How to find what sells most on Etsy. How you can research DIY projects to find what products to make and sell for your craft business. Tips and ideas to make extra money from your online craft business in your Etsy shop or your own website. Create your own fun handmade business! Research best selling items to find the best products to make sales.

What Sells The Most On Etsy?

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How to find what sells most on Etsy. How you can research DIY projects to find what products to make and sell for your craft business. Tips and ideas to make extra money from your online craft business in your Etsy shop or your own website. Create your own fun handmade business! Research best selling items to find the best products to make sales.

Trying to decide on what products to sell in your Etsy shop can be difficult.  There are so many crafts to choose from and knowing which ones will sell feels like a guessing game.  It’s actually not though.  You can take some simple steps to find out what sells the most on Etsy and get your own successful shop up and running in no time.

How to find best selling items on Etsy

  • Find the top selling items on Erank.
  • Search for how much competition there is for your craft
  • Find items that are selling like crazy on Etsy
  • Use Etsy search bar to get suggestions of what crafts to sell

You’ll want to find top selling items for your Etsy shop so you can start making sales right away.  Etsy determines your position in search results by many factors.

Some of those things are how many sales an item gets and how many favorites it gets. Having popular items for sale in your handmade shop will get you more of those favorites and sales to boost your listings higher in search.

Here’s exactly how you can find items that sell well on Etsy so you can come up with your own idea of what to sell in your Etsy shop.

First, grab your Profitable Handmade Product Planner.

How To Find What Sells Most On Etsy

Search for Top Sellers On Erank

When you go on the Erank website and login to your free account, there is a menu on the left on your computer or in the top right corner on a mobile device.  One of the options you can choose is “Top Sellers”.  If you click that, you will be able to see the top selling shops for the day before.  You can click the link for each shop to see what types of items they sell.  Please don’t ever copy what someone else is making!  This is just to get ideas of what types of items are selling most on Etsy so you can create something of your own in that category.

Use Erank and the Etsy search bar to find out how much competition there is for a craft you want to make.

Think of a phrase that someone would think of to search for what you want to make.  Enter the phrase in the Keyword Tool on Erank.  It will show you how many searches there have been for that term and how much competition there is.  If you scroll down, you will also see other related search terms that you can research in the same way just by clicking on them.  Find terms that have a good amount of searches and lower competition.  This will be indicated in green.

You can also search on Etsy for a craft you would like to sell and see how many search results come up.  If there are only a few thousand, that may be a good product to sell.  You do still need to determine if enough people search for that item though.  If the product comes up as an auto suggest when you’re typing in the Etsy search bar, it’s probably being searched frequently right now.

Another easy way to see what sells the most on Etsy is to find items that are selling like crazy on Etsy right now.

Once you have something in mind, go to the Etsy search bar and type it in.  As you browse through the items in the search results, you will see some of them will show in red something like “10 people have this in their cart”.  If it says that for an item, it’s most likely selling well on Etsy.  Etsy changes this from time to time.  Right now this is only visible on a computer, not mobile.

You can take this one step further by clicking on the item and scrolling down to the reviews.  Etsy will show the most recent reviews for that item.  Check what the dates are that the reviews were left and how many reviews there are for the item.  If there are lots of recent reviews, this type of item would likely be a great seller.  Again, don’t copy, just use it as inspiration for your own ideas.

You can also use the Etsy search bar for suggestions of what things to sell on Etsy to make money.

You can start with a letter or word and start typing to see what Etsy thinks you’re searching for.  The search bar will show suggestions of what it thinks you might be starting to type. Type one word and then a space and start going through the alphabet letters one by one to get the suggestions

These ideas that Etsy gives you are items that have been recently searched.  If you’re looking for holiday items and it’s not that holiday yet, you may not get accurate suggestions since most people won’t be searching those terms yet.

How To Come Up With Your Own Ideas Of What To Sell On Etsy

Now that you have some best selling items in mind, you can use those ideas to create your own products.  You want to take a look at some of the individual items on Etsy to see what they look like and read the description to see what materials they use.

Next you want to think about how you can make this item better.  Are there better materials you can use?  Is there a way you can make a higher quality product?  Is there a way you can provide a better customer experience?

An Example Of How To Improve A Best Selling Product

For example, let’s say that you find tote bags for bridesmaids are a best seller on Etsy.  The seller is buying the tote bags rather than making them by hand and they are putting the bridesmaid’s name on it in vinyl.

For this item you could make the tote bags in nicer fabric and actually make them by hand.  You could also paint or print the name on the bag because vinyl tends to peel after a while.  You could use a prettier font and add other details like the date or other personalization.  Offering more colors of bags or lettering would be another idea to make this product better.

You will want to also research popular fonts and colors for weddings to be able to choose the right improvements to this product.  Take a look on Etsy at wedding signs and other wedding, bridal shower, and bachelorette party items to see what fonts and colors are being used and selling well.

You can also look at those items on Pinterest to see what is popular.  See what themes are popular for these events.  All of these things can give you ideas to make the best product that will be a best seller for your Etsy shop.

One Best Selling Item Could Bring You Thousands Of Dollars

I know this may sound like a lot of research and work just to find a product to make and sell, but if you find a product that will sell for years and years in your store, it will be so worth it.  You can do this research in an hour or two and it could be the way for you to be able to quit your day job and run your Etsy shop full time.

If you’re ready to open your Etsy shop, you can get 40 free listings by using my link!

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