Free printable Tooth Fairy swallowed tooth receipt

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt For Swallowed Tooth

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If your child swallowed their tooth and is worried that the Tooth Fairy won’t come, this cute Tooth Fairy receipt for a swallowed tooth is the perfect way to let them know that the Tooth Fairy still visited.

Does The Tooth Fairy Still Come If Your Child Swallowed The Tooth?

The Tooth Fairy should still come if your child swallowed their baby tooth.  The tooth can be removed by magic by the Tooth Fairy.

I made this cute Tooth Fairy receipt because I swallowed a tooth one time and I remember worrying so much about where my tooth would go and also if the Tooth Fairy would still leave me a surprise.

I wanted to help put your child’s mind at ease and even give them their own special receipt to show proof that the Tooth Fairy still received it even though they swallowed their tooth.  Accidents happen.

I even added a barcode to the Tooth Fairy receipt to make it even more official.

This Tooth Fairy receipt template is a fillable PDF so you can edit it to add your child’s personalized details for an authentic tooth receipt from the Tooth Fairy.

If you’d also like to leave a Tooth Fairy letter for your child about their swallowed or misplaced tooth, my tiny tooth shaped missing tooth letter gives an explanation how the Tooth Fairy can still get their tooth.

instant download editable misplaced or swallowed tooth letter from Tooth Fairy


I also have a cute Tooth Fairy coloring page that could be an extra surprise that the Tooth Fairy leaves.

How To Edit And Print The Free Printable Swallowed Tooth Fairy Receipt

  1. Click the link or image to open the downloadable Tooth Fairy receipt PDF.
  2. You’ll see text boxes where you can type in your child’s name, age, the date, amount given, and a checkbox for the quality of the tooth.
  3. Fill these in by simply typing in the text boxes right on the PDF if you don’t want to write on the receipt.  Click the box next to the quality of tooth that is appropriate.  If the boxes are already checked, click to remove the extra check marks.
  4. Click the print icon in the top right corner of the PDF.  Print on regular printer paper if you want this like a receipt and you can use cardstock if you want it to be more like a Tooth Fairy card.
  5. Click “Print”.  This is a mini Tooth Fairy receipt.  It will print out at 3.75″x 2.5″.  It’s a small receipt, but you can print it even smaller by choosing “More Settings” in the print menu that pops up and then choose a smaller paper size like 5″x7″.  Choosing this setting will print the Tooth Fairy receipt at 2.25″x 1.5″.
  6. Cut around the edge of the Tooth Fairy receipt and deliver it to your child when they’re sleeping.

Download The Free Printable Tooth Fairy Swallowed Tooth Receipt

Free printable Tooth Fairy swallowed tooth receipt

You can also grab my free printable Tooth Fairy letters here.

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