Tooth Fairy apology letter, Tooth fairy forgot to come letter free printable mini tooth fairy letter

The Tooth Fairy Forgot?! Cute Tooth Fairy Apology Letter

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Did the Tooth Fairy forget to come when your child left their tooth under their pillow?  Give them an explanation for why did the Tooth Fairy not come with this cute Tooth Fairy apology letter.

Why The Tooth Fairy Forgot To Come

There can be many reasons that the Tooth Fairy forgot to come.  Maybe your kid wouldn’t fall asleep and you fell asleep first only to wake up to a sad and disappointed face.

Or maybe like most people, your life is non-stop hectic and you completely forgot that the Tooth Fairy was supposed to come.

And sometimes you don’t have any cash on hand for the Tooth Fairy to give.  I’ve got your covered if this happens.  This cute Tooth Fairy coloring page can be a special gift from the Tooth Fairy if you need a quick last minute Tooth Fairy idea when you have no money.

No matter the reason, you’re going to need an excuse and a big apology from the Tooth Fairy immediately.

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How To Apologize When The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come

First you’ll need to soothe your child because they’re most likely going to be disappointed.  Tell them that the Tooth Fairy has emergencies sometimes and that they can leave their tooth under their pillow again tonight.

In this printable Tooth Fairy apology letter template, the Tooth Fairy was stuck in a wind storm and had to take shelter so her wings didn’t get damaged.

Now you’ll need an official Tooth Fairy apology letter.  You can get mine by clicking the link at the end of the post or clicking the image.

You also may want to add a little something extra to what the Tooth Fairy normally gives.  You could give this cute book about the forgetful Tooth Fairy or use my Tooth Fairy coloring page as an extra gift.

If you want a Tooth Fairy apology note that you can customize with your child’s name and your own explanation text, this cute tiny tooth shaped Tooth Fairy apology letter is just perfect.

customizable tooth fairy apology letter

How To Print The Tooth Fairy Apology Letter Template

  1. Click the link near the bottom of the post to access the Tooth Fairy apology note PDF.
  2. Once the Tooth Fairy apology letter opens, click the print icon at the top right corner.
  3. If you print this apology letter as it is, it will print a full letter size page, but you can print a mini Tooth Fairy forgot letter.  See the directions below.

How To Print A Tiny Tooth Fairy Apology Note

  1. Once you have clicked the print icon, a print menu will pop up.
  2. Click “More Settings” and choose 4″x6″ for the paper size and then choose “Fit To Printable Area”.  This will downsize the Tooth Fairy letter so that it is a mini fairy size.

Best of luck to you and the Tooth Fairy.  I’m sure your child will forgive the mistake when they get this apology letter with an explanation of why the Tooth Fairy forgot to come.

Get a Tooth Fairy receipt to make it extra special.

I have a complete list of cute Tooth Fairy letters here.


Tooth Fairy apology letter, Tooth fairy forgot to come letter free printable mini tooth fairy letter


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