Cute free printable Tooth Fairy Letter For Girls Template

Adorable Tooth Fairy Letter For Girls

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I’m so thrilled to share this adorable Tooth Fairy letter for girls with you because I know how excited I used to get when I was waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come.  Unfortunately, Tooth Fairy letters weren’t really a thing back then, or at least not in our house.

I thought it would be fun to make a girly pink Tooth Fairy letter for little girls as a special idea for the Tooth Fairy to leave.

It has a cute pink background and teeth with fairy wings.  There’s a cute picture of the Tooth Fairy herself and it has an official Tooth Fairy mail seal at the bottom to show that it’s authentic.

This is a very feminine Tooth Fairy letter especially for those extra frilly girls.

If you want to add an extra special touch, I made an editable tiny tooth shaped Tooth Fairy letter that you can personalize with your child’s name and a special customized message just for your little one from the Tooth Fairy.

You can make a magical Tooth Fairy wand to leave your little lady by using my editable star shaped Tooth Fairy letter template and a toothpick with the sharp ends cut off.  It’s so easy and your little girl will be over the moon excited to get such a special gift from the Tooth Fairy.

I also made a matching Tooth Fairy receipt to go with this letter.

Free printable Tooth Fairy receipt for girls with barcode and official Tooth Fairy mail stamp

If this happens to be your little girl’s first tooth she’s lost, you may want to grab this Tooth Fairy First Tooth Letter.

If you ever run into the problem of the Tooth Fairy forgetting to come, I have this special Tooth Fairy apology letter just for those situations that will help smooth over the mistake.

If you have little boys too, you can get my Tooth Fairy letter for boys.

And if you want to leave an extra special gift for your girl from the Tooth Fairy, I made this Tooth Fairy coloring page for you to leave with whatever the Tooth Fairy normally leaves.

You can see all of my Tooth Fairy free printable letters here.

How To Print The Tooth Fairy Letter For Girls Template

  1. Click the link or image below to get access to the Tooth Fairy note for girls.
  2. Once the PDF opens, click the print icon in the top right hand corner.
  3. A print menu will pop up.  You can click print if you want this Tooth Fairy letter to print as a full size letter.
  4. If you want to print a tiny Tooth Fairy letter for your girl, you can go to “More Settings” and choose the paper size 4″x6″ and then choose “Fit To Printable Area”.  This will shrink the Tooth Fairy note down to a mini fairy size that is so adorable!


Cute free printable Tooth Fairy Letter For Girls Template

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