Tooth Fairy Receipt Template For First Tooth Lost

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It’s such an exciting time when your child loses their first tooth.

I created this Tooth Fairy receipt template for the first tooth lost because I know you want to make this moment truly special for your kid.

I remember being so excited when the Tooth Fairy was coming to visit.  I could hardly get to sleep.

This first tooth Tooth Fairy receipt makes it super simple to leave a unique gift from the Tooth Fairy for your little one.

The first tooth receipt template is a fillable PDF so you can add in your child’s name, the date, their age, the condition of the tooth, and how much they were given in return for their tooth.

The barcode on the Tooth Fairy receipt makes it look realistic, official and authentic.  Plus it has the Tooth Fairy’s official seal.

This white design is great for boys and girls both.

If you’d like to leave a first tooth letter from the Tooth Fairy too, you can get my free printable here.

And if you want to leave a customized first tooth note from the Tooth Fairy, be sure to check out my editable tiny tooth shaped Tooth Fairy letter.Opens in a new tab.

editable first tooth letter from tooth fairy

I also have a cute Tooth Fairy coloring pageOpens in a new tab. that is a fun gift to leave from the Tooth Fairy.

How To Edit And Print The Tooth Fairy Receipt Template For First Tooth

  1. Click the link below to open the printable Tooth Fairy receipt PDF.  The downloadable Tooth Fairy first tooth receipt can also be saved to your computer to use for your other kids in the future.  To download, click the arrow icon in the top right corner.
  2. Once the file is open, you will see light blue text boxes.  These are where you can type in your customized text.  Click the box next to the condition of tooth to make a check mark.  If the boxes have checkmarks already, simply click on the extra check marks to remove them.
  3. After you’ve edited the Tooth Fairy receipt to your liking, click the print icon.
  4. The Tooth Fairy first tooth receipt is designed to print out at 3.75″x 2.5″.  If you want to print an even more mini Tooth Fairy receipt, click “More Settings” in the print menu box and then choose a smaller size paper.  If you choose 5″x7″, the Tooth Fairy receipt will print out at 2.25″x 1.5″.
  5. After printing, just cut around the edge and it’s ready to leave from the Tooth Fairy.

Download The Tooth Fairy Receipt Template For First ToothOpens in a new tab.

Tooth Fairy first tooth receipt template

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