How I made $1143 in my 3rd month on Etsy. I share my successes and struggles of selling on Etsy.

Starting An Etsy Shop How I Made $1143 My 3rd Month

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How I made $1143 in my 3rd month on Etsy. I share my successes and struggles of starting an Etsy shop and selling on Etsy.

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Hey there!  November was a whirlwind!  I could have never imagined how busy I would be for Thanksgiving!  My first order rolled in on November 10th and it was a custom order (my first custom order).  From there it got crazy!  I was frantically working constantly the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and rushing orders to people.  I never would have dreamed this would happen when I thought about starting an Etsy shop!

This post is not to brag at all.  I really want to inspire other Etsy sellers to push through the times that are a struggle.  Every Etsy shop owner struggles and gets frustrated.  I just want to document my journey for inspiration for other shop owners.

I had planned to make 10 items for my holiday line to launch on Black Friday, but I was completely exhausted from all the Thanksgiving orders so that kind of fizzled and so did my Black Friday sale.  Next year I’ll be better prepared!

I ended up getting 15 orders in November!!!  I’m so in shock!

I did get my holiday items made and listed but not in the time frame I had hoped.  I have to be sure to get those ready way in advance next year.  I did a lot of research again for keywords to use in my titles and tags and made sure not to use the same ones for each listing to give my shop more exposure.  I also used those words in my descriptions so Google will send me traffic too.

I think my photos are starting to look a bit better, but they still need A LOT of work.

I think with just placemats and table runners, this shop may get most of its traffic at holiday times.  I need to consider other items that will sell year round.

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Here’s how my I did in November 2017 on my 3rd month after starting an Etsy shop:

15 sales  $1142.90

My goals for this month were:

  • Create some holiday items and list them–SUCCESS!
  • Make more money than I did in October–SUCCESS!
  • Get at least 2 sales–SUCCESS!

Goals For December:

  • Make more money than November
  • Get at least 16 sales
  • Start creating Valentine products

UPDATE FEB. 2021:  I now make a full-time income selling on Etsy. If you want to earn a steady income year round, this handmade product planner is the key to my success.  By planning products for every season, holiday, occasion, etc. I have been able to build a business that far exceeds any amount of money I’ve made working a regular job.

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