot Sandals–For beach and outdoor weddings, the bride and bridesmaids many times go barefoot, but want their feet to look beautiful.  These can be jewels, crochet, macrame, etc.
  46. Personalized Flip Flops–These could be a wedding favor, a bridal party gift, or for the bride and groom.  Buy flip flops and personalize them with vinyl or paint and some fun decorations.
  47. Thank You Tags and Favor Tags–These can be a physical product or a printable product.
  48. Wedding Dress Box–Great for the bride to store her wedding dress.  Decorate it beautifully to make it really special.
  49. For The Bride On The Wedding Day Box–Friends and family can put in letters and special little trinkets for the bride on her wedding day.
  50. Sweetheart Table Decorations–Lots of weddings now have a sweetheart table for the bride and groom.  Make banners, centerpieces and other decorations to make the table extra special.
  51. Bride and Groom Chair Signs–Wood signs, banners, etc. to hang from the back of the bride and groom chairs.
  52. Garland–This can be made out of fabric, ribbon, flowers, macrame, etc. to hang in the photo booth, on tables, chairs, above dessert, food and card tables.
  53. Bouquet Wraps–To wrap around the stems of the bride and bridesmaids bouquets.  Can be made from fabric, ribbon, stones, macrame, crochet, and personalized.
  54. Hangers–Personalized hangers for the bridal party are very popular and make great gifts for the bride to give her bridesmaids.  Decorate wood hangers with vinyl or paint and fun embellishments.
  55. Wedding Gifts–We can’t talk about wedding crafts to sell for extra money without mentioning wedding gifts for the bride and groom.  There are tons of things you could make for these but a few ideas are personalized cutting boards, Christmas ornaments, blankets/quilts, coasters, signs, wine racks, pillows, mugs, keychains, wall decals, etc.

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