Phonics Alphabet Flashcards free printable

FREE Printable Alphabet Flashcards (Upper & Lower Case Sets)

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These free printable alphabet flashcards are a great way to teach kids letter recognition and letter sounds.

When I was an early learning teacher, I used letter flashcards for my class on a daily basis.

I liked to have different sets to mix it up for the kids.

I created these five sets of free printable alphabet flash cards that come in PDF files to teach kids basic words and each letter of the alphabet.

There are different fonts on each set of flashcards so you can choose the one you like best or feel free to print them all!

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​How To Download the Printable Flashcards

  1. Choose the set of alphabet flashcards that you would like to print and click the link or picture.
  2. A PDF file will open.
  3. Use the icons in the top right corner to download or print the free alphabet flashcards.
  4. For best results, print on white card stock.

***Please note that these free printables are for personal use or classroom use only and may not be reproduced for any other purpose or sold in any manner.

Phonics Alphabet Cards

Teach young children simple words and letter names with these cute ABC cards.

There are uppercase and lowercase letters as well as a fun graphic and word to go with each letter.

Put them on your bulletin board or add them to your lesson plans.

Phonics Alphabet Flashcards free printablePRINT THE PHONICS ALPHABET FLASHCARDS

Coloring ABC Flash Cards

Let kids color these alphabet flashcards and then you can use them to teach them the words, sounds, and letter names.

Kids will have so much fun coloring these free ABC flashcards.

Coloring ABC flashcards free printable pdfPRINT OUT THE COLORING ALPHABET FLASH CARDS

Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards

These are simple black-and-white lowercase ABC flashcards with large letters.

They’re great to use for your class because kids can see the letters from far away.

black and white lowercase alphabet flashcards free printable pdfDOWNLOAD THE LOWERCASE ALPHABET FLASHCARDS

Uppercase Letters A To Z Flashcards

​All you need is a printer with black ink for these uppercase letter flash cards.

Think of creative ways to play alphabet games with them.

You can even use them for a memory game.

​These are a great way to teach young learners their capital letters.

uppercase letters a to z flashcards free printable alphabet flash cards black and whitePRINT THE UPPERCASE ALPHABET FLASH CARDS

Upper Case And Lower Case Letters Flash Cards

These are colorful but simple ABC flashcards with both uppercase and lowercase letters on each card.

Teach your own children phonic sounds using this set or any of the sets of cards.

uppercase and lowercase alphabet flashcards for kids free printable pdfDOWNLOAD THE UPPER CASE AND LOWER CASE ALPHABET FLASHCARDS

Free Printable Number Flashcards

You’ll find five different sets of number and counting flashcards in this post.

There are sets of 1-10, 1-20, and 1-100 flashcards to choose from.

Kids can count animals and dots.  Plus there are number flashcards to color!


1-10 number flashcards with dots free printable pdf

Free Printable Color Flashcards

Teaching kids colors is fun with these cute color flashcards.

Choose from four different sets.


free printable color flashcards for preschool and toddlers

Free Printable Shapes Flashcards

Teach kids the basic shapes, 3D shapes, and geometric shapes with these free printable shapes flash cards.

There are five sets to choose from for different age levels.


geometric shapes flashcards for kids free printable pdf

Free Printable Animal Flashcards

Teach preschoolers animal names for animals at the zoo, on the farm, in the wild, and as pets.

Your little one will learn to identify all of the most common animals.


teach kids animal names with these cute free printable farm animal flashcards

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