How To Stop Being Needy In Your Handmade Business Marketing

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Tips and tricks for how to get more sales on Etsy on social media like Facebook and Instagram. How to get customers to buy your best selling handmade crafts. Marketing ideas for small businesses to stop being so needy in their advertising and make more money. These creative ideas are great for any small business selling online like craft businesses, boutiques, and other online entrepreneurs. Write your best content and send positive energy into the world so you can easily make extra cash with your products.

If you have a handmade business and aren’t feeling confident or just don’t know how to market properly you could be repelling customers with your needy energy and salesy, pushy behaviors.  Let me show you how to stop being needy in your handmade business and start attracting tons of customers with your marketing!

Is your marketing on social media and other places online making you seem needy or pushy?

Are you posting products with the vibe of “please buy this”?

Or how about “how can I talk you into loving this thing I’m selling”?

Think about if you’re the customer how that would make you feel.

I’ll be honest here, I was involved with a network marketing company for a short time and I absolutely loved the products.  But the way they taught me to present the products on social media was like a completely needy weirdo.  I know you’ve seen someone doing this on your social media and you know what I’m talking about.

You know what happened?  Instead of attracting people, I was completely repelling them from me.  They were completely put off by what I was posting on Facebook.  But I didn’t know any better at that time.  I’m pretty embarrassed that I showed up that way, but I had to learn.

I’ve also seen people being salesy like this with all sorts of products including their handmade items.  Posting photo after photo of what they’re selling, but never adding any value for their audience.  It’s even obvious in product descriptions when someone is just NEEDING you to buy something.  I’ll show you how to sell without being salesy.  It’s actually easier than you think!

Here’s a fun example of how to market your handmade business online so you don’t seem needy or pushy and will feel confident about selling your products.

You find a handmade product you REALLY ENJOY making.  Make as many different designs as you feel you want to make.  I’m guessing it will be quite a few since it’s something you love doing and new ideas will be popping into your head constantly.

Get those products listed on Etsy, Amazon or wherever you feel called to list them.

If there are any social medias that you ENJOY using you’ll want to use those to market your handmade business.  Write some posts that either help your audience or bring them some sort of emotion. Emotional marketing is the best way to sell without being salesy.

For instance if you sell baby blankets, you could write a post about the day baby comes home from the hospital and how special and meaningful it is to the whole family.  How they’ll FEEL with their baby bundled up in the snuggly blanket and walking through the front door for the first time.  Add a photo of one of your blankets (with a baby in it).  And there you have a post that says here’s how my product can make a special moment in your life.  This type of post doesn’t feel needy at all.

I promise you that marketing your Etsy shop or Amazon Handmade store in this way will feel so much better and allow you to have more confidence in your business and putting yourself out there on social media.

Give your customers a feeling or emotion.  That’s what people really want.  They don’t want the product.  They want the emotion that comes from an experience with the product.

If you think about that, you’ll realize it’s true.  Think of any item you’ve ever really wanted, like a car.  Why did you actually want that car?  It was probably because you would feel really cool driving it or it would make you feel successful to be able to buy that type of car or something along those lines.  It was never just because of the car.  It was because of the feeling and emotions that you wanted to feel.

What feelings will your customer feel when they use your product?  What extra things can you do to give them an amazing feeling when they receive your product in the mail?

Stop worrying about the outcome and you’ll stop seeming needy in your business.

Here’s the thing, what if you just did your thing and didn’t worry about the outcome?  Have you ever heard the expression “the joy is in the journey”?  It’s true.  The joy is in the journey and the feeling of achievement and pride you have when you start having success (there are those emotions again).

I know you’re probably thinking “but I need to make money”.  Of course you want to make money from your business, but do you love it enough to keep going even if you aren’t making money yet.  If you don’t then you might need to sell something different or do something different.  That’s why I always say to do everything the way you want to so that you love every part of your business.

This only really works if you’re doing something you love to do.  If you’re just trying to make quick money by any means necessary, there’s no way you’ll let go of the outcome because that’s the part that really matters to you.

But if you’re really doing something that you love, couldn’t you just enjoy doing that thing and trust that the customers will come?  I know it sounds scary and difficult.  But if you can’t let go of the outcome, you’re most likely doing something that you don’t REALLY want to do.  And when you’re holding on so tightly to the outcome, it’s going to be very hard to enjoy any part of running your handmade business.

In my business I’ve come to realize that I have to do EVERYTHING in a way that feels good to me.  And being needy and salesy does not feel good to me at all.  If you think of someone needy in a relationship, are you attracted to them?  No.  You’re completely turned off and find them unattractive.

So, make the things and put them out into the internet world and just let it be.  The right customers will find them without you having to say “please buy my stuff”.  If you have a love for what you’re doing, it will show and people will notice.  You’ll attract the right customers without having to feel like a salesman because you’ll be sharing your heart.

Do you think you’re being needy in your handmade business marketing?

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