Cute Tooth Fairy Letter For Boys

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The Tooth Fairy sometimes can feel like such a girly thing.  Many of the Tooth Fairy letters are frilly or just look too girly for a boy.

I created this cute Tooth Fairy letter for boys so they can get in on the Tooth Fairy fun with a letter made just for them.

You can leave this free printable Tooth Fairy letter for your little boy to wake up to in the morning along with their money or other surprise the Tooth Fairy has left for them.

This boy Tooth Fairy letter template even has the official stamp of the Tooth Fairy to show it’s authentic Tooth Fairy mail.

If you’d like a letter that’s more personalized, I have this cute editable mini tooth shaped Tooth Fairy letter that you can add your child’s name and any message from the Tooth Fairy you want.

You can also grab my free printable Tooth Fairy receipt that matches this letter.Opens in a new tab.

Free printable Tooth Fairy Receipt For Boys

If you want an extra little something to leave from the Tooth Fairy or you didn’t have time to plan ahead and get some cash, I made this cute Tooth Fairy coloring pageOpens in a new tab. for you.

And if the Tooth Fairy ever happens to forget to come, I have a free printable Tooth Fairy apology letterOpens in a new tab. that will save the day.

You can see all of my free printable Tooth Fairy letter templates here.Opens in a new tab.

How To Print The Tooth Fairy Letter For Boys

  1. Click the link or image near the end of the post to access the free printable Tooth Fairy letter for boys.
  2. Once the PDF opens, click the print icon in the top right corner.
  3. A print menu will pop up.  This is where you can set the size you want to print your Tooth Fairy letter.
  4. If you just click print, it will print the letter a normal US letter size 8.5″x11″.  If you’d like to print it as a mini Tooth Fairy letter so it’s tiny fairy sized, go to “More Settings” and then choose the paper size 4″x6″, next choose “Fit To Printable Area”.  The mini letter is so cute!

I hope you enjoy the free printable boy Tooth Fairy letter template and it makes your life a little easier to create a special losing a tooth experience for your little guy.  All kids love to receive a thank you note from the Tooth Fairy.


Cute Tooth Fairy Letter For Boys Free Printable Template

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