Free printable Tooth Fairy Receipt For Boys

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt For Boys

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So many of the Tooth Fairy free printables are too frilly and pretty for boys.  I created this cute Tooth Fairy receipt for boys free printable so the Tooth Fairy can leave something special for the little guys too.

I tried to make this boys’ Tooth Fairy receipt as realistic as possible by adding a barcode and the Tooth Fairy’s official seal.

The Tooth Fairy receipt is an editable template so you can customize it with your child’s information.

I want to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit as exciting and fun for your little boy as it was for me when I was a kid.

This is a small Tooth Fairy receipt that will print out at 3.75″x 2.5″.  If you want to make an even smaller mini Tooth Fairy receipt for your boy, you can choose a different size of paper when the print menu pops up.

I also made a matching Tooth Fairy letter to go with this Tooth Fairy receipt.  You can grab it here.

Or if you’d like a more custom Tooth Fairy letter that you can personalize with your child’s name and any message you want, I have an adorable editable tooth shaped mini Tooth Fairy letter.

It’s always fun to receive something a little different from the Tooth Fairy.  This cute Tooth Fairy free coloring page makes the perfect Tooth Fairy gift that will feel like magic to your child.

How To Use The Fillable PDF Tooth Fairy Receipt For Boys

  1. Click the link or image below to access the editable PDF Tooth Fairy receipt.
  2. Once it has opened, you’ll see light blue text boxes where you can type right in the PDF to customize the Tooth Fairy receipt for your child.
  3. To mark the check box for the tooth quality, click the box you want to mark and a check will appear.
  4. Click the print icon in the top right corner after you’ve finished editing your Tooth Fairy receipt.
  5. When the print menu pops up, you can click print or choose “More Settings” and select a different paper size if you want to make a tiny mini Tooth Fairy receipt.
  6. Cut around the edges and it’s ready to go!

Download The Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt For Boys

Free printable Tooth Fairy Receipt For Boys

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