Easy DIY ideas for crochet projects to sell to make money on Etsy and at craft fairs. If you need some inspiration or tips for handmade crochet crafts to sell as gifts, you won't want to miss these things that you can make and sell to make a living crocheting if you're a stay at home mom or want to make some extra cash after retirement. These are some popular and in demand best selling items you can make with yarn.

Crochet Crafts To Make And Sell

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Easy DIY ideas for crochet projects to sell to make money on Etsy and at craft fairs. If you need some inspiration or tips for handmade crochet crafts to sell as gifts, you won't want to miss these things that you can make and sell to make a living crocheting if you're a stay at home mom or want to make some extra cash after retirement. These are some popular and in demand best selling items you can make with yarn.

I’ve been sharing in my recent blog posts different craft projects to sell at craft fairs or online on sites like Etsy or Amazon Handmade.  I know many crafters like to crochet so I thought today I would share some fun ideas of crochet crafts to make and sell if you want to try to make a living crocheting or just want to make extra money on the side by starting a crochet business.

I’ve researched popular, best selling and easy crochet ideas to sell that are in demand.

Many crafters may get stumped on what crochet items they can sell in the warmer months since crochet is usually a cozy product.  Handmade crochet items are not just for the cold winter months and can be sold throughout the whole year.

I’ve shared some crochet crafts to make and sell for different seasons including summer and for different purposes.  I hope you find some inspiration from my ideas!

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Crochet Crafts To Make And Sell

Crochet Items That Sell In The Summer

Finding crochet items that will sell in the summer can seem challenging, but there are actually a lot of handmade products you can make that could be best sellers during the summer months.  Crochet isn’t just for winter!

  1. Market bags–Bringing your own bags to stores has become very popular in order to help the environment.  Making crochet market bags to sell is a great idea.  It allows people to have a bag that matches their personality more than the ones they can get at the store.  Here’s a cute free pattern.
  2. Headbands–You can make headbands for babies, kids and adults.  Headbands are popular year round, but make it really easy to do your hair for the beach or pool which makes them a great crochet craft to make and sell.
  3. Halter tops–Crochet halter tops are super cute for summer to wear on vacation or to the pool or beach.  I love this cute pattern!
  4. Swimsuits– Crochet swimsuits are so cute and really popular right now.  Handmade bathing suits are a great way for women to have a really unique style for the summer at the beach.
  5. Swimsuit cover ups– I really love crochet swimsuit cover ups.  They cover just enough that you don’t feel like you’re walking around exposed.
  6. Modesty panels–A lot of summer shirts can be a little too revealing for work or more conservative ladies.  Crochet modesty panels are the perfect solution.  Here are some patterns to show you how to make them.
  7. Dresses– A cute crochet dress is the perfect style for summer.  These are especially great for women who like a boho fashion style.
  8. Beach bags– A cute beach bag to carry everything you need for a day on the sand in style will sell like crazy.
  9. Cacti or Succulents–Crochet succulents or a cactus and put them in a little pot for a cute decoration or gift idea.
  10. Travel pillows– Travel season means people need travel pillows and why not have a cute crochet one!
  11. Bookmarks– I know you’re thinking “Who reads and actual book these days?”  I do!  If you’re reading in the sun, it can be really hard to see a Kindle or phone screen.  Crochet bookmarks are perfect for marking your place in that steamy romance novel.
  12. Pants– Crochet pants are so cute and perfect for wearing over a swimsuit or a pair of shorts.
  13. Garters for brides– Brides are always looking for special items for their wedding day.  Since summer is wedding season, crochet garters will be good selling items for your handmade shop.
  14. Sun hats– Crochet sun hats are great for a day out in the sun.
  15. Shorts– You can make shorts that are completely crochet or add some crochet to jean shorts.
  16. Boho bags/purses– All of us women love a unique purse which makes crochet purses perfect for selling in your handmade shop.
  17. Bracelets– Crochet bracelets are so cute!  These can be made in varied colors and styles to accommodate the right customers.  Use bright colors for teens and more neutral colors for women.
  18. Bath poufs– Crochet bath poufs are so much better than those rough scrubbies you buy at the store.  So soft and they can sell year round.
  19. Pet beds– All of our fur babies need an adorable comfy pet bed to sleep in.  Make something unique that can’t be bought in a store.

Crochet Ideas For Christmas To Sell

Crochet items are perfect to sell during the winter and Christmas season because they are so cozy.  Many of the ideas on this list are great for holiday gifts and decorating.

