20 fun projects to make money with a Cricut Maker. How to make Cricut projects to sell at craft fairs and on Etsy to make extra money for the holidays or gifts. These are unique product ideas, not the usual coffee mugs and T shirts. Awesome Cricut business ideas to sell the best diy products that are simple and easy to make even for beginners using vinyl lettering, paper, leather, fabric and home decor items. #cricutprojectstosell #cricutmakerprojects #sellingonEtsy

20 Cricut Crafts To Sell

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20 fun projects to make money with a Cricut Maker. How to make Cricut projects to sell at craft fairs and on Etsy to make extra money for the holidays or gifts. These are unique product ideas, not the usual coffee mugs and T shirts. Awesome Cricut business ideas to sell the best diy products that are simple and easy to make even for beginners using vinyl lettering, paper, leather, fabric and home decor items. #cricutprojectstosell #cricutmakerprojects #sellingonEtsy

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When I got my first Cricut a few years ago, I didn’t even know exactly what I could make with it.  Once I started playing with it, I got this incredibly excited feeling because I knew I could make money with this awesome machine.  I just knew I could start my own craft business with my Cricut because the possibilities are endless with this thing!

So today I want to share with you some Cricut craft ideas to sell for extra money if you’re wanting to start your own craft business, but aren’t sure what you should make.  You can use these as Etsy Cricut ideas or for ideas of things to sell at craft fairs.

Cricut Business Ideas

I got a Cricut Maker about a year ago and I absolutely love it!  I love that it cuts fabric and some thicker materials that the previous Cricut models couldn’t cut.

If you want to know more about the differences in Cricut machines, I have a complete guide about Cricut here.

There are plenty of ways you can create a Cricut business online and offline to make money, but some of the best ways in my opinion are on your own website, an Etsy shop and on Amazon Handmade.   You can start a Cricut business selling crafts as a side hustle or your full time job.

The reason I love selling handmade crafts online is because you can work on your own terms, the start up cost is very low and you don’t have to set up a booth and take up your weekend to sell.

I would recommend starting your Cricut business on one platform like Etsy and add the others gradually so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

But I do recommend selling on more than one platform and definitely on your own site eventually because Etsy and Amazon can change their rules, etc. and you have no control over that.

I started with Etsy and I created AN ETSY SHOP SETUP TOOLKIT to help you get started easily with your shop.

I’ve tried to give some unique Cricut business ideas here because I think most people know the obvious things you can make with a Cricut like mugs, wine glasses, T-shirts and signs.  I wanted to give you some Cricut project ideas to sell that are different and could be best selling items for you.

Since I’ve been successful with my Etsy and Amazon Handmade shops, I’m always thinking of crafts that I could make and sell, but I don’t have time to make everything I think of.  So I’d rather pass those things along to you instead of letting them go to waste in my brain.

Who knows, one of these could be a profitable Cricut business idea for you to make money with your Cricut that creates the craft business of your dreams and allows you to work from home!

Before we get into the ideas of Cricut Maker projects to sell, I want to just say that you should always research any products you’re considering selling to see how much competition there is, how much the items are selling for and how many people are actually searching for and buying those items to be sure you will be able to make money selling them.

Also, creating products that will sell all year is really important.  If you don’t have something for each time of year, you’ll see dips in sales and have a hard time making this your full time business.

When I first started, I happened to have a product for the season we were in.  I got more sales than I ever expected during my first few months.  But once that season was over, I was only making 2 or 3 sales a month.

I created The Profitable Handmade Product Planner and started using it to add items to my shop for every time of the year as well as different giftable items and price points and my sales went up to $10,000 a month.

If you’re experiencing inconsistent sales or don’t know where to begin with product planning, I know it will help you create the business of your dreams.

Find the best crafts to make and sell on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, at craft fairs. Plan your handmade products to sell for an entire year and never run out of ideas. When you've finished with this workbook for handmade sellers, you'll have over 500 product ideas brainstormed.

So, let’s get to that list…

20 Cricut Crafts To Sell

Sewing Cards or also called Lacing Cards

I had these when I was a kid and absolutely loved them!  These are cards with holes so kids can sew yarn through them with a plastic needle through the holes.

You could use the Print & Cut feature on your Cricut Maker to create these out of posterboard or use heavy cardstock and layer it to make cute designs or create designs that the kids can color themselves as well as sewing through the holes.

You could also make these out of felt for a different take on it.  Personalizing them would be a nice touch and make them unique to what can be bought in big box stores.  I was unable to find a tutorial using a Cricut for this, but here’s an example of the product.

Sewing Kits

You can cut fabric with the Cricut Maker (and let me tell you, it’s amazing).  So you could cut fabric pieces and put together a kit for someone to make their own DIY project.

For example, let’s say a Christmas stocking.  You could cut all of the fabric pieces on your Maker and put them in a cute box along with the thread, needles, embellishments, instructions, etc. for them to create their own easy diy stocking.

You could also include a personalized name cut from heat transfer vinyl for them to attach or a cute wood or leather tag to hang from it.

Gift Tags/Favor Tags

Gift tags would be great for year round craft business because you can make them for so many events.

