The Easiest Way To Find The Best Crafts To Sell On Etsy (That Will Sell Fast!)

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How to easily find what to sell on Etsy to make money in 2020. Starting a handmade business online is simple if you know how to find awesome products to make and sell. It's easy to make money when you know the trends and can create easy to make crafts to make sales right away. #sellingonetsyWhat crafts sell best on Etsy?

This is a question a lot of people want to know the answer to.  The key to being successful selling on Etsy is to find crafts to sell that people will actually buy and not be sitting there for weeks waiting to make a sale.  This can prove to be difficult if you don’t know where to look for the answers.  You can look on Etsy and find what the best sellers are, but there can be so many factors that go into why that item is a best seller.  You never know if the seller is doing a lot of promoting outside of Etsy, how long they’ve been selling, etc.

The one tool I’ve found for finding the best crafts to sell on Etsy is Pinterest Trends.  Using my research method with Pinterest Trends and Etsy, you can easily find trending ideas that you can turn into best selling crafts to make and sell in your Etsy shop (and because they’re trending, they’ll sell fast).

So here’s how to use Pinterest Trends to find the best crafts to sell on Etsy.

There’s a video at the end of this post if you want to see a full tutorial of how I find amazing best selling ideas to sell on Etsy using Pinterest Trends.


  • Now scroll down to where it says Pinterest 100 and click on that.These tips to find crafts that will sell fast on Etsy are perfect for new Etsy shops or existing handmade stores that aren't getting sales. Find the best items to sell that will increase your sales and boost your income to new heights. Using PInterest Trends to find what crafts sell best on Etsy. #etsysellertips #craftstosell
  • The next screen will take you to all the main categories that are trending on Pinterest.  Now you can start clicking through on those and it will take you to more trending topics within that category.

These tips to find crafts that will sell fast on Etsy are perfect for new Etsy shops or existing handmade stores that aren't getting sales. Find the best items to sell that will increase your sales and boost your income to new heights. Using PInterest Trends to find what crafts sell best on Etsy. #etsysellertips #craftstosell

  • If you click on those topics, it will take you to the top pins on Pinterest.  Take some time to look through these and see if there’s anything that would be a fun craft for you to make and sell in your Etsy shop.  See if any cute ideas come to mind as you look through the topics and pins.


  • Once you have some ideas for crafts you could make and sell, take those search terms over to Etsy and type them in.  See how many results come up.  If your Etsy shop is brand new or if you haven’t been making very many sales on Etsy, I would try to stick to search terms that have about 1,500 or less results.  But you could also find a similar search term that will have less so don’t let that deter you just yet if it has more.


  • Now scroll through the results and just look at some of the listings.  What crafts are they selling, do they have recent reviews for that particular item and does it say on the right that people have it in their carts?Find crafts to sell on Etsy that will earn you extra income and boost your Etsy sales. Using Pinterest Trends and Etsy to find awesome products to sell in your Etsy shop that will sell fast because they are trendy and fresh. #etsysellertips #sellingonetsy


  • If it looks like there are multiple listings that meet these requirements, this would be a great product to try selling in your Etsy shop.


  • DO NOT COPY ANY OF THOSE PRODUCTS.  You need to use your own imagination and come up with ways you can make a similar product but put your own unique touch on it.  Make it cuter.  Make it better.  Make it easier to use.  Make it stand out.


  • Use different variations of your search terms.  In the video below I used cat cupcake toppers as an example since cat birthday parties are a trending topic on Pinterest at the time I’m writing this.  People would also use the words kitty, kitten, cat theme or kitty cat.  So check those out as well.


  • Use the Etsy search bar to see what other products are auto-suggested when you type in your main keyword (like “cat” or “cat theme” for instance).  The auto-suggested terms are the most recently searched terms that have your keywords in them.  Decide if any of those ideas would be a fun craft to make and sell in your shop.  And of course, go through the steps above to validate your idea.


  • Once you have your best selling ideas from your Etsy research, go back to Pinterest and search for those terms for more ideas and DIY tutorials if you need help figuring out how to make the craft you decided on.


  • Another thing to look at is how can you combine some of the Pinterest trends to make a new unique product?  For example, at the time I wrote this some of the trending themes were cats, space, and scrunchies.  So I would look at cat scrunchies or space scrunchies to see if these could be a popular item to sell on Etsy.

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Now you know how to find what crafts sell best on Etsy using Pinterest Trends, now what?

Get busy making your trendy items and get them listed in your Etsy shop!  One thing to remember is that these are trending right now, but trends eventually come to an end.  You’ll want to get these added to your shop as soon as possible to catch the momentum.  Once you start making sales from these crafts, you’ll start getting the snowball effect and making more and more sales.

You’ll also want to consider that these may fizzle out over time when the trend ends.  So be sure to keep up with the new trends and continue adding products to your shop to keep your sales going.  Keeping your shop fresh will make Etsy want to continue sending you customers and your current customers wanting to buy from you over and over again.

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