  1. Christmas stockings– People love custom personalized Christmas stockings.  Crochet Christmas stockings give a warm feeling to Christmas decorations.
  2. Dog sweaters– Our doggies need to stay warm in the winter too!  Make some unique designs that people just can’t resist.
  3. Coffee mug cozies– Crochet coffee mug cozies have become really popular which makes them perfect for the winter and Christmas gift giving season.
  4. Hats/beanies– Crochet hats and beanies are so cute for the cold weather.  Make them for men, women, kids and babies.
  5. Slippers– I always have slippers on my feet in the winter.  Create some crochet slippers that are unusual or personalized and perfect for gifts to really increase your handmade sales.
  6. Garland– People love to have Christmas decorations that can’t be found in a big box store.  Crochet garland can be used on a Christmas tree, mantle or stair rail.
  7. Tree skirts– Crochet tree skirts give that warm nostalgic feeling to Christmas decor
  8. Christmas tree ornaments– Crochet ornaments are so adorable to make a tree unique.  These are the perfect item that people will give as gifts too!
  9. Wreaths– Just about every family has a wreath of some sort for Christmas.  Crochet wreaths are unique and can give that special touch to their Christmas decor.
  10. Scarves– Scarves have been very popular for the last few years.  Crochet some beautiful ones that will complement any outfit or coat.
  11. Gloves/mittens– Unique crochet gloves could be a top selling item in your handmade shop during the winter.
  12. Ponchos– Crochet ponchos are a super cute fashion accessory to wear with any outfit making them awesome to sell in your shop.

Home Decor Crochet Ideas To Sell

Many people are decorating in boho and farmhouse styles which go perfectly with crochet items.

  1. Dream Catchers– Crochet dream catchers are great for a boho style house or baby nursery.
  2. Baskets– Crochet baskets are cute for farmhouse or boho decor and can be used to hold a lot of different items around the house.
  3. Remote control caddies– With all the devices we have now, it’s hard to keep the remotes rounded up in one place.  Crochet remote control caddies are the perfect way to do that!
  4. Floor poufs– Crochet floor poufs are great to use as a footstool or to sit on.  They are super cute for kid’s rooms in bright colors and for the living room in more neutral tones.
  5. Flowers– Crochet flowers can be used in many ways for home decor.  Create them for a vase, make a garland or a wreath.  You can also make bouquets for weddings from crochet flowers.
  6. Rugs– Crochet rugs are and awesome way to add a nice touch to a room or protect the floor in certain areas.
  7. Decorative pillows– Crochet pillows are great for decorating a sofa or bed.  Make them personalized with words or an initial to make a unique gift idea.
  8. Kitchen towels and washcloths– I love how soft crochet kitchen towels are.  These can be added to a gift basket for a housewarming or wedding.
  9. Coasters– Neutral tones for home decorating.
  10. Placemats– Think of designs and colors you can make to sell for each holiday and season of the year.
  11. Table runners– Thanksgiving and Christmas are big seasons for table runners but make some for every holiday.
  12. Potholders– Be sure to make them thick!

Baby Crochet Items To Sell

Crochet items for baby are perfect since they are nice and cozy for baby to cuddle up in.

  1. Baby car seat covers– Keep the sun out of baby’s eyes with crochet baby car seat covers.
  2. Baby blankets– You can make crochet baby blankets really special and personalized for baby shower gift giving.
  3. Baby booties– Create unique crochet baby booties styles that are irresistible.
  4. Playmats for kids and babies–These are such cute crochet crafts to make and sell!  Here are some patterns for some really adorable ones.
  5. BackpacksHere are bunch of crochet backpacks you can make and sell.  Put your own twist and make them with cute decorations on them or a popular theme for kids.  Steer clear of making anything Disney or any other popular brands.  They have people scouring the internet to catch anyone infringing on their trademarks.
  6. Baby doll carrier basketsThis is a really cute free pattern to make one.
  7. Stuffed toys– Any kid would want to snuggle up to a crochet stuffed animal.  This could be their favorite that they sleep with every night.
  8. Nursing Pillows–Crochet nursing pillows make it so much easier for mommy to hold her baby while nursing.  Here’s a great tutorial.

I hope this list of crochet crafts to make and sell has given you some ideas and inspiration for your own crochet business!  I would love to see you reaching your goals and making a living crocheting whether you’re selling online on Etsy or Amazon Handmade or in person at craft fairs, markets and bazaars.


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