You could do them for all the major holidays as well as birthdays, weddings, showers, etc.

You can use the drawing feature on your Cricut Maker or Print & Cut.

There are lots of cute templates to use in Cricut Design Space.  This would also be a very simple Cricut business idea that wouldn’t be super time consuming.

Gift Bags/Favor Bags

Cricut Access has a lot of different gift bag designs that you could use as a starting point for this.

Just be sure to make them your own in some way so you aren’t selling the same products as other people.  Use some of the cutout designs from Cricut Access to create your own unique embellishments.

Again, this could be a great Cricut craft to sell year round without major lulls.

Wood or Leather Jewelry

Did you know you can cut thin wood and leather with a Cricut Maker?!  Create your own unique jewelry pieces to sell in your Etsy shop.

Personalized Umbrellas

You can personalize the clear plastic umbrellas with adhesive vinyl or the fabric umbrellas with heat transfer vinyl.

These would be great for wedding party photos, kids when they go to school with an umbrella or great for gift giving.

Fabric, Paper, or Leather Flower Bouquets

Lots of people are using alternatives to real flowers for their weddings.  Create a unique bouquet using fabric, felt, paper or leather.

Cricut Access has flower designs that you can use to create something truly special.  I love this tutorial on how to make felt flowers with your Cricut Maker from Everyday Jenny.

Personalized Name Plates

Use clear acrylic name plates to create personalized desk name plates for teachers and business people.  Or these would even be cute for kids to put on their desk at home.

Personalized Clipboards

Use clear acrylic clipboards and adhesive vinyl to create a cute personalized gift.  Embellish it with a ribbon or flower too!

These are great teacher gifts to make with your Cricut and sell in your craft business!

Gift Boxes/Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are great for weddings and showers.  You can make cupcake boxes, popcorn boxes, bridesmaid and groomsmen proposal boxes, etc.

Use the designs in Cricut Access to get you started and make them your own unique design.

These are an easy to make Cricut craft idea to sell in your handmade business.

Personalized Flip Flops

These are super cute and easy to make.  Would be great for a bridal party or bride and groom or a cute gift idea.

Just buy the flip flops and add heat transfer vinyl.  This is a great tutorial on how to do it!

Personalized Lanterns

If you’re good with woodworking, you could make your own lanterns or buy them in bulk and add adhesive vinyl to personalize the glass for weddings and events.

Ceiling Medallions

These are so beautiful to make light fixtures look fancy!  Use adhesive vinyl to create these.  Here’s a great tutorial on how to make one!

Personalized Doormats

Cute doormats are really popular now and are a great Cricut project to make and sell .

Depending on the type of doormat you use, you could put heat transfer vinyl or make a stencil with your Cricut Maker and paint the design on. These are super popular right now.

Personalized Drink Coasters

These would make great gifts and you could make them out of lots of different materials.

You could use faux leather, tiles, glass tiles, acrylic, or any type of material that won’t stain and decorate them with adhesive vinyl or make a stencil with your Cricut and paint them.

They would make great wedding gifts or holiday gifts.

Personalized Hammers/Tools

It’s always difficult to find great gifts for men.  Cute little sayings for dads would be fun for Father’s Day gifts!  You can either make a stencil with your Cricut or use adhesive vinyl.


If you try to buy stencils at the store, the fonts are usually blocky and ugly and you can tell it’s a stencil.  Offering personalized stencils is an awesome way to use your Cricut Maker to make money.

You could do words and designs for just about anything.  This way your customers can create their own unique projects.

Wall art would be fun to make stencils for!  Check out this tutorial for how to do it the easy way.


If you sew, you could make your own aprons and if you don’t sew, just buy them in bulk.

You can use heat transfer vinyl to personalize them for grilling dads, grandmas who love to cook or bake, Mommy and Me aprons, bride for a cooking themed bridal shower, the possibilities are endless.

Shadow Boxes

These are fun for a lot of different occasions.

Buy the shadow box and decorate the glass part with adhesive vinyl.

You can also put a background inside, make flowers and put them inside.

There’s also an insert for the top so you can make it a bank.  They can be used as a wedding honeymoon fund, a bank or keepsake box for a special occasion or just as a decoration for a shelf or wall.

Personalized Coupon Books

These would be great Cricut projects to sell for gift giving and stocking stuffers.

You can make them for all the holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc.  These could be for so many different things.

You could do love coupons, chore coupons, etc.  You can use this adhesive to bind it together like a notepad.

Start Your Cricut Business With These Money Making Ideas

I hope you’re feeling inspired by these Cricut craft ideas to sell. Get ready to start making money with your Cricut Maker!

These are just suggestions.  Put your imagination to work on some of them and turn them into your own creative crafts for a Cricut business.

That’s what being a successful handmade seller is all about.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Just take an idea and make it your own and the best it can be.  So when the right audience sees it, they have to have it.

Simple Cricut Maker and Silhouette Cameo project ideas to sell on Etsy, Amazon or at craft fairs. Craft ideas that you can sell online or in person to create your own handmade business! Create your own holiday gift or decor shop using your cutting machine dollar store items, heat transfer vinyl and more!






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