Free Printable Polar Bear Templates

10 Cute Polar Bear Templates

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I have some cute polar bear templates for you that I think you’re going to love.

I’ve always thought that polar bears are such majestic creatures.

My family jokes that I might be part polar bear because I love the winter and snow so much.

In this post you’ll find polar bear templates for just about any need you have whether you need a polar bear craft template for a fun project you’re making or an easy polar bear template for preschool kids to cut out.  I’ve got you covered!

There are also polar bear head and face templates as well as polar bear footprint templates.

To print out the polar bear stencil of your choice, just click the link for the template you want to print and a PDF document will open.  From there, use the icons in the top right corner of the document to print or save to your device.

If you’re making winter crafts, you might also want to grab my free printable winter hat templates and mitten templates.

Free Printable Polar Bear Template

This is a simple polar bear template for preschool kids to cut out. There’s not much detail which makes it easy to cut around the outline.

It prints out on a full page.  This would also make a cute polar bear coloring page.

free printable polar bear template

Cute Polar Bear Craft Template

This cute polar bear template doesn’t have a black outline, but the coloring makes it easy to cut around the edge.

This is a fairly simple polar bear pattern to cut out and it has a cute face.

cute polar bear craft template

Polar Bear Face Template

This polar bear face template is a realistic looking polar bear head.

It’s a very simple outline that even preschoolers can cut out.

This one is a large full page polar bear face.

large polar bear face template

Printable Polar Bear Pattern

This cute cartoon polar bear head is a very simple design that is easy to cut out for little kids.

It’s also so adorable any kid will love to color it in and display it.

Cute polar bear face pattern

Polar Bear Outline Printable

Although this polar bear template has a lot of detail inside, the outside outline is pretty easy to cut out.

There are a few smaller details that may be challenging for little kids to cut around.

polar bear outline free printable

Polar Bear Footprint Template

If you want to make polar bear footprints for a craft, display or bulletin board, this template is so easy to print and cut out.

The lines are dark and defined which makes it simple to cut around the edges.

free printable polar bear footprint template

Cartoon Polar Bear Head Template

This cut cartoon polar bear head template is one that little kids will enjoy.

It has a friendly face.  The head part is easy to cut out but the small ears may be a little challenging for young kids like preschool or kindergarten.

cartoon polar bear head template

Large Blank Polar Bear Template

This blank polar bear template is great to make your own creative polar bear design or to use as a pattern to cut polar bears out of other materials like construction paper, felt, craft foam or fabric.

large blank polar bear template

Simple Polar Bear Template

This is an easy polar bear template that young kids can cut out.  There’s only one small detail between two of the legs that may be difficult for little ones to get to.

simple polar bear template

Polar Bear Silhouette Cut Out

If you need a polar bear silhouette to print and cut out, this one is perfect.  You can print it and use it just as it is or trace it onto your own paper or other craft material to make your own polar bear silhouette.

polar bear silhouette